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Full Version: 11 Colonels ATTACK! - The Comic
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Hired an artist this week. Writing has started. Gonna be insanely sexy, with no budgetary concerns. Just a warning.
Will the art use all of the assets you've developed in pre-production for the movie? Actor's likenesses and all that?
Is this going to be an adaption of the movie script or a different story in the same universe?
It'll precede the first script and run all the way through the third script.
Knowing that there was man rape in the script. Will there be a controversial panel featuring Steve Murphy's "O" Face?
Here's a look at the intro page, sans text and color of course:

That's some good looking shit right there.
Will this be EU or official canon?
All three scripts + stuff we could never afford to shoot + the stuff I cut from the scripts.
A young man named Christian Valdes
Those are some good lookin' brains. I look forward to seeing the Old Groundskeeper in drawing form.
He'll have Graying features.
Wow, this looks fantastic, Nick. I want to meet this guy!
Introducing Carl, the newest Colonel:

Less creepy than Brainwalk. More cute than Tiny Blind?
Bite sized.
The Cover before branding and added goodies:

I'm digging the colour usage there. And of course the old comic staple of naked chicks in the tail of a burning, screaming space softball is an oldie but a goodie.
That's awesome.