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Full Version: 11CA! Teaser Poster 5 of 5
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Alien always wins.
These are all pretty great. It'd be great to see them as a postcard set or something.
Something about this one is sticking with me moreso than the others, which were also great as well. It's just something about "Alien is Victorious!" that works for me.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
For me, this one wins due to the little details such as the extraterrestrial number on it's chest.
The alien looks so... badass.
Nick, are you gonna sell these posters on the 11CA! site?
I would totally hang the Sphinx and the Alien ones in my office.
Fuckin wonderful
That alien looks like he's gonna fuck somebody in the ear. It's great.
Alien is victorious! ftw!!! Who did these? They're glorious!
I did.