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Full Version: In preparation for D3ADTIME I bring you horror shorts!
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So, as my coworkers and I prepare for our upcoming horror web series D3ADTIME I thought to myself, "Why wait to start showing everyone great horror shorts? We should start getting horror fans used to seeing high quality videos from us now while supporting other filmmakers in the process" The other voices in my head agreed so here I am.

Basically I will post a new short every week or so and hopefully you guys and gals can give feedback on what you do or don't like about them. First up is a short from Blackbox TV who was a big inspiration for the series we are working on. It is sort of a modern internet version of "The Twilight Zone/Outer Limits" Over time I will probably share a few of their videos but first up is "Final Exit"

Let me know what you think

Tizzy (@D3ADTIME)