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Full Version: Chambers of Horror Extreme X-Rated Haunted House in downtown Atlanta
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Chambers of Horror 2011 poster

This October's Most Extreme

Horror Attraction Returns to The Masquerade

Opening September 29 and
running every night through Halloween
and open November 4 & 5.

We open at 8PM every night,
closing at midnight on Sun.-Thurs.
and 1AM Friday and Saturday.

Chambers of Horror is Atlanta’s first and only extreme adults-only, R-rated haunted house, a month-long horror attraction at the Masquerade music complex in downtown Atlanta. Chambers of Horror is a shocking and twisted excursion through the TORTUREco facility, where the wealthy disaffected and psychotic sadists alike take their pleasure in rending the flesh of the young, beautiful, and innocent. And no man or woman is safe from the insane Dr. Splatter, so twisted that even TORTUREco corporate management doesn’t have a handle on him. New for 2010, Chambers of Horror is 15% bigger, with new characters and a terrifying new TORTUREco backstory. Come see what Atlanta couldn’t stop talking about last October. Take the Chambers of Horror tour and see for yourself what lies behind these walls…if you’re lucky, you just might escape alive!


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