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Full Version: Starlight Drive-In Shooting
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The other night, there was a shooting at the Starlight Six Drive-In on Memorial Drive. Mitt Lenix, someone I have had the pleasure of working with, was shot and killed after he knocked on a fellow drive-in customer's window to ask for assistance. Mitt needed a jumpstart for his vehicle. I have no idea why the shooter, who is still at large, fired on my friend. I'm pretty sure I'll never really know.

Mitt was a great guy. He was once a medic with the National Guard. He held multiple world records in various martial arts competitions. He was an entertainer with the Georgia Renaissance Festival, half of a team called Breaking Point. Moreover, he was funny, smart, goofy and incredibly humble despite his many accomplishments. He was the kind of guy who made friends fast and was genuinely nice to everyone. If he made a joke at someone's expense, it was his own. I can't say enough good things about him.

This is also a tragedy because the Starlight Six isn't just a drive-in theater. The folks over there try to support and launch cool arts events within our city. I know they are taking this tragedy hard as well -- they are genuinely good people.

I share this mostly because some of you may know Mitt, or may go to the Starlight. Here's a news piece that Fox 5 did on Mitt and his parents -- I think it's particularly well done.

How horrible, Jon. Very sorry for your loss.

Yeah, this was very sad to read.  I'm a vocal supporter of the Starlight, and this was just a terrible thing for someone to do.

I believe the shooter has been located, at least.