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Full Version: Red Bull Soapbox Race - June 9
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Some friends of mine and I are taking part in the Red Bull Soapbox Race on June 9 in Atlanta.  I would like to invite any of you within range to come out and see the show.  It should be pretty amazing as there will be 37 teams doing skits and heading down the hill.  Gates open at 10 for pit access so you can get up close with the carts and the teams and racing starts around noon.  As an added bonus, we are the first down the hill, sporting car #1, so I can pretty much guarantee we will run between 12:00 and 12:15.  The event is FREE and should be pretty kid friendly as there will be freebies, some other stuff to check out and all kinds of food available.  I will be dressed as a giant turtle and should be pretty easy to spot.
If you are still unsure about attending then check out some video from the last time they were in Atlanta and the last years race in LA.
ATL -2009
LA - 2011
Here are some pictures from our build:
And here is the official site (scroll down for team links).  We are team Mach Shell:
Come over and see something really cool.  We will have jumps, turns and a high likelihood of carnage