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I'm taking a note from Schwartz and going to post my links from my reviews in here.  I'm hoping feedback good or bad can be directed here so that I can improve on something I enjoy doing.

The Entitled


Movie of the Day: Nightbreed

Originally Posted by jahosive View Post

Movie of the Day: Nightbreed

this link isn't working for me in Chrome.

FIxed.  Just learned you can't copy the link directly from Word Press.  Good to know.  Thanks for pointing that out.

Originally Posted by jahosive View Post

FIxed.  Just learned you can't copy the link directly from Word Press.  Good to know.  Thanks for pointing that out.

My pleasure.  You do good work and I want to see you succeed.

Thank you very much.  That made my day.

Nice write-up on NIGHTBREED.  That's one of those films that is just one or two ingredients away from being amazing.

Agreed.  It always struck as kind of odd that the strongest component (Barker himself) was also the weakest.  Without him the story would have suffered in the transition from book to film, but with him directing his limitations are quickly reached.

It looks like Cronenberg was 100% on board with the film, considering his performance as the bad guy.  It's too bad that Barker didn't have him direct the film as well.  If nothing else, Cronenberg would have probably been able to get better performances from the actors involved.

That would have been a perfect marriage.  As long as we didn't lose him as Decker.

Blu Ray review: An Invisible Sign

Good review; the film sounds horrible. I think you've earned your 'Took One For The Team' badge!

I think I am going to be slowing down much more on the DVD reviews.  We get so many that have very little on the redeeming qualities, and have gotten so many new reviewers that I think after my latest batch is up I will be doing it a lot less.  We get close to 20 DVDs a month, and only about 3 or 4 of them are interesting.  I think those that aren't in other columns should get them to keep them interested .  If we lose more writers though I will be back.

DVD Review: La Bell Personne

Movie of the Day: The Prowler

NFL Tackle: Week 9

The NFL Tackle Week 10

NFL Tackle Week 11

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NFL Tackle Week 11

Fucking love these.

OK, I love the cheerleaders in these, but love is love.

It's such a chore to pick out those pics

Movie of the Day: Wrong Turn 2

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Movie of the Day: Meskada

Blu Ray Review: The Decoy Bride

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Blu Ray Review: Cleanskin

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My 98th article on CHUD:

NFL Tackle Week 16

99th article NFL Tackle Week 17

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