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AWe should do the 80s when we make the move.

Originally Posted by Henry D View Post

We should do the 80s when we make the move.

I'm not opposed to this idea, but the move seems to be up in the air. We'd held off on doing another draft until the move but that was a couple of months ago.

Ideas for casting drafts:

--The Matrix

--The Shining


--Die Hard

--Blade Runner

--Back to the Future

--Pulp Fiction

--Con Air

ADr. Strangelove

One actor for Sellers' characters
Gen. Ripper
Maj. Kong
Final pick could be your choice of The Russian Ambassador, Col. Guano, Lt. Zogg or Miss Scott.


Charles Foster Kane

Jedediah Leland

Susan Alexander Kane (mistress, second wife)

Emily Monroe Morton Kane (first wife)

Mary Kane (the mother)

Jim W. Gettys

Herbert Carter

Mr. Bernstein

Jerry Thompson

Bonus: one of the remaining characters

Recast ideas:


Point Break


After Hours

American Psycho

Blue Velvet

Apocalypse Now

Streets of Fire (albeit that one would likely be just me, Boone, and Elvis)

I'd also like to re-pitch my Marvel idea - similar to the Batman draft, with the constraint being that you need to cast at least one character featured in the MCU. Want to do your own Avengers? A Black Widow movie? Hulk vs. Wolverine? A Pixar adaptation of Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Pig?

Also: still want to try a retro recast with a movie like Baby Driver.

Lots of good ideas. I really like Hunter's MCU idea - it would be very freewheeling like our Bat draft.

Kane, Heat, Point Break, Psycho, Apocalypse. All very good choices.

 Heat could be a potentially freewheeling biggie too, what with trying to pair two legends together.

Buckaroo Banzai would be cool too.

Would definitely be down for Kane, Strangelove, Heat, Blue Velvet, Apocalypse Now, the MCU draft, Buckaroo Banzai. All of those sound like a blast.

We also don't have to do a casting draft! I do like Judas' heist team idea as well. Really, I'm just spitballing.

And the 80's draft!

AIm down for Blade Runner too.

Not sure about Heat or Banzai. Or Blue Velvet.

MCU draft could be interesting, i guess.

Originally Posted by Boone Daniels View Post

We also don't have to do a casting draft! I do like Judas' heist team idea as well. Really, I'm just spitballing.

Yes, this is a great one.

Blade Runner would be a lot of fun, esp. with 2049 coming out.

A[quote name="Boone Daniels" url="/community/t/147438/ideas-for-future-drafts/950#post_4330800"]Lots of good ideas. I really like Hunter's MCU idea - it would be very freewheeling like our Bat draft. 

Kane, Heat, Point Break, Psycho, Apocalypse. All very good choices. 

If we do the MCU it has to be period, like an MCU set in the 80's or 60's.

I'm down for whatever.

One thing I was thinking about this weekend - the films we've done drafts of tend to be pretty male-centric. Not that this is a bad thing, just something I was thinking about. This dovetailed with watching THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK this weekend and thinking that would be a fun movie to draft.

I was also thinking it would be fun to cast a straight drama - something middle-of-the-road, an ensemble piece like THE BIG CHILL.

So I was thinking about the Game of Thrones withdrawals I'm certain to go through starting next week or so.  I had the idea for doing a fantasy casting draft, but I wasn't sure how to go about it.  Just using a generic fantasy template would make the draft more reliant on whatever story you made up around the cast than the cast itself.  Lord of the Rings still seems too recent to tackle.  And unless we were going to do a period Game of Thrones, that's obviously out.

But how about the Robert's Rebellion movie/miniseries we'll probably never get?  Plenty of good male and female roles to cast: Robert, Ned, Cat, Lyanna, Rhaegar, Aerys, Jon Arryn, Elia Martel,  Barristan Selmy and/or Arthur Dayne, Lysa Arryn, Tywin, Jaime, Cersei, etc...  Only rule would be nobody whose ever been on the show could be cast.

Not sure when it would be.  Not for a few weeks, at least.  Any interest?

That could be fun!

AI'm not a GoT follower. This will be impossible for me to do.

I've also been thinking it might be fun to cast a straight drama - something with an ensemble, like WORKING GIRL or THE BIG CHILL.

AI'd love to do Robert's Rebellion.

Potential roles for Robert's Rebellion -

Characters on the show: 

1. Ned

2. Robert

3. Catelyn Stark

4. Tywin

5. Cersei

6. Jaime
7. Barristan Selmy

8. The Mountain

9. Lysa Arryn

10. Stannis

Characters seen in flashback/barely on the show:

1. Rhaegar

2. Lyssa Stark

3. Brandon Stark

4. Aerys II The Mad King

5. Jon Arryn

6. Elia Martell

7. Rickard Stark

8. Arthur Dayne

9. Howland Reed

10. I'm blanking on a tenth.

We'd have to pare it down to a manageable number, though we could certainly double up on picks and go crazy with bonus picks. It wouldn't be about casting every part; just getting around a dozen of the most important ones.

1st tier: These are, as I recall, the main figures of the story of the rebellion.






Jon Arryn

2nd tier: These are roles that I feel would be fun to cast and important for the balance of male/female roles.









The Mountain


Certainly characters like Howland Reed, and Hoster Tully would be prominent supporting characters.  And Brandon and Rickard Stark's deaths really put the story into gear.  But we never got a sense of them on the show, and cuts have to be made somewhere.

So that's 16.  Probably a few too many.  With double picks plus bonus we usually get to twelve.  If we went crazy on the bonus I could see it getting to 14, but to me that'd be the absolute cutoff.  Pick the six characters in the first tier, and 8 of the 10 the second?

I'll also have to hear from at least a few more people here or in PMs before I consider putting up a sign up for it.  I'd be willing to do it with as few as 10 firm participants, and I'd probably set the limit at 16.


Originally Posted by Boone Daniels View Post

I've also been thinking it might be fun to cast a straight drama - something with an ensemble, like WORKING GIRL or THE BIG CHILL.


Been thinking about Bailey's idea for a Game of Thrones draft. The reason I brought up Brandon and Rickard Stark as potential roles is that, while their deaths certainly accelerate things and Jon Arryn is the "mentor/father figure" type to Robert and Ned, I've always wondered about the reality of that relationship - particularly since Ned was a second son, never intended to be the heir to Winterfell.

I think one of the fun things about the draft is that you're forced to pick roles.  Ten roles seems like a good number, although if you wanted, you could go three roles the first day, three roles the last day, with two for the three days in between, giving you twelve key roles and then, if you wanted, three bonus for fifteen.

Therefore, from the list Bailey narrowed down, I'd say that the tier 1 roles are "must casts" (eliminating one if you're doing ten roles, keeping all six if you're doing twelve). 

Tier 2 would be "player choice," where you can pick 5-6 from that list to cast.

I liked the fact that Judas gave us more limitations to work with in the heist draft, and the idea of not casting anyone on the show is a fun one. However, I would suggest that since every Famous British Person has been on the show in one form or another, we modify that to anyone listed in the main credits at any point is ineligible. That gives you a fair amount of table clearing while also leaving a lot of folks still on it.

I would also suggest that if you go the tier 1/tier 2 divide, you have to cast at least three female characters.

AHaving thought a bit more about Robert's Rebellion, I think it's going to be very difficult, and not in a fun way. There's so many teenage characters in there, and if we're all pulling from the same pool, how are we going to be able to pick good names for Ned, Robert, Rhaegar, Leanna, Jaime, Cersei, Katelyn and whoever else? I'd struggle to cast all of them outside a draft, and the truth is I know in my heart that they'd all be better cast with unknown faces we'd never seen before, just as they were in Game of Thrones.

I'd probably still participate, but I do think it would be tough, and possibly very unsatisfying.

A counterpoint to that - and while I see that argument - is that a lot of the main characters (save the kids and Dany) in the show were in their 40s and 50s when the series started, and although they're supposed to be teenagers in the books, you could cast basically anyone from 15 to mid-30s if you wanted. And Robert's Rebellion has never had a set time frame set down in the show, but it's roughly about twenty years or so. (Clarke was twenty five, maybe playing 19-21 when the show started.) The show has made decisions about when to age up or age down characters; it makes sense that a prequel would do the same thing to pull from the biggest possible pool.

I definitely think you could cast people in their 20's, or early 30's, no problem.  I like the story better anyway when these aren't a bunch teenagers fucking and killing each other.  The adaptation could be whatever you want.  It could function as a straight prequel based on HBO's version of the cast, or a faithful adaptation of the histories and lore, or something else entirely.

I've also come up with a modified version of how to play the game if we only have a handful of people.  Basically it would just boil down to streamlining the number of threads we have, not taking up as much space, and not being an "official" draft.  The picks would all be in one continuous thread that is free flowing.  It would be a snake format, and if someone hadn't made their selection we'd just wait for them to do so unless it was clear they'd dropped out.  In this way the draft could theoretically take one day, or it might take all week.  There would also be a discussion thread, of course.  No brackets at the end, but maybe a single poll where people could pick their favorite draft other than their own.

Honestly, the book I could do a recast of, and I think it'd work better because I'd never even heard of Robert's Rebellion, is The Stand.

AJust my two cents: I'm not very keen on the Robert's Rebellion idea but I'll support it and participate in it.

Honestly down for whatever, and I'd be pretty stoked about the Robert's Rebellion draft (already sort of thinking about it in my head). I'm less keen on something huge like THE STAND or another genre film. I feel like we've gone pretty genre heavy lately, and it would be fun to mix it up.

Did we ever do A FEW GOOD MEN cast?

Like I said, RR wouldn't have to be an official draft.  But it's something unlike anything we've ever done.  Honestly, as much as I like participating in all these, I'm kinda tired of nostalgic 80's recasts.  As for Stephen King adaptations, haven't we learned our lesson yet?

The other book series I'd like to do is James Ellroy's Underworld USA trilogy.

If we're talking book adaptations/casts, I'll throw KAVALIER AND CLAY onto the table.

I keep thinking, too, about something Nick ran back in the day - basically a "studio" draft where you'd cast ten actors for five projects (like a comedy, a drama, a historical piece, a thriller, and one other). The goal being to cast actors who were versatile, who could do many different things. If we set the summary for each project as a paragraph a piece, that could fit well with some of the moves we've been making towards more creative impulses.

If we're looking to mix it up, it might be fun to do a cast of a TV series rather than a movie.