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Full Version: Help for a friend and professional camera operator who is moving to Atlanta.
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ABeing a west coaster for all of my life I have really little to offer other than well wishes to my friend and business partner who has been advised to move to Atlanta by his agent.

He is a professional Steadicam Operator with a guild membership and is represented by the best Steadicam Agent out there. The reason why he is moving is that, even though his camera work is fantastic, his Agent can't offer him many jobs. This is because, unless the agent gets a call where my friend is asked for by name, the Agent has to offer the job to his older clients first. Such is seniority.

So his agent has asked him to go to Atlanta, because he gets quite a few calls for day play jobs in Atlanta which will hopefully give my friend's name more circulation in the feature film crews that fly in from LA to film in Georgia for tax incentives.

He already has a place and is moving this week to the city.

I'd really appreciate if people could offer some advice on how he can quickly get his name out there into the film industry of the city. He already knows and has made friends with several of the camera rental houses out there when he flew into Atlanta last year to operate on a BET shoot.

I'm not asking for job offers, just suggestions on where to hang out in Atlanta to meet other people in the industry, like favorite bars and dives as well as other resources that Steadicam Ops need like a good machine shop guy for equipment repairs.

I would like to thank anybody who replies in advance for helping him out.

One last thing, try to keep in mind that my friend and business partner is a professional Steadicam Operator which has worked on many professional union shoots. This is a full time career for him and has been for a few years now ever since he started out as a PA and moved on to becoming a camera PA, then a 2nd AC, to camera operator.

I only wish I could make the move with him to Atlanta to continue to help out and check out the city that started the movie site I've been a member of the longest. Unfortunately due to complications in surgery, I will be moving to San Diego to take care of my Mother for a year until she can be self sufficient once again.


-Tim K

I guess we haven't been much help, huh?

AHa ha!

Yeah, I guess not. Not to worry though, the funny thing is that the week he moved job offers started pouring in, not in Atlanta, but in Los Angeles.

I guess when people know that you are serious about leaving town and see the truck filled to the brim they know you're serious. He even had to fly back into LA the day after he drove his car into Atlanta because a DP requested him by name for a commercial shoot.

Just now seeing this thread- is he heading back to Atlanta or sticking with LA for the time being now that the offers are on?

ASticking to Atlanta for guild reasons. Some weird shit is going down in Local 600 and if the rules are changed it will benefit him to have an address outside of Los Angeles because he will be grandfathered in to the old rules. It is complicated and I'm not sure I have a good grasp on why living outside of california will benefit him.

I hear some folks hang at a place called The Chateau Wine & Cigar Bar in John's Creek.