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Full Version: Fox News - this is not satire
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A[quote name="Bradito" url="/community/t/149438/fox-news-this-is-not-satire/300#post_4278116"]"Less cuckservative." Backhanded compliment of rhe day.[/quote]

Is it bad that I'm getting off to the thought of O'Reilly reading that and bursting into tears? How fucking quickly do these people turn on one another? The moment O'Reilly has his largest and most effective platform taken away from him, they drop the douche like a bad habit.

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Just like replacing O'Reilly with Carlson, I believe what we're going to see is a purely cosmetic change at Fox News. They'll replace their roster with people who are less of a financial and liability, but who are no less odious.

I don't think anyone thinks that the entire network is going to close down overnight, but the fact that the network feels cosmetic changes immediately after the election of Trump - which is in a way, the apotheosis of the "everyone is out to get you!!" line of hysteria they've been stoking for 20 years - is heartening.

So, the racism and sexism lawsuits and lost advertisers and high-profile firings are nice and all, but I find this far more interesting and can't wait to see where it leads:

Federal probe of Fox News expands


The U.S. Justice Department's investigation of Fox News has widened to include a second law enforcement agency.

Financial crimes experts from the United States Postal Inspection Service are now involved, according to four sources connected to the investigation.

Mail fraud and wire fraud cases are part of the USPIS purview.

Investigators from both the USPIS and the Justice Department have been conducting interviews in recent weeks -- including with some former Fox staffers -- to obtain more information about the network's managers and business practices, the sources said.

They done fucked up now!

Going to be hard for Fox to claim that this particular administration is pursuing a political grudge.

ANever heard of the USPIS. I bet that's the one federal office President Trump took a really close look at.
AMaybe there was a miscommunication, given how many male frauds work at Fox.

Now co-president Bill Shine may be removed as well:


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Now co-president Bill Shine may be removed as well:

Turns out he's already out.

And Daily Beast is now reporting that Hannity's looking for the exit door.

AJason Voorhees approves of this body count.
AThe next question is, do the expelled hosts go on to form their own Legion of Doom further out on the fringes and reclaim the hardcore segment of their audiences, or do they over-saturate the market on the fringe and starve each other out?

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The next question is, do the expelled hosts go on to form their own Legion of Doom further out on the fringes and reclaim the hardcore segment of their audiences, or do they over-saturate the market on the fringe and starve each other out?

Pretty sure they all have radio shows.  Weather that's enough to soothe their massive egos...?

I'm sure Andy Lack would love to have them at MSNBC. Too bad Maddow and O'Donnell are getting great ratings -

A[quote name="commodorejohn" url="/community/t/149438/fox-news-this-is-not-satire/300#post_4280364"]The next question is, do the expelled hosts go on to form their own Legion of Doom further out on the fringes and reclaim the hardcore segment of their audiences, or do they over-saturate the market on the fringe and starve each other out?[/quote]

Bill Shine and Sean Hannity could easily end up in the Trump administration in a more official capacity. I'm sure Trump would love to give O'Reilly some position he's uniquely unqualified to handle, but there are likely people in his ear just smart enough to keep that from happening.
AI don't think even the real Legion of Doom would accept these guys as members...
AWell, they might, but you know shit would go down with Cheetah and Giganta sooner rather than later.
AAnother gal is suing Fox News. They apparently banned her after she tried to do a segment on having endometriosis.
A[quote name="History Buff" url="/community/t/149438/fox-news-this-is-not-satire/300#post_4280513"]I don't think even the real Legion of Doom would accept these guys as members...[/quote]

Milo Yiannapolous has somehow pocketed $12M off a name that should be as good as week old piss, so surprises are a thing of the past.

He says he's pocketed $12 million. Alternatively ...

Tucker Carlson recently wound up his audience about a rape case in Maryland involving two undocumented immigrants.  Then, the two boys were cleared:


“He did not seem to presume that my client was innocent,” said defense attorney David Moyse in an interview with the Erik Wemple Blog.

That client was one of two immigrant teens who’d been slapped with rape and sex-offense charges in March. However: Evidence against Henry Sanchez Milian, 18, and Jose Montano, 17, just didn’t support the allegations that they had raped a 14-year-old classmate in a bathroom stall at Rockville High School. “The original charges cannot be sustained and prosecution of those charges is untenable,” said Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy on Friday, according to an account in The Post.

So these undocumented immigrants have been cleared.

Viewers of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” may well be shocked. They, after all, heard a different story. On March 21, Carlson welcomed Zeke Cohen, a Baltimore City Council member, to discuss immigration policy. Cohen had championed a resolution asking that federal authorities prioritize “all enforcement efforts on arresting criminals who are causing harm to our city (violence, property crimes etc),” as opposed to undocumented immigrants not involved in criminal activity. Carlson ripped away: “Why, given what just happened, is that a wise idea? If these guys had been picked up in suburban Washington, in Rockville, this never would have happened. So, why would you encourage that policy in your city?”

After Cohen explained his position, Carlson repeated his conviction: “Okay, but we only knew that they were violent criminals after they had raped a ninth-grader. The fact is that at least one of them, possibly both, but at least one was in violation of the law already and because a lot of your state refuses to enforce federal immigration law, he was able to commit that rape. Wouldn’t it have been better to get him out of that school and out of this country before he raped this girl?” Later in the show, he amped up the accusations, complete with a clever nod to Trumpian rhetoric: “Why are people embarrassed to point to something that actually happened and draw obvious conclusions from it? Well, the Rockville rape atrocity may have been a rude awakening for some government officials that sometimes, when foreign countries send their people here, they are not sending their very best.”

Carlson threw his own ideas into the case:


Before finishing out, Carlson waved a figurative finger at Moyse: “You’d better be right about this because if you’re going to be impugning the character of a 14-year-old girl who says she was raped — other people said they heard her screams.” Bolding added to highlight a claim mentioned by Moyse in his chat with the Erik Wemple Blog. “In that interview multiple times he injected as fact something that was completely fabricated — that people reported hearing her cry for help. That is an absolute falsity. In the course of this investigation, there has not been a single witness that the state has mentioned or that we have found that heard her crying for help,” Moyse told this blog.

Carlson's fearmongering lead to many threatening messages:


Whether sloppy or purposeful, Carlson’s comments had the effect of incriminating the two immigrants far beyond what the record had indicated. Which is his job. Demagoguing a rape case involving immigrants: That act is why Tucker Carlson has gotten where he is; that act is what endears him to the Fox News brain trust, the disarrayed bunch that it is right now; that act is why, even as Fox News self-immolates in sexual-harassment and discrimination lawsuits of all kinds, people will watch.

Following his appearance on Carlson’s program, Moyse’s email got active. “I received hundreds of emails and phone calls with very negative threats and negative wishes,” Moyse told this blog “It was from that show.”

What does Carlson have to say about all this? We spent some time on Friday seeking feedback on whether he thought he’d gone too far, as well as a comment on the alleged audible screams. After sending the requests via email to the Fox News PR department, we heard back from Carlson:

The back-and-forth is available at the link, and it's mostly Carlson being pissy.  It's sort of hilarious.

I hope they sue the shit out of Carlson for defamation of character or libel or whatever this would fall under.

Speaking of Tucker Carlson, The Daily Caller made light of a woman's death:

Don't let a woman's death get in the way of a penis joke.

Drowned out because of all the other insanity, but important:


AWhen I'm feeling down I just remind myself that Billo the clown ???? no longer has a nightly tv show

Yes, but he's still a multi-millionaire with influence, publishing deals, and millions of fans, so back to the bummer farm.

Hey guys, what's going on with Trump is not as bad as the Civil War ...


JAMES ROSEN: Some historical perspective is valuable here. During Watergate, the term "crisis" was thrown around as well, and there were people at that time who were old enough to remember when there were legless Civil War veterans still in the streets of Washington. 


ROSEN: So, every American generation for about 150 years has probably imagined that it is facing or braving truly unprecedented challenges that are truly scarier than ever before, and certainly that was true Civil War, it was true for the Great Depression, the generation that experienced World War II and the horrors of World War II, and then the atomic bomb, that was a very stark dividing line in human history when we could start obliterating cities from the sky like that, and then, since then, probably even in the Cuban Missile Crisis, for example, when we came this close to a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. Those were very anxious times. 

Today's times are certainly unprecedented, because Donald Trump is a singular unprecedented president, but if there's a reason to feel anxious, it probably has very little to do it Donald Trump or his actions or the Jim Comey firing or what have you. It's the automation and the change of pace in this country that we are soon to experience.


Last week, Mike Pence accidentally brushed a kid's nose with his suit.  The boy's autistic and wanted an apology.  Mike Pence obliged.  Not a story, until Tucker Carlson's show made it one:


Two days later, however, Fox News's Bill Hemmer, subbing for Tucker Carlson, criticized Michael, the young boy, for being entitled, saying he “felt aggrieved.” That came after guest Tammy Bruce cracked that “I guess we're giving birth to snowflakes now because that looked like that kid needed a safe space in that room.”

Upset by what happened, Michael's mother, Dr. Ingrid Herrera-Yee, appeared on CNN's “The Lead” on Monday, where she was interviewed by host Jake Tapper. Herrera-Yee quickly gave context to her son's behavior: “Michael is 10 years-old,” she began. “He is on the autism spectrum. He's a military child. And he loves the White House.”

From there, she laid the groundwork: Michael has been verbal for five years. At school, he's being taught manners and the other types of social rules that aren't always well-understood by people with autism. Thus, naturally, after someone — even the vice president — accidentally cuffs him on the nose, he's going to be persistent in getting an apology.

“It's not meant in any sort of negative way,” his mother added. “Just him learning social interaction with someone else. What is appropriate and what isn't.” She said Pence was “wonderful” in dealing with Michael, and clearly had no ill-will towards him.

So, yeah, the people involved didn't know the boy was autistic (probably), but the mother is confused why any kid would be the subject of a segment like this:


The Fox clip was a different matter. She had seen a positive story about the video on “Fox and Friends” that morning, so when her mother saw a “Tucker” teaser about Michael and gave her the heads up, she put the show on. “Then, suddenly, it just went south.”

“I was devastated,” she continued. “And when I saw what they were saying, people who...they didn't even know his age. They didn't know who he was, but really taking out of context, a really innocent interchange between the Vice President and my son.”

To “right the wrong,” she suggests an increased awareness on the specifics of autism and an apology from Fox News “for having used my son out of context.” Her closing comment rang loudest, though.

“Please don't use kids,” she said, seemingly addressing Fox News. “It doesn't matter that he's autistic or a military kid. Forget all that. He's a kid. And you don't use children as examples on national television like that.”


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I'm sure Andy Lack would love to have them at MSNBC. Too bad Maddow and O'Donnell are getting great ratings -

Welp, turns out ratings don't matter. O'Donnell was canned:

Meanwhile, Sinclair broadcasting is requiring right-wing programming on all of their stations: 

Fox' ratings have not been great this year.  Some of that can be chalked up to the fact that liberals are simply more motivated right now.  Some of that has to do with massive overhaul of the primetime lineup.  Some of that has to do with the various scandals that have hit the network in one fell swoop.  And, most recently, it's because the network won't cover the news:

On Monday night, after the Washington Post broke the news that Trump shared highly classified information with Russian officials, MSNBC was No. 1 with an average of 662,000 "demo" viewers during prime time. CNN averaged 608,000 and Fox averaged 499,000.

Those are big spikes for MSNBC and CNN, versus a typical night for Fox, meaning the conservative-skewing network did not benefit from the ultra-active news cycle.

On Tuesday night, after The New York Times reported the allegation that Trump asked Comey to end the FBI investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, CNN was No. 1 with an average of 719,000 "demo" viewers in prime time. MSNBC averaged 650,000 and Fox averaged 539,000.

Nicole Hemmer, who recently wrote a book about conservative media, "Messengers of the Right," said Fox's "inattention to the breaking news of the day was startling" on Tuesday.

"As someone who turns on Fox to watch breaking news coverage," Hemmer said, "I found myself switching over to CNN, because my hunger for any analysis was going unmet at Fox. And this represents a real problem going forward for the network: What happens when a network chooses not to cover the story everyone is talking about? Fox's ratings are down lately, and I think that could very well be connected to the lack of attention to breaking stories."

Hemmer, who is also an assistant professor at the University of Virginia's Miller Center, said the coverage "highlights a growing disjuncture between Fox's news arm and its opinion arm."

With Sinclair gearing up to be a bigger media force, it's not like conservative media influence on television is about to fizzle.  With that said, the content of the last week at Fox has shown that conservative-tinged news needs a less cancerous direction.  Between propping up bullshit murder mysteries (and dragging a family through the mud to protect Trump) and ignoring the actual news, Fox has embarrassed itself on air worse than ever before.  Plus, you know, the network is under investigation and looks at women merely as sexbots.

Sadly, I don't see Fox going anywhere, and I don't see the brand changing as long as Republicans control everything.  Trump has normalized the Alex Jones/Breitbart section of conservative media, and Fox is all in on it.

I don't see how liberals being motivated would stop conservatives from watching the news, but I certainly do see how jamming fingers in one's ears and shouting "nanananana not listening!" may not be as interesting as actually covering the news of say, the brewing impeachment of a president.

RIP, Roger Ailes. Since you ruined all of our grandparents, I hope your death was painful.

And the world is a better place for having one less torture supporter in it.

I can only hope we'll get an updated Trump version of this pic....

that's Roger Ailes on the left....

VTRAN reprimand in 3....2....

Hannity's gloating about how Mr. Ailes is waiting in the afterlife to kick all our asses.  God is love, I guess.