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Full Version: Fox News - this is not satire
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Seth Rich's family is suing Fox News (and others):

Quote:The family of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, who was killed in 2016, has filed a lawsuit against Fox News, an investigative reporter and one of the network's contributors over a story about Rich and allegations that he was involved in a conspiracy, according to the lawsuit. 

Rich was shot and killed in Washington, D.C., in July 2016. Police said he was shot several times in the back and later died at a local hospital. Rich was 27 years old and worked as a voter-expansion data director for the DNC at the time. 

The May 16, 2017, Fox News article, which allegedly contained "false and fabricated facts," according to the lawsuit, fueled conspiracy theories that Rich was murdered in connection with a massive WikiLeaks data dump of 20,000 DNC emails days after his death. 

In the suit, which was obtained by ABC News, Rich's parents, Joel and Mary Rich, claim that Fox News investigative reporter Malia Zimmerman and contributor Ed Butowsky reached out to the family under false pretenses to support stories that Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks. 

The lawsuit claims that Fox News, Zimmerman and Butowsky are liable for the harm caused by the report because they "aided and abetted the intentional infliction of emotional distress" caused by the story about Seth Rich and alleges that Fox News provided with a national platform to develop what the lawsuit dubs a "sham story." 
Came here to post this. Lots of assholes being sued this week. I love it.
I see that Fox's new slogan is Real news Real opinions. At least they're half right.
"That is not the graphic we were looking for' -

[Image: 1ekzz7.jpg]
Remember when Glenn Beck was Fox's darling? Yeah, now he's trying to sell his private plane and media "empire"
Oh wow, this is the hardest I've laughed in a good while:

Quote:When Roger Ailes founded Fox News in 1996, he made it one of the network’s core missions to fiercely oppose identity politics and political correctness. Now, nearly two years after Ailes was fired for sexual harassment, Fox News is getting woke. Today, Lachlan Murdoch announced the network’s longtime programming executive, Suzanne Scott, was being promoted to chief executive of the news organization, noting in the release that she “made history as its first female C.E.O.” Scott’s elevation comes two days after the network announced it had settled the remaining gender and racial discrimination lawsuits from the Ailes era for roughly $10 million.

But as Fox News adapts its 1950s workplace culture to fit the times, staffers are on edge. According to sources, Fox News recently installed a “meditation room” complete with Muslim prayer rugs in Ollie North’s office in the network’s Washington bureau. (Earlier this month, North left Fox to become the N.R.A. president.) Staffers now attend mandatory sexual harassment training, and the employee intranet includes a section for gender-transition policies and guidelines. “People are terrified. They kicked Ollie North out and put in a prayer room. We’ve got a new trans policy. You’re not allowed to be transphobic,” one source said. Other changes that would have been alien in the Ailes era include the creation of a workforce and diversity council. “People’s heads are blowing up,” one insider said.

“It’s not the Wild West anymore; there are now policies and procedures,” a network spokesperson told me.
"We are now being forced to consider non-white, non-male humans as real persons."
What does "Fox & Friends Weekend" (yes, that's a thing) think of Israel killing innocent Palestinians, including children, during the embassy opening?  "Meh."

Quote:Fox News host Pete Hegseth offered a curious response to Ed Henry when his Fox & Friends Weekend co-host reminded him that innocent people died in the violent clashes between Palestinians in Gaza and Israeli security forces.

Hamas, the terrorist organization that controls Gaza, urged unarmed civilians to rush the Israel-Gaza border as US and Israeli officials celebrated the opening of the new embassy in Jerusalem miles away earlier this month. More than 50 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces — some were Hamas members, others were innocent children.

On Fox & Friends Sunday morning, Ed Henry tried to point this out.

“We should separate out,” Henry said. “There could be some innocent Palestinians, including children, who were killed.”

“Because Hamas told them to go to the front of the line and get shot!” Hegseth said.

“Okay, but there are some innocent people who died,” Henry reiterated.

“Meh,” Hegseth replied with a shrug.

“Caught in the crossfire, whatever it is, children, let’s just point that out,” Henry added.

“Meh,” Hegseth said.
This clip, though...

Tell me this couldn't have been a deleted scene from Idiocracy.
Trump found a media outlet that likes a leader more than Fox News likes him:

Fox Business went after Seattle, calling it a "socialist hellhole" and the city "where freedom died along with every good singer from the 90s."

Yeah!  That damn socialist hellhole where [checks notes] construction is so massive that it has led the usage of towering construction cranes for three straight years:

Seattle also leads in home price increases and pay increases. Sounds terrible.
Okay, this is pretty funny:

Quote:Fox & Friends First thought on Monday morning that they had booked Ann Kirkpatrick, a pro-ICE Democrat running for Congress in Arizona — but they ended up with Barbara L’Italien, a state senator running for Congress in Massachusetts.

“Tell us why you do support ICE?” Fox News host Jillian Mele asked the guest she assumed was Kirkpatrick.

“Good morning. I’m actually here to speak directly to Donald Trump,” L’Italien said. “I feel that what’s happening at the border is wrong. I’m a mother of four, and I believe that separating kids from their parents is illegal and inhumane.”

“I’m actually Barbara L’Italien, I’m a state senator representing a large immigrant community,” she continued. “I’m running for Congress in Massachusetts,” she continued. “I keep thinking about what we’re putting parents through, imagining how terrifying that must be for those families, imagining how it would feel not knowing if I’d ever see my kids again. We have to stop abducting children and ripping them from their parents’ arms, stop putting kids in cages, and stop making 3-year-old defend themselves in court.”

“That practice has stopped at this point Mrs. Kirkpatrick, right?” host Rob Schmitt asked L’Italien.

Trump reversed his zero-tolerance immigration policy that separated migrant children from their parents, but thousands of families remain separated.

“Again my name is Barbara L’Italien and I refuse to believe that our only options are open borders or traumatized children–” she replied said, as the show cut her video feed.

“Who is this?” a bewildered Schmitt asked. “That didn’t go as planned.”

According to ThinkProgress, the L’Italien campaign claimed that Fox News reached out to them thinking they were staffers for Kirkpatrick. The Massachusetts candidate took advantage of the mistake to speak directly to Trump
Fox hired the pundit who berated a towing company employee in an infamous, viral video. Years later, she said ESPN demoted her for being white:

Quote:Fox News has hired conservative pundit Britt McHenry to provide commentary on the network’s new 24-hour digital streaming service, Fox Nation, TheWrap has learned. A spokesperson for Fox News confirmed the hiring.

McHenry is currently the host of “Like It Or Not” on Washington D.C.’s local WTTG Fox 5 and also serves as a contributor to The Federalist.

But she is also known for a viral video in which she was seen berating a towing company employee, and for saying that she was demoted from a previous job at ESPN because she was white and too-well paid.

The video was recorded when she worked as an ESPN reporter in 2015. In the video, she insulted the tow-truck company employee’s education and teeth, then told her to lose weight. The sports network suspended her for a week.

In May, she drew attention again for tweeting and then deleting that she was demoted from her ESPN gig “because I was white & I made too much.”

It remains unclear what McHenry will do at her new job. A person familiar with the matter, however, told TheWrap that she will have her own show and make regular appearances on Fox Radio. A Fox News spokesperson denied that she would be doing either.
The funny thing is the minute that video came out people identified her as a future Fox employee.
So even the female employees at Fox News love sending dick pics -

"Six sources said Guilfoyle’s behavior included showing personal photographs of male genitalia to colleagues (and identifying whose genitals they were), regularly discussing sexual matters at work and engaging in emotionally abusive behavior toward hair and makeup artists and support staff."
Tucker Carlson and Lauren Ingraham have been spouting white nationalist rhetoric for a long time now, so there's no real surprise that both continue to do it.  Their ratings are good because conservatives eat that stuff up.  

But still, mainstream conservatism is just so tremendously dangerous and scary right now:

Quote:"The America we know and love doesn't exist anymore. Massive demographic changes have been foisted on the American people, and they are changes that none of us ever voted for, and most of us don't like ... this is related to both illegal and legal immigration"
Look, guys, just come out and say it already. We all know what you're getting at.
Even after everything, that Laura Ingrahagrhaham clip has the ability to shock me. I cannot fucking believe this is airing on a mainstream cable channel in America. I know it's been building for a long time, but we have sunk so low in just a few years.
I think what really gets me is that they probably think they're being clever by substituting "demographic" for directly racial/ethnic terms. Guys, you are literally not fooling anyone.
That’s not true, of course they are!  At least, they’re allowing a lot of folks to fool themselves into thinking that they’re not a bunch of racist shitheads.
It's interesting that she's dumb enough to think that demographic changes are something you can put to a vote.

But seriously, everyone on this channel is hot trash and we've all known this forever. These mini-outrages are ridiculous because they make their awful message go viral and bring this claptrap to a wider audience, which is what trolls like Ingraham want.

I don't watch this horseshit because it's horseshit. Full stop. I don't need periodic reminders that yep, it's the same ol' white genocide horseshit. But no, it's even more on the nose now!

The dullards and the haters are your relatives who watch said horseshit are never going to learn and never going to change. So fuck 'em. Well, maybe don't fuck your relatives.
Here's Steve Doocy trying to save his colleague after she said the United States defeated "communist Japan" during World War II:
(08-16-2018, 10:34 AM)Iron Maiden Wrote: [ -> ]Here's Steve Doocy trying to save his colleague after she said the United States defeated "communist Japan" during World War II:

[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]
Forget it, she's on a roll.
I love that Kilmeade's body language is basically saying, "ok Brian, be a good boy, stay out of this."

Insulting and racist doesnt even manage to describe this.
Adam Housley is leaving Fox because of the network's direction and the lack of hard reporting in the Trump era.  Conor Powell also left within the last three weeks for similar reasons:

Quote:Another on-air reporter is leaving Fox News over frustrations with the direction and tone of the network, the second in the last three weeks to defect for those reasons. 

Adam Housley, a Los Angeles-based reporter who joined Fox in 2001, felt there was diminished opportunity at the network for reporters and disapproved of tenor of its on-air discussion, according to two former Fox News employees with knowledge of his situation. 

Housley believed that as the network’s focus on Trump has grown — and the number of talking-head panels during news shows proliferated — it had become difficult to get hard reporting on air, according to one of those former employees.

“He’s not doing the type of journalism he wants to be doing,” the former employee said. “And he is unhappy with the tone of the conversation of the channel.” 

Housley’s objections to the Trump-era Fox News are widely shared within the network’s reporting corps, according to current and former employees of the network. Conor Powell, the former Fox News Jerusalem bureau reporter, left the network earlier this month for similar reasons, according to a person close to him.

“People are losing their minds,” one current Fox News personality said, adding that reporters have relayed in conversation that the climate for them is worse than ever before. 
This happened on Laura Ingraham radio show, but it's still Fox-related: she introduced Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis with Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey."

I mean, are you surprised?
What is it with all these Nazi assholes and their loves of Fox News' hosts?  I mean, whatever could it be?

Quote:Fox News host Tucker Carlson has come under fire in recent weeks for pushing white nationalist talking points, but his controversial opinions did earn him high praise from leading white supremacist Richard Spencer.

“If someone were to ask me who’s the most based, interesting, and impactful mainstream conservative commentator, the answer is easy: Tucker,” tweeted Spencer on Tuesday. “He’s willing go places the others aren’t, and he can be sharp and witty. A definite improvement over people like Bill O’Reilly!”

“Tucker has become a major public figure, not simply for his talents and good humor, but because he has raised the specter of nationalism, national disintegration, and anti-white hatred—often implicitly and increasingly explicitly,” he added in a subsequent tweet.

Spencer, who has called for a America to become a white “ethno-state,” did criticize Carlson for not going far enough in pushing white nationalism and, and for Carlson’s suggestions that being “racially conscious” is “wicked” in his attacks against progressive identity politics.

“The most charitable interpretation is that Tucker is holding back to hold onto his show and seeks to gently red-pill his Fox audience,” Spencer wrote. “The more critical perspective is that he is stuck in the ‘no-man’s land’ that all conservatives have been stuck in for that last 50 years.”

Spencer’s comments come after several weeks in-which Carlson has aired numerous segments suggesting a trend of anti-white racism and white genocide (a conspiracy that suggests whites are being eradicated from the U.S. by immigration and interracial marriage) is on the rise. The Fox News host also pushed the unfounded claim that white farmers in South Africa are being persecuted because of their race.

Additionally, Carlson’s anti-immigrant rants have become more extreme, with him recently suggesting that “diversity” makes America a weaker country
A LEGO knockoff toy where a wall can be built that keeps out stereotypical Mexican figurines is getting some airtime on "Fox & Friends."  The racist toy is apparently "making holidays great again."

Trump won't be happy that Fox used the word "holidays."

Quote:Some awful company is out with a LEGO knockoff called “MAGA” where you can build a wall to keep out toy Mexicans, clad in sombreros, and wielding maracas. Fox & Friends covered the toy set repeatedly on Wednesday.

“They may look like LEGOs, but these building blocks are a little different,” Steve Doocy announced. “The toy company that’s making the holidays great again? Wait until you hear about this.”

The box of the toy set features Trump, in a suit, standing on one side of the wall. Behind the structure, a mustachioed figurine wearing a sombrero and a poncho is armed with maracas. He stands between cactuses at the foot of a Mexican-style pyramid.

Later on Fox & Friends, newsreader Jillian Mele covered the toy set during headlines: “Take a look at this, a conservative company introducing a new line of toys encouraging kids to build a wall with MAGA building blocks. The set comes with a President Trump figurine and a ‘Make America Great Again’ hard hat.”

The Trump toy is also shown handing an “emails” file to a Hillary Clinton figurine, who is naturally clad in an orange jumpsuit.
Is this real life?
Wouldn't MAGA blocks be a ripoff of Megablocks, not Lego? A rip off of a rip off sounds about right for these guys.
Fox News fans melt down after their favorite network supports CNN’s Acosta: ‘You are dead to me’
Fox News’ main Twitter feed hasn’t posted an article in six days.