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Full Version: Fox News - this is not satire
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Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham all use the same language about how Fauci is proof that "Democrats are trying to take away our freedoms" in their diatribes. It sounds like the channel can only afford one writer, but of course the idea is to embed the meme in people's skulls through repetition.
Well, it's probably how the ideas got in their skulls to begin with.

These people are puppets that think they're puppeteers.
This one was weird:

Quote:Fox & Friends aired an interview with a “stealth Trump voter” — someone who says they secretly support President Donald Trump — who explained why those like him are too uncomfortable to be open about their support.

“Could so-called secret voters be the key to President Trump’s reelection?” questioned Fox News’ Steve Doocy. “One study found 53 percent of stealth voters backed President Trump in 2016 but didn’t tell anybody — especially not the pollsters. Our next guest spoke to those voters.”

Fox News went on to air clips from an interview with one of the stealth voters — an unknown man with a heavily blurred face — who said, “It’s not worth dealing with it because, I mean, you could have a target on your back.”

“It’s easier for me to just be quiet and let them attack whoever they want to instead of directing that anger at me,” the man continued.

Doocy then introduced CBN pundit David Brody, who spoke to a handful of stealth voters.
I'm sure these stealth voters wear camouflage.
There's never a "did/will incredibly specific demographic sliver ABCXYZ flip the election" article that doesn't come across as  scraping the bottom of the barrel to make up a story, but holy shit no.  There is no regiment of surprise Trump voters waiting to descend to his rescue like Vultan's Hawkmen.  Trump has been handed an opponent who George H.W. Bush could have beaten, and he's losing anyways.  He's losing because he's unable to stop clowning himself.  

I wouldn't trust Biden alone with my nieces, but I wouldn't trust Trump
alone with his own daughter.

Biden, in all honesty, probably was influence peddling when he sent his kid overseas.  Trump flagrantly charges the taxpayer to board government employees in his privately owned hotels.

Biden can no longer debate without cue cards, but Trump cannot get in front of a hot mike without sounding like an angrier version of the time Milli Vanilli held a press conference to try to convince the world that they were real singers.

Biden sucks, but Trump outsucks him in every way.  This is nothing but the cast of Fox & Friends trying to make their septuagenarian baby feel better about his polling before he begins to blame them for it.
Stealth Trump Voter: "I like being an asshole, but I hate being called an asshole."
Hey, Bill O'Reillys back!  And he's screaming that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for George Soros!  I'm shocked!

Quote:Former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly attacked the Democratic Party over immigration and falsely claimed on Sean Hannity’s radio show that a vote for presumptive 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden is tantamount to a vote for “open borders” and George Soros.

During O’Reilly’s appearance on The Sean Hannity Show on Wednesday, he warned that if the President Donald Trump is not reelected, Democrats will tear down the small, piecemeal sections of new border wall built since 2017.

When Hannity noted that he could support strong background checks on incoming immigrants, O’Reilly allowed: “You could have a fair immigration law that’s for sure.”

“But if Trump loses in November and and Biden or another Democrat is in in office that wall is going to get torn down,” O’Reilly said, before falsely characterizing “The Democratic Party wants open borders. People should understand that. They don’t want any limits of foreign nationals coming in the United States.”

O’Reilly’s “open borders” claim about the Democratic Party is totally false, as multiple fact-checkers have confirmed. Moreover, not a single 2020 Democratic presidential candidate supported “open borders” either, including the Biden campaign’s immigration platform, which does not endorse unlimited immigration and does not mention “open borders” a single time. Similarly, Biden does not support the more progressive view in his party that illegal immigration should be decriminalized and turned into a civil infraction.

When Hannity noted to his former cable news colleague that Biden does support a pathway to citizenship for the 11-plus million undocumented aliens current in the United States, O’Reilly invoked another boogeyman of the right wing to attack Biden.

“Obama would never have to go up against a progressive radical leftist, never,” O’Reilly said. “So if you if you vote for Joe biden you’re voting for George Soros, that’s who you’re voting for.”

Soros’ name is often invoked by hard-line nativists who want to heavily restrict, if not stop, both illegal and legal immigration and the left-wing billionaire has become the subject of numerous, toxic right-wing conspiracy theories, including the baseless claim that he funded “immigrant caravans” toward the U.S.’s Southern border during 2018.
I'd be astonished if O'Reilly didn't make it about a Jew, honestly. Shit, that cat fell out of the bag when he was doing free marketing for Mel Gibson's Jesus Chainsaw Massacre.
Soros is a holocaust survivor who turned empty pockets into $40 billion, then spent $32 billion of it on philanthropic causes.

I'd vote for him.
"Nobody vote for the guy nobody who listens to me was going to vote for anyway!"
This new season of The Man Show sux.
"Ziggy zoggy ziggy zoggy cough cough die!"
At the end of this clip the crowd starts chanting “war” when asked what happens if the police shuts the gym down:

Quote:Fox & Friends is banking on a live confrontation this morning between a New Jersey gym owner and the state police.
That would be the shortest, funniest war in history.

All the Karens would be running for someone to hide behind... but all the doughy men would have already tactically retreated to tweet memes from their garages.
Isn't it just cheaper to buy a couple kettlebells that'll sit unused in the corner rather than buying a gym membership that'll sit unused in the back of your mind?
Fox is getting some backing from other media from that coronavirus coverage lawsuit:

Quote:Two dominant media and journalism consortiums have sought permission from a judge in Washington State to file a brief as amici curiae — “friends of the court” — in a lawsuit filed by an activist group against Fox News and various cable television providers. Other major players in the mainstream media landscape are riding to Fox’s defense.

The activist group, known as WASHLITE, alleged that Fox violated state consumer protection law by branding itself as a “news” broadcast. The group also claimed Fox committed the “tort of outrage” (intentional infliction of emotional distress). The crux of the group’s claims are that Fox broadcasts downplayed the severity of the novel coronavirus and, thus, cannot be legally branded as accurate “news” broadcasts.

Fox has defended itself by saying WASHLITE’s tactics would amount to the judicial stifling of the free press. It has also pointed to inaccuracies and inconsistencies in the group’s proffered examples of Fox coverage.

The media entities seeking to be recognized as amici curiae are the Internet & Television Association (NCTA) and the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP).

NCTA is chaired by Michael Powell, the former FCC chairman nominated by President Bill Clinton. Its member companies include the corporate owners of a number of major media conglomerates, including A+E Networks, Comcast NBCUniversal, C-SPAN, Discovery, Fox, the Hallmark Channel, ViacomCBS, WarnerMedia, Univision, and the Disney Media Network (ABC).  (A+E Networks owns a portion of Law&Crime.)

The Reporters Committee is made up of prominent reporters and executives from Reuters, Time Magazine, ProPublica, ABC News, CNN, the Associated Press, the Washington Post, POLITICO, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the New Yorker, the New York Times, NPR, and the PBS NewsHour. RCFP researches legal issues involving the press and provides advice and guidance to reporters nationwide.

“NCTA and the Reporters Committee frequently participate in litigation in courts throughout the country, including in particular to ensure that their members’ First Amendment protections are upheld,” the filing said. “The issues presented in this case are of substantial constitutional significance.”
That's a complicated snare. NCTA and RCFP are probably right to be concerned that disciplinary action toward Fox would leave the door open for the administration to bring the power of the state down on news outlets that report on Trump truthfully.
Yeah, that's an open invitation for the government to clamp down on any "distressing" news. Fox can die in a fire, but not if it involves the First Amendment burning with them.
Then again, other news services can defend the stories they produce as news. Can Fox News?

Does any other news service routinely engage in hyperbole, distortion and outright lies at the rate Fox News does? Did any other news service put the public at risk by spreading misinformation about a pandemic as it was happening?

I think I'd be okay with a case where Fox News had to defend their right to use the term "news" for their programming, akin to a company having to prove their "chicken" isn't 99% sawdust.
But you're arguing from the position where rational standards apply and things work in a sensible and even-handed manner. The last 3-4 years should have thoroughly disabused you of that notion.
President Big Boy thinks Fox News should lose that lawsuit...

"Many will disagree, but @FoxNews is doing nothing to help Republicans, and me, get re-elected on November 3rd."

Kinda hard to argue that you're not a political propaganda tool when one political party considers you their propaganda tool.
God, he's such a fucking crybaby.
Completely embarrassing network

[Image: EYqWSFcXgAISpD2?format=jpg&name=900x900]
I give Fox News viewers a lot of shit, but even I would’ve been more generous in my prediction of this poll’s results than the numbers we actually got.

Good grief:

Why? Why would someone sneak a tracking chip into you when you never let your cell phone get more than ten feet from your body?

Orwell only predicted that our TVs would watch us one day because he had no way of knowing how much time people spend watching TV.
(05-22-2020, 11:39 PM)fuzzy dunlop Wrote: [ -> ]Completely embarrassing network

[Image: EYqWSFcXgAISpD2?format=jpg&name=900x900]

Portnoy's Complaint?

"LISTEN UP, SCIENCE! I'VE GOT STUFF TO SAY!" - the alcoholic sports dude
You know, I'm glad he left Dream Theater.
I was like, "Where do I recognize that asshole from...? Oh right, he was a pizza-eating expert on 'Bar Rescue.'"

I'm not really a sports guy.
Had to google him to find out who that was. Speaking of celebs that should not be, where has Chachi been during all this, and why hasn't there been a Chaci vs Fauci chyron yet?