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Full Version: Fox News - this is not satire
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"If you ignore 90% of our content, yes, this type of behavior has no place at our network."
"He forgot to translate his racism using the company code book."
"Neff's abhorrent conduct was never divulged to the show or the network until Friday, which is why we accepted his resignation.  Hiding one's light under a bushel like that is completely against what the Fox brand stands for. He should have saved that gold for the show."
Ah, yes, Fox News' patented "vacation" when shit gets rough:

Quote:Tucker Carlson, one of Fox News Channel’s most-watched hosts, said he would take a pre-planned vacation as his primetime program comes under new scrutiny.

Carlson announced his plans Monday  in the wake of a new controversy surrounding his program, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” after a CNN report last week revealed one of his top writers, Blake Neff,  had posted racist and misogynist remarks on an online forum, AutoAdmit, largely used by law students. That staffer resigned from Fox News, and the network’s top executives condemned his postings over the weekend.

“We don’t endorse those words,” Carlson said. “They have no connection to the show. t is wrong to attack people for qualities they cannot control” But he also chastised those who might take delight in the matter, criticizing “the ghouls now beating their chests” over “the destruction of a young man.”  He told viewers: “When we pose as blameless in order to hurt other people, we are committing the gravest sin of all.”
This is boolsheet. How come my former bosses straight up fired me without giving me a week off in advance?
"Qualities they cannot control."
My qualities are well under control. Actually I have few qualities so it's cake.
keeping it classy, Tucker.
You think Tucker and Blake are going to have a sleepover?
And talk about "all the chicks they banged".

In all fairness, it must be positively draining to be as odious and full of shit as Tucker is for an hour every night. He's probably up to at least three orphans worth of post-show blood to sate that demon living inside of him.
Oh I'm sure he's already done what he needed to do make peace with himself years ago. That and latent racism and greed makes it far easier to sleep at night. Tucker Carlson was always a bad person.
Hopefully the vacation is permanent. Now do Hannity.
Carlson is the highest-rated show on the network. I'd be surprised if he doesn't come back from the break in a klan hood.
I’d guess the break is just to sort out their writing staff without that guy. No one here is stupid enough to seriously expect actual consequences for Tucker from this, right?
Tucker will be the channel's favorite son until he stops selling ad buys, at which point he won't even be welcome back as a guest.

Most Republicans don't DEMAND groomed kids...they'll also take them a bit tousled...
I would love to see what evidence this woman has to back up her accusation that teachers are accomplices to child sex abuse. I won't hold my breath.

It's probably in the same vault as all that Pizzagate evidence. What a great strategy, conservatives. When you can't out-reason those with whom you disagree, simply accuse them of molesting kids. What a bunch of upstanding moral crusaders.
(07-15-2020, 11:02 AM)sean blackwell Wrote: [ -> ]I would love to see what evidence this woman has to back up her accusation that teachers are accomplices to child sex abuse. I won't hold my breath.

It's probably in the same vault as all that Pizzagate evidence.  What a great strategy, conservatives.  When you can't out-reason those with whom you disagree, simply accuse them of molesting kids.  What a bunch of upstanding moral crusaders.

None.  Because it doesn't matter.  The fact that there are people who believed in Pizzagate, tells you all you need why people keep doing it.  Shit, they'll just make up evidence themselves just to justify themselves.
100 it’s just a swipe at sex ed
(07-15-2020, 11:33 AM)Munson Wrote: [ -> ]... it’s just a swipe at sex ed

...which is how the GOP commonly procreate...ask Kavenaugh...
"Living large" and "homeless," together at last:

Quote:BRIAN KILMEADE (GUEST HOST): Millions of Americans have had to make a huge sacrifice thanks to the coronavirus epidemic. But one group that's living large these days is the San Francisco homeless population, the city is putting many of them in fancy hotel rooms at taxpayer expense.
(07-16-2020, 04:32 AM)Iron Maiden Wrote: [ -> ]"Living large" and "homeless," together at last:

Quote:BRIAN KILMEADE (GUEST HOST): Millions of Americans have had to make a huge sacrifice thanks to the coronavirus epidemic. But one group that's living large these days is the San Francisco homeless population, the city is putting many of them in fancy hotel rooms at taxpayer expense.

Probably servin' 'em fancy hamburgers with Dijon mustard too!
“What has happened since that [June 9] phone call is we’ve taken two steps forward and now three steps back,” another Fox insider told The Daily Beast. “What [Fox executives] don’t understand is you had a white supremacist in a very senior position on [Carlson’s] show. That kind of thing doesn’t live in a garden that isn’t fertile.”

Quote:Four days after Fox News aired a particularly tone-deaf graphic connecting the killings of Black men—including George Floyd and Martin Luther King Jr.—to stock market gains, many of the network’s Black staffers took part in a phone call with company brass to confront Fox’s increasingly racist and hostile rhetoric towards the protests against police brutality.  

It did not go well.

The call on June 9 lasted more than 90 minutes and included Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott, President Jay Wallace, and HR chief Kevin Lord, people familiar with the matter told The Daily Beast. It was led by Scott, who is white, and Marsheila J. Hayes, the vice president of diversity and inclusion at Fox Corporation, who is Black.

It was almost immediately rife with tension. One staffer directly asked why Bret Baier—the anchor of the network’s key weekday news broadcast, Special Report, which aired the offensive graphic—was not on the call, nor any other white on-air talent. (Baier had previously apologized for the “major screw-up,” noting that, because the show bears his name, “the buck stops with me.” Fox News also apologized for the “insensitivity” of the infographic, adding that it “should have never aired on television without full context.”) 

Other participants on the call expressed anger and distress about rampant racism at Fox, both on- and off-air. 

Fox Business Network host Charles Payne, who is Black, was particularly incensed, according to multiple people who attended the call. In fact, he had previously called Scott directly and, per a person familiar, was “ripshit” about the Baier graphic debacle and about racist remarks that Laura Ingraham had recently made on the air. 

At one point on the June 9 call, sources told The Daily Beast, an irate Payne suggested he’d been the victim of racial discrimination, repeatedly passed over for opportunities given instead to white colleagues. Elsewhere, the staffers recalled, Payne, who has been at Fox since 2007, lamented the network’s tone when covering Black cultural stories, including the killing of California rapper and anti-gang activist Nipsey Hussle. How can he talk to his children about Fox News, the host wondered, when it portrays people like Hussle in a racist, stereotypical manner as a gangster?

Ultimately, the conversation was full of “a lot of talking and a lot of emotions,” one staffer said, making sure to note how Fox executives were “deliberate to allow everyone to have a chance to talk.” 

A spokesperson said in a statement to The Daily Beast, “FOX News Media is committed to providing an ongoing dialogue targeting issues of diversity and workplace inclusion, which is why we recently took the unprecedented action of providing an open forum among an intimate group of diverse employees to candidly discuss this critical issue.

“We have long been a leader in cable news for featuring a broad range of voices, and will continue those efforts to ensure all views are respected and celebrated both on and off air.”

But even if the call may have been therapeutic, staffers say the network has since then made barely any progress on confronting its own racism. 

In the month since, on-air talent has continued to rant against the Black Lives Matter “mob” and proclaim that America is “under attack,” while a top writer for Tucker Carlson’s show was ousted just last week for his pseudonymous racist and sexist posts on an online troll forum. 

Two people familiar with the situation told The Daily Beast that Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch personally approved what Carlson would say in his defensive Monday remarks addressing the exit of his top writer. Despite demands from Fox News executives that he pre-tape the segment and strike a conciliatory tone, Carlson barely sounded apologetic, knowing he had the full backing of the Murdoch heir.

A rep for Murdoch did not respond to a request for comment. But The Daily Beast spoke to more than a dozen Fox News insiders, who all suggested that behind the scenes there is a growing despair among employees about the network’s role in demonizing and spreading fear about Black Americans in particular.

One employee was especially angry, saying, “They created a cell—they created a white supremacist cell inside the top cable network in America, the one that directly influences the president… This is rank racism excused by Murdoch.”

Fox News has an apparent racism problem, and it’s not just the network’s critics who notice it. Anger over the cable giant’s shoddy coverage of racial issues is also increasingly coming from inside the building.

Over the past month, the network’s Black employees, including on-air talent, have begun to openly confront management over Fox’s anti-Black rhetoric—especially that of the network’s biggest stars, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson.

Fox News personnel have expressed outrage to network brass over their unwillingness to rein in hosts like Ingraham, whose primetime show—helmed by Tommy Firth, the same executive producer behind Megyn Kelly’s former Fox show—has long made white grievance politics a core feature. On June 29, she did an anti-Black Lives Matter monologue which included a line that many viewed as a racist dog whistle and threat: “We will remember those who desert their colors.”

For further analysis, Ingraham then tossed to right-wing troll Dinesh D’Souza, whose history of inflammatory and often bigoted comments about Black people—including civil-rights icon Rosa Parks—is well-documented.

A complaint to corporate executives prompted an HR investigation into how Ingraham's segment was conceived and made it to air, which ultimately cleared Ingraham and her team of racist intent in deploying the loaded phrase. Marsheila J. Hayes, the Black HR official who also led the June 9 call, was detailed to explain that the phrase was not racist at all. It was simply a historical military reference, said Hayes. (The phrase appears to have been more often used during the nineteenth century, frequently in reference to Civil War turncoats.)

A Fox News insider, meanwhile, suggested to The Daily Beast that the network frequently deploys right-leaning Black contributors and guests to give cover to racially insensitive content. “That’s something they routinely do—they turn out these people, like Candace Owens, to support these things, and use Black apologists to denigrate other Black men and women and victimize them.”

Tucker Carlson, who is now the network’s most-watched primetime star, has also drawn the ire of his colleagues, as his increasingly unhinged rants about Black Lives Matter and ongoing anti-police brutality protests—the overwhelming majority of which have been peaceful—have made their way into President Donald Trump’s similarly bonkers speeches as of late.

In one such monologue, Carlson warned viewers that a Black Lives Matter “mob” will “come for you.” Fox News PR scrambled to claim his tirade was actually just about Democrats and “inner city politicians,” but some of the primetime star’s co-workers weren’t buying it.

“Bull. Shit. They have the script written that gives them an out,” one Fox staffer told The Daily Beast. “But what the viewers hear is the white supremacist crap. And that crap goes straight to the White House.” 

The company’s inclination to look the other way as Carlson seemingly stokes a race war is also a concern that several staffers mentioned to The Daily Beast—especially because Murdoch sent a company-wide memo in early June urging all employees to “closely listen to the voices of peaceful protest and fundamentally understand that Black lives matter.” 

Furthermore, and in stark contrast to the fact that he is known to personally approve of what his top primetime host says nightly on TV, the Murdoch heir added: “We support our Black colleagues and the Black community, as we all unite to seek equality and understanding.”

Fox’s willingness to give its top-rated star a pass for openly flirting with racist ideology has never been more apparent than in the aftermath of last week’s CNN report that Carlson’s top writer, Blake Neff, had for years pseudonymously posted bigoted comments to AutoAdmit, a notoriously unmoderated message board.

The 29-year-old Neff, who’d worked on Carlson’s show for nearly four years and once bragged that “anything [Carlson is] reading off the teleprompter, the first draft was written by me,” resigned after his extensive history of hateful comments was revealed. 

“Make no mistake, actions such as his cannot and will not be tolerated at any time in any part of our work force,” Fox said at the time in an internal memo. Network execs also condemned Neff’s “horrific racist, misogynistic and homophobic behavior” while assuring that Carlson would sufficiently address the ordeal during his next broadcast.

But when Monday rolled around, Carlson’s brief on-air remarks were anything but conciliatory. While never actually mentioning what Neff had done, Carlson said the writer was “ashamed” and that his words—which the Fox host did not “endorse”—“have no connection to the show.” 

Before announcing a “long-planned” vacation to go trout fishing, Carlson spent the majority of the monologue attacking and threatening the media for having the audacity to expose his top staffer.

"We should also point out to the ghouls now beating their chests in triumph of the destruction of a young man, that self-righteousness also has its costs. We are all human. When we pretend we are holy, we are lying,” he said. “When we pose as blameless in order to hurt other people, we are committing the gravest sin of all, and we will be punished for it. There’s no question.”

Network executives had hoped that Carlson’s brief address would temper the internal unease over his on-air conduct. But Fox News staffers told The Daily Beast that his snarling, defensive commentary has only further served to anger the primetime star’s co-workers.

“How hard would it have been to say sorry?” one Fox insider told The Daily Beast. “That being said, I’m not surprised.” Another staffer noted that because Carlson never specified the nature of what Neff had written, his viewers—many of whom are unlikely to be reading CNN articles during the day—were left with no clue of what happened in the first place.

“What has happened since that [June 9] phone call is we’ve taken two steps forward and now three steps back,” another Fox insider told The Daily Beast. “What [Fox executives] don’t understand is you had a white supremacist in a very senior position on [Carlson’s] show. That kind of thing doesn’t live in a garden that isn’t fertile.”

Indeed, Neff is just the latest person employed by Carlson to have a history of secret racist posts or connections to white supremacist groups. At least 11 people who wrote or edited for The Daily Caller—the conservative website Carlson co-founded in 2010 and only recently divested from—were found by the Southern Poverty Law Center and other outlets to have been laundering aggressively racist beliefs, either publicly or anonymously online.

Another source of internal strife at Fox News is that the network has never come close to promulgating any consistent standard as to what constitutes unacceptable, racist rhetoric and what is allowed on its air. 

In 2012, for example, Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene—a Black woman who is prominent in Democratic Party politics—was removed from the air for two weeks after she jokingly referred to Carlson as a “bow-tying white boy” during an on-air debate with him on Megyn Kelly’s primetime show. Carlson angrily objected and Kelly ended the show by telling viewers that Greene’s quip was unacceptable and did not meet Fox’s standards.

Eight years later, in the wake of the recent on-air incidents involving Ingraham and Carlson, for which these white Fox News anchors have suffered no consequences, Greene offered to help the network come up with standards of on-air rhetoric, especially for remarks that can be interpreted as race-baiting, said a person familiar with her offer which has yet to receive a response. (Greene declined to comment for this story.)

And the network’s deeply problematic record regarding race was already well-established by the time weekend anchor Kelly Wright, in April 2017, was the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against Fox News that included nine other current and former Fox News employees of color who claimed systemic racial discrimination.

“We literally have a handful of Black and Latino reporters, and only one Black male anchor—which in 2017 shouldn’t be the case,” Wright, then one of very few Black anchors at the network, said during a packed press conference. He added that the situation, along with the alleged denigration of minority employees toiling behind the scenes, was “inexcusable and indefensible” and the result of “systemic and institutional racial bias.” (Wright, who left Fox News shortly after that and currently anchors the 6 p.m. news program on the just-launched Black News Channel, declined to comment.)
Who wants to break it to Ingraham that Toronto is not located in the United States?

Quote:Will Joe Biden do more to protect religious liberty than Donald Trump? Not a prayer. “City of Toronto Bans Catholic Churches From Administering Holy Communion”

Oh, and for the record, that was a bullshit story:

Quote:Communion has not been banned in Toronto, but the Archdiocese of Toronto is working on new protocols to keep in-person worship safe for Catholics who want to receive the sacrament amid the coronavirus.

“The Archdiocese of Toronto — which includes 27 municipalities and stretches well beyond the city’s borders — has implemented a modified version of communion where a priest delivers his blessing from more than two metres away, hands the congregant their wafer, and they then move more than two metres away from the priest before removing their mask and consuming the bread,” reports Canada’s Global News.

Beyond that, however, Ingraham got torn up on Twitter for suggesting that what is or isn’t happening in Canada has anything to do with Biden — who’s running for president of the United States — or his policies here in America.

“Toronto is in Canada,” wrote numerous respondents to her tweet.

Quote:Any interview that yields a split-screen like this must be going great

Conservative writer Max Boot prefers a Larry Hogan-like future for the Republican Party, but thinks Tucker Carlson's vision is the reality:

Quote:Even if President Trump is defeated on Nov. 3 — a probability but not a certainty — don’t expect him to cede the political stage willingly. No matter the outcome, it is likely he will continue to tweet and hold rallies. He could even seek the presidency again in 2024, when he would be only a year older than Joe Biden is today.

But the jockeying for the post-Trump future of the Republican Party has started. In essence, the question is whether the Republicans will continue speeding at 95 mph down Crazy Street or if they will take a detour onto Sanity Lane. The wide range of possibilities is represented by two potential presidential candidates: Larry Hogan and Tucker Carlson.

Hogan is the anti-Trump. The governor of Maryland supports action to address global warming and gun control. He endorses Roe v. Wade. He is a fiscal conservative. He backed the impeachment inquiry into Trump and blasted the process as “a sham and a joke” because House Republicans were not allowed to call witnesses and Senate Republicans refused to do so.

In no small part because of these deviations from Trumpist orthodoxy, Hogan has an approval rating almost twice as high as Trump’s — and that’s in a blue state. Hogan flirted with a primary challenge to Trump last year, and now, with a new book coming out, he is said to be positioning himself for a presidential run.

As a lifelong Republican until the day after the last presidential election, I am thoroughly disenchanted with the current state of the GOP. As far as I am concerned, all of Trump’s enablers need to be defeated — and that includes the entire Republican caucus in the House and Senate save for Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah). Hogan is one of the few potential candidates who could convince me to cast a ballot for a Republican again, because he is one of the few elected Republicans who has been untainted by Trump’s corruption, racism and incompetence. But his very sanity, centrism and sobriety are likely to count against him among the party’s base, which savors with lip-smacking glee a steady diet of populist lunacy from the Oval Office.

If Republicans like having a racist TV star in office, they can nominate Carlson to carry on Trump’s legacy. The second-least-surprising news story of the past week — after Trump’s get-out-of-jail-free card for his crony Roger Stone — is that Carlson’s former head writer, Blake Neff, has a long history of making “horrendous and deeply offensive racist, sexist and homophobic comments” (to quote Fox News management). Neff has now resigned for doing online what Carlson has been rewarded with riches and ratings for doing on the air. Truly there is no justice in America.

Carlson’s show has become the top-rated program on Fox News — and in all of cable news — not because of his sycophancy toward Trump; it is physically impossible to surpass Sean Hannity in that regard. Carlson’s ratings success is directly attributable to his willingness to be even more offensive than his colleagues — and on Fox News, that’s really saying something.

Last week was typical. Carlson attacked Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Ill.) as a “coward,” “fraud,” “moron” and a “deeply silly and unimpressive person” who “actually hate[s] America.” Duckworth is a career Army officer who lost both her legs when her helicopter was shot down in Iraq. The most courageous thing that Carlson has ever done was to wear a bow tie on the air. Yet a TV host who has never served in uniform does not hesitate to calumniate a wounded war hero — and his audience applauds his cruelty and shamelessness. Shades of Trump’s attack on John McCain for having been captured in North Vietnam!

Likewise, Carlson’s audience seems to thrill to his transgressive racism: He has said that white supremacy is a hoax; warned viewers that “this moment we’re living through … is definitely not about Black lives, and remember that when they come for you”; argued that immigrants make our “country poor and dirtier and more divided”; described former president Barack Obama as “America’s chief racial arsonist”; championed the “plight” of white South African farmers; and called Iraqis “semiliterate primitive monkeys.”

Little wonder that former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke suggested last week that Trump dump Vice President Pence and replace him with Carlson. (White supremacists have a long history of hailing — make that “heiling” — Carlson.)

That’s unlikely to happen, but already there is buzz in Republican circles about Carlson running in 2024. No one in 2012 foresaw that Trump would become the Republican nominee in 2016. So, too, no one today knows who will be the standard-bearer in 2024. But it tells you a lot about the debased state of the GOP that a Hogan victory in the Republican primaries would be a lot more surprising than a Carlson victory.
Aaah, yes.

Hannity and Carlson Accused of Sexual Harassment; Ed Henry Accused of Rape

And unsurprisingly, the lawsuit, brought by two women, says that Fox totally knew about it and did nothing, if not even rewarded such behavior.
I just can't understand how the network shaped and molded by Roger Ailes could have sunk to such depths!
Tucker's making up a lie about The New York Times to deflect from today's news:

Quote:Statement responding to this from NYT spokesperson: “While we do not confirm what may or may publish in future editions, The Times has not and does not plan to expose any residence of Tucker Carlson’s, which Carlson was aware of before tonight’s broadcast”
Christ, Ed Henry looks like a killer ventriloquist's dummy.
Henry sending text messages saying '#obey' and '#discipline' somehow manages to be sinister while being plumbing new depths of unimaginable patheticness.
(07-21-2020, 05:38 AM)rexbanner Wrote: [ -> ]Henry sending text messages saying '#obey' and '#discipline' somehow manages to be sinister while being plumbing new depths of unimaginable patheticness.

Because it's pathetic old white men playing pretend as some war leader.