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Full Version: Fox News - this is not satire
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Carlson is claiming the NSA is spying on him to take down his show:
Cool, I wish them all the success.
Unless they hack his teleprompter, Ron Burgundy-style, and get him to say, "Donald Trump lost, and that's a fact, Jack," I don't see how you get rid of this grimacing hemorrhoid.
Leak that he's vaccinated?
Maybe they found another yearbook where he says something even shittier in it, and we'll all forget about it in a week. These paranoiacs love to pretend they're being targeted by bureaucratic boogeymen. It makes them feel important in every way that they're not.
It is possible for someone to be a horrible asshole and have a degree of charm - or just be out and out charismatic. It's striking that the U.S.'s right-wing cultural and political leaders - Trump, his children, and the Bill O'Reilly/Glenn Beck/Tucker Carlson types - are such personally unappealing, slimy pieces of shit.
Whenever Tuck says stuff like this, I always think back to Fox News' own lawyers successfully arguing in court that anything he says on air should not be taken seriously.
And they should have that defense as the chyron for the duration of each episode.
Well, that proves they're definitely doing it!

Wait, what's the NSA for if we have the CIA? Is it like Coke and Pepsi but they're fighting terrorists?
They fight Royal Crown Cola.
Yeah, pretty much:

Quote:If any reputable news network confirmed the NSA was spying on one of its top employees, as @TuckerCarlson claimed, it’d be a huge story. But I searched Fox’s transcripts for this morning and don’t see any of the network’s shows covering it — not even “Fox & Friends.” Says a lot.

If @TuckerCarlson’s own colleagues at Fox apparently aren’t buying what he’s selling, why should anyone else?
The least convincing Tucker since Silence of the Lambs.
The penalty stems from an investigation that began in 2017:

Quote:The New York City Commission on Human Rights has fined Fox News $1 million, the largest penalty in its history, for violations of laws protecting against sexual harassment and job retaliation.

As part of a settlement agreement announced Tuesday, Fox also agreed to mandate anti-harassment training for its New York-based staff and contributors and to temporarily drop a policy requiring people who allege misconduct to enter into binding arbitration.
Did Dr. Evil decide on the settlement amount?

It just seems hella-low.
Rep. McCarthy takes Tucker Carlson more seriously than Fox News lawyers do:

Quote:>@GOPLeader has called for an investigation into Tucker Carlson’s claims that NSA was spying on him.

NSA has denied this
Mainstream conservative outlets are just so weird:

[Image: E5QGHvvXoAAxXgo?format=jpg&name=900x900]
Yes I am always saying this

Quote:"We need more Walmarts in this country. Especially after this absolute disastrous July 4th weekend and all the shootings and all the killings that took place. We need more Walmarts and that's what America needs to get back to"
I dunno. I found a couple of cheaper folding chairs at Lowe's.

I was shopping for chairs the other day.
Cool story.
Probably should get made into a movie.
brad, truly the blue-collar hero we need, in...

The Tomorrow Chair!
Tomorrow's sit starts today..
I think Channing Tatum deserves more chances, and he’d make a good Bradito.

David Spade voices the chair?
The delivery date has been pushed back more times than "Tenet." Christ on His throne!

Shopping online is boolsheet!
Once again, Fox had a busy day of important programming:

Quote:Fox News guest, having a completely normal one: "It’s so sad when Captain America is like Captain Woke or Captain Propaganda... I'm done with Captain America. He’s dead!"
It's been a while since Watters was able to take the asshole mantle from Carlson, so I guess he figured it was time to up his game:

Quote:“Congresswoman Bush said two really dumb things,” Watters said. Emboldened, he continued: “She says this land was stolen. This land wasn’t stolen. We won this land on the battlefield and we bought it, right? We purchased Spain – I mean we purchased Florida from Spain. We have the receipts. What, do you want to give Florida back to Spain?”

Then, his fellow co-host, journalist and political commentator Geraldo Rivera, inquired about the Seminole, Apache and Navajo Tribes – populations of Indigenous people displaced and devastated by Spanish settlers and English raiders.

“Well, what about them, Geraldo?” Watters replied, sharply. “We won that territory on the battlefield. It was an ugly, brutal battle, but we won it. We’re not just gonna give everything back to the indigenous people of this country.”
Carlson was talking to U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about setting up an interview with Vladimir Putin shortly before the Fox News host accused the NSA of spying on him:
I'll file that one under "well, of fucking course."
Probably what happened was that whatever Ivan Numbskull that acts as Putin's PR rep *is* being monitored by the NSA, so when Carlson sent him an "I hope this email finds you well" message to request an interview with Putin, one of Carlson's know-it-all conservative buddies was like, "Oh, that guy's totally being monitored by the NSA. You done fucked up, Tuck!" And Tucker panicked and tried to get ahead of the story, which ended up coming to nothing. But that never stops these guys.
This guy dared to do the basics of journalism!

Quote:literally all i did was file a FOIA request lol

[Image: E50Q2msXIAEajdP?format=jpg&name=900x900]
This might be the best example of Fox News' "some people are saying" schtick:

Quote:Tucker Carlson’s writers had a lighter-than-usual workload on Friday as the Fox News host decided to spend seven minutes reading a Twitter thread posted by an unverified account in an effort explain why many Americans think the 2020 presidential election was rigged for Joe Biden.

“The U.S. presidential election took place a little over eight months ago,” Carlson began. “And even now, many people who voted for Donald Trump believe there was something fraudulent about the whole thing. Why do they think that?”

The short answer to this is that Trump and right wing media – including Fox News – lied to their supporters and viewers by suggesting or outright declaring that the election was stolen. No proof of widespread voter fraud has ever been offered; only wild conjecture and conspiracy theories.


For nearly seven minutes, Carlson read excerpts from the mega thread, which attempted to explain why many Trump supporters think the election was rigged. Carlson conveniently began reading the thread on the third tweet, omitting the first two, one of which appears to dismiss election fraud concerns floated by Carlson’s coworker Sean Hannity:
"Hi, I get paid to read Twitter aloud on TV."
I wish I had that gig. Id be cancelled after spending too much time on pro-wrestling tweets though.
Or talking shit about the stupid fucking tweets that he's reading like they mean something significant..