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Full Version: The official Black Mirror thread (spoilers!)
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I'm just not the biggest fan of San Junipero to begin with, so that puts me in the minority anyways.

AThis may be a bit much, but breaking the GrandUnifiedTheory up into two or three separate UnifiedFieldTheories is more in line with how my head cannon might do it. Cookie Tech (AI;simulated entities) is all united, but away from Temple Tech (...simulations...) and Eye Tech (social media;simulated relationships). I'd work if there was any clear distinction in any given episode, so oh well.

Love San Junipero, but I do think it gave us a minor issue or two to use to question the value of the entire enterprise.

Having another episode set there would be nice. Hell, quietly give us one a season to see the place evolve.

Originally Posted by Turingmachine75 View Post

Hell, quietly give us one a season to see the place evolve.

Or de-volve, amirite, guys?



Side note - the new Alan Ball show, HERE AND NOW, uses "Anyone Who Knows What Love Is" in its trailer.

It's disorienting to say the least.

I like the running theme of that one particular song constantly showing up throughout the seasons.

My guess is that if there is a power outage in San Junipero, there's a backup generator that speeds up the clock of that world to 1 million years or something (as opposed to real time so relatives can visit).   In White Christmas, it was used for torture but I imagine in this scenario, it would give people more than enough time to enjoy "eternity".   That or there's a subteranian backup system somewhere.

We are all doomed.

Got back around to watching some more of this. Black Museum was pretty good, and having just seen Black Panther, confirms what I thought then - Letitia Wright can be, and should be, a star.

Also finished Playtest. That was the first ending where I was genuinely mystified by what happened. The multiple endings just made no sense.

Tried to watch Shut Up and Dance. As soon as the kid whips it out, I turned it off, went to Wikipedia, read a summary and yeah, that's one I won't watch ever.


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We are all doomed.

I'm actually genuinely sad about the whole bee situation. I hate the thought of those things dying out. Why couldn't it be the horrible and pointless wasps instead?


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Ohh thank god im tired of bees and their fucking attitude.

"Houston is burning. Will history blame me, or the bees?"

Finally caught up with everything.  This show really is a gift.  I think, despite everyone wanting tighter sci-fi and more thorough plotting sometimes, this show benefits from being a short anthology like this.  The emergence of overarching stories and tech worries me, actually.  I think I prefer it being all about some microcosm of a scenario.  Not a deep dive exactly, but an emotional dive into some peculiar future.  That and dark satire, of course.  It's just more fun this way.  Blocking people in real life, for instance, doesn't pass any sort of futurist standard for what might be real tech one day.  But let's do it anyway!  I've come to enjoy that aspect of it.  It's also more generous in not assuming this is a show by and for nerds who spend all their time talking about this stuff already. Rather it's about recontexualising stuff people take for granted about the present they woke up in and and can't really remember how they got there.  All for the good, if you ask me.

Anyway, a lot of suffering by simulated humans these days.  That's almost too regular.  I know that idea has a lot of potential but I kinda hope they get off that train.

So the show picked up its first ever acting nominations at the Emmys this year:

Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series or Movie - Leticia Wright, Black Museum
Best Actor in a Limited Series or Movie - Jesse Plemons, USS Callister

It also got best writing for Limited Series/Movie and Best TV Movie nominations for USS Callister; the same categories San Junipero won last year.
I know the Emmy nominations are weird and calculated to what they think they can win, but Supporting Actress? She's the main character in that story!
(02-28-2018, 01:57 AM)muzman Wrote: [ -> ]

Anyway, a lot of suffering by simulated humans these days.  That's almost too regular.  I know that idea has a lot of potential but I kinda hope they get off that train.

The ongoing stories about consciousness transference/identity are amazing.  I hope they continue down that path.
(07-16-2018, 12:38 AM)flint Wrote: [ -> ]I know the Emmy nominations are weird and calculated to what they think they can win, but Supporting Actress? She's the main character in that story!

I'm sure I've talked about this before, but the Tonys are the only awards ceremony where a pre-existing board determines who can compete in what category before the nominations even go out. Wright probably thinks that because her character is "supporting" until the final moments of the narrative, she had a better shot in that category. And she was right!
USS Callister lost the Hugo for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form to "Michael's Gambit" from THE GOOD PLACE.

I'm not complaining. Both were very worthy episodes.
Oh, hey, since we last bumped this thread, USS Callister won the same two Emmys that San Junipero did!

Because I'm nuts about this show, I picked up the INSIDE BLACK MIRROR book that came out a few weeks ago. It takes the "oral history" format, in that it's a collection of extended episodes with Brooker and Annabel Jones, as well as the cast and crew of the series/each episode. It's pretty fun, with a lot of good stuff about how the episodes and stories came together. There are a few glaring omissions - for example, they don't get Daniel Kaluuya to talk about "Fifteen Million Merits," and - perhaps most disappointing to me - Jesse Plemons to talk about "USS Callister."

Vulture has an adaptation of the chapter on "San Junipero" which you can read here:

Looking like Season 5 will drop right around the end of the year.
Very surprised that the new season is coming so soon. They usually drop director/cast info and a couple of little teasers months ahead of time.
I still can't get over how the plot/science of USS Callister doesn't make one lick of sense.

It's an entertaining and thought-provocative episode but the satire/prophetic aspect doesn't really work the way it needs to when so many elements of the story are so far off from reality and don't even have a strong internal logic. Black Mirror is usually pretty solid about grounding its ideas in something that's at least semi-plausible because that's kind of crucial to its whole "dark mirror of our current society" aspect, but there were a couple episodes from Season 4 that were just off in their own fantasy world, Callister being one and the last episode being another.
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which could be anything from a "holiday special" a la WHITE CHRISTMAS with interlocking stories to their interactive episode, drops the 28th.
Given Brooker's background, I'd say there's a reasonable chance it's about something massively hyped that never sees the light of day.
I loved Choose Your Own Adventure stories as an imaginative child and now I'm ready to love them again as a paranoid adult.
But I can't read Spanish!
So I take it this is supposed to be like the christmas special right?
Trailer, which made me think "Oh, so Charlie Brooker said 'Fuck it, let's just remake Videodrome, but with videogames, and throw in some J.G. Ballard for good measure."
Invisotext  (I hope?):

Wow, it's actually interactive.  I've only reached the first few choices, but am surprisingly impressed by it.  I don't know how much the choices affect the overall outcome yet, but being familiar with Black Mirror, I'm sure there will be some horrifying revelation, taking advantage of the interactions.

ETA:  The opening tease really got me.
Been through it twice. Seen all five of the endings. And I'm convinced (as is the internet) that there is a hidden ending. Won't spoil anything for the moment until a few more people get a chance to go through it. But yeah, that was very very cool.

One of the few things I'll actually take care to avoid spoilers for. It's gonna make Friday even longer waiting to get home to watch this.
I've done the Tangerine Dream vs. Tomita choice, like, 8 times. The greatest moral quandary of all.

Had to stick with Tangerine Dream because then at least he says "thank you" to the store clerk.
I watched right up to the first choice, just to get a taste.

I was very skeptical about the way this would work, but holy cow, was that ever seamless. Insane.
You can't hurry a decision, so it clearly has time to buffer the next pair of 60 second scenes, so yeah, it looks pretty seamless.

First choice you say? Sugar Puffs or Frosties?
I went with Frosties. I blame this thread.
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