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Full Version: PUSSER, new from The Lucky Nightsticks
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The River:


AI'm not much of a lyrics dude, but "I'm the river that they sold you down" is a beauty of a line. Nice drive to that track too, from the chugging opening riff to the Neil Youngian chorus riff to the barreling rhythm section. For some reason this one put images in my head of soldier-laden choppers and tanks and APCs - like it should be put over video of troops in Afghanistan. Maybe that lyric is part of it, but the overall slightly foreboding-while-still-thrilling vibe of the tune is most of it.

Firmament is aces. Love everything that's going on in that track - the way the beat rolls with a kind of tumbling forward momentum, the build of the gat melodies, the way those melodies are doubled, the warm filthy tone on the bass and the way it kind of stalks/shadowboxes behind the twin gats out front. Gold all the way through.


Sweet merciful Bucho.

AI really like what the rhythm section is laying down in Father Daughter Dance, but while the effects malarkey over the top is a bunch of fun noises it kind of renders the track a little too shapeless to sink any teeth in for me.

The Weeds is magnifique though. The punchy pace is money and the production is on point af, clear without being too clean, nice riffs from some of them sweet hard-panned gats that always float my boat and the drum sounds are ace, with the beats played in a badass, almost Charlie Wattsian loose roll that gives the track a ton of life and energy. Particularly dig the chorus vocal melodies, especially with the "Stealing, lying, living ..." climb being a gang vocal. Also love that it's a 1:52 hit-and-run number, so it leaves you wanting more. I've just listened to it five times on repeat and wouldn't even think of taking it off high rotate if I didn't see those Wizard's Keys and Brownwall threads with new business in them.