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Full Version: Persona 5: Its time! (PS4, PS3)
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AWell, folks, wait is over.
Got my collector's edition (absolutely packed, gorgeous and worth every penny), and tonight I'm playing this.
Reviews have been stellar (although I do agree that as great and well crafted the writing/narrative is in these games, its about time they catched up with the times and had same sex romance options), spoilers have been avoided, and now its playtime.
DLC and its release schedule is a bit mixed IMO (pricing is fine, but its mostly series history stuff for hardcore fans), but i can see myself getting the P3 and P4 music/costume DLC for nostalgia value.
Looking forward to hearing opinions from anyone else playing it.

I thought these were fighting games.  Is it an RPG?

Originally Posted by Dalyn View Post

I thought these were fighting games.  Is it an RPG?

The regular games in Persona series are JRPGs.

Persona Q for 3DS is a dungeon crawler, Persona 4: Dancing all night for PSV is a dancing/rhythm game, and the Persona 4 Arena series on PS3 are 2D fighting games by the same devs of Guilty Gear.

Basically, Persona 4 was a huge hit, and got several spin offs that expanded its story and links with Persona 3 (Persona Q is a time travel crossover with Persona 3; the Persona 4 Arena series are sequels to Persona 4 and 3, and Dancing all night is a sequel to Persona 4).

Basically, Persona 3 and 4 share the same universe/continuity.

But yep, the main titles in the series are JRPGs.

Downloading now. Gonna take ages. Sad

This and Attack on Titan S2 same day. Bit of a Japan-fest. Smile

I haven't played a JRPG since Final Fantasy 7, but I'm wanting to give this one a shot.

It's not for everyone, especially if you can't handle the anime schtick. I still hold Persona 4 Golden as one of my favourite games of all time.

I watch zero anime but I'm open to this because I hear the mechanics of these games are really good... once you get past the 6 hours of opening dialog and start making decisions that affect the game.

I still don't know what the difference is between a JRPG and normal RPG.  I feel old.

Generally JRPGs are much more story focused, often to the extreme (long cut scenes and dialog scenes). They usually favour repetition of dungeons and battles to grind complex systems of skill and item customization. Western RPGs usually give you more character customization choice (play who you like), are usually less linear and disguise their grinding with different mission types (most of which are basically the same anyway though)... usually their skill/item systems are a lot less fussy.

The genre's have very much cribbed off each other though. Modern JRPGs are a lot more accessible than they used to be.

A[quote name="flint" url="/community/t/159250/persona-5-its-time-ps4-ps3#post_4263737"]Generally JRPGs are much more story focused, often to the extreme (long cut scenes and dialog scenes).

I can confirm this. I'm three hours in and it's still world building and running me through tutorials. The task management in this game must be insane based on how they're easing me into it.

I didn't get a chance to start it yesterday. Knowing what I know about these kind of games, I figured not having a good 2 to 3 hour initial run at it just to get a handle on the systems would just hurt me in the long run.

I restarted Persona 4 after about 10 hours when I realised how inefficient I was being with regards to the systems.

Kotaku published a guide to help steer folks in the right direction and hopefully not waste too much time starting over due to reasons like that.

Well, did a few hours in it. Enough to do the first Palace for the second time so still about halfway through the tutorial. Smile

It's a bit odd playing this on the PS4, it very much fitted the way I used the Vita, but overall I'm enjoying myself so far. I expect the game to unlock in about 3 more hours. Wink

AWrapped this up last week, and while I loved it I think P4G is still the better game. This went on a bit too long, and I got tired of the characters endlessly going over the plot in conversations and then in text messages and then in MORE conversations and text messages. Then I fought all the way through what I assumed was the final dungeon, only to find out that there was ANOTHER dungeon with 3-4 more bosses before a final boss with multiple phases. I was just ready to wrap it up.

And when it did it was great, and the themes and plot were tied up well! I just wished I could have done it 8 or 10 hours earlier.