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Full Version: PULP FICTION Draft: Round One - Pither vs. Bailey
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Adapted from an original, unproduced screenplay by QUENTIN TARANTINTO & ROGER AVARY

Directed by JAMES GUNN

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(07-29-2019, 01:36 PM)bailey Wrote: [ -> ]Alternate universe Pulp Fiction where Tarantino spent decades smoking weed (and watching a lot of TV) after the success of Reservoir Dogs and didn't get around to his second movie until 2019:

Jamie Foxx as Jules Winnfield
[Image: jamie-foxx-on-basketball-court_1024x1024...1544234702]
Leonardo DiCaprio as Vincent Vega
[Image: bgus_1635588_001__2_.jpg]
Anya Taylor-Joy as Mia Wallace
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTDsvJGmd69kBOgzc_8PeX...kUdx1HIdbf]
Terry Crews as Marsellus Wallace
[Image: 59607bf4849cc9d7504975fdd0d470c1]
Mark Wahlberg as Butch Coolidge
[Image: image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fewedit.files.wor...=face&q=85]
Ana de Armas as Fabienne
[Image: Bob-Haircut-Of-Ana-de-Armas.jpg]
Taryn Manning as Honey Bunny
[Image: taryn-06c2.jpg?quality=90&strip=all&zoom...C360&ssl=1]
Alfie Allen as Pumpkin
[Image: e9869b36d79688846e04d01f1ef7d850.jpg]
Topher Grace as Lance
Laura Prepon as Jody
[Image: pulp11.jpg]
Michael Shannon as Captain Koons
Mel Gibson as The Wolf
Jay Baruchel as Brett
Rosabell Lauenti Sellers as Esmerelda Villalobos
Jason Segel as Jimmie
[Image: pulp10.jpg]