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Full Version: UNDERWATER (2020) - Kristen Stewart
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It'll be awhile since we got a LEVIATHAN/THE ABYSS type movie.

January release date indicates this is more Deepstar Six than The Abyss. But it could be fun, if they really go for the B-movie monster feel.

Not paying $12-$15 to see it, but I'll stream it or borrow it from the library.
From the rumblings we've heard about Fox, i wonder if they might dump this onto Disney+ in the end.

Which would be a waste. I'll definitely see this in theaters.
Would have been cool if they held back a bit more with the creature stuff, but whatever, sign me up. I love this subgenre and we definitely don't get enough of these kind of movies. What was the last one? SPHERE?
TJ Miller?
This must have been the bomb threat he called in a while back.
Virus. That had to have been the last one. I saw it AND Sphere at the theater. I think I was the only one in the theater for both. I know I was for Sphere..
Does Below count?
Maybe Deep Blue Sea? I've never seen below but I know OF it. Yeah that's probably count. The Abyss is SOOOO much better than the rest of these..
I had no idea this was a creature feature! Based on the logline, I had been expecting something much more akin to "DEEPWATER HORIZON... IN THE DEEP" but now I'm legitimately interested.

As Michael says, the release date isn't promising, but I would like to believe that Kristen Stewart is done taking terrible paycheck gigs and that there's something worthwhile in the screenplay that intrigued her.

But whatever the case -- B-movie schlock or something with a bit more ambition -- I'm in.
Black Panther and (hopefully) Bond 25 (does that have a name yet??) have begun to change the perspective on that release period a tiny bit..
Good movies can come out in January, certainly, but more often than not, it tends to be the "We don't think this movie is going to do well or be received well" slot for studios.
(08-19-2019, 11:51 AM)fraid uh noman Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe Deep Blue Sea? I've never seen below but I know OF it. Yeah that's probably count. The Abyss is SOOOO much better than the rest of these..

BELOW is so good. One of my favorite 'haunted house' films.
Trapped on a submarine with Zack Galifanakis? Truly the stuff of nightmares.

Below is indeed great. Bruce Greenwood is on his A-game, and David Twohy brings it as usual.
(08-19-2019, 10:09 AM)atomtastic Wrote: [ -> ]TJ Miller?

Yeah, I'm surprised he's in the trailer as much as he is.
(08-19-2019, 05:50 PM)Richard Dickson Wrote: [ -> ]
(08-19-2019, 10:09 AM)atomtastic Wrote: [ -> ]TJ Miller?

Yeah, I'm surprised he's in the trailer as much as he is.

It was filmed before all the... unpleasantness became public and his subsequent escalations of unpleasantness. Still, putting him in as much of the trailer as he's in sure was a choice.
Below is....really good?

Worthy follow up to Pitch Black in every way. 

The mantas are a touch too much, but acceptable.
I like the look of this quite a bit. Didn't really like The Signal, but William Eubank has a good eye. Hopefully this will be like going from Beyond the Black Rainbow to Mandy was for me with Panos Cosmatos.

It is funny to see that Fox is releasing what looks like a late '80s early '90s Alien underwater ripoff when they own Alien.
First clip...

Editing seems quite choppy, like this is a truncated version of a longer scene in the actual movie.
oh man, I saw THE SIGNAL in theaters

I didn't like it

looked slick though
This is getting somewhat better reviews than I was expecting. Even the negative ones are mostly along the lines of "Well, it sticks too close to the formula."

I'm fine with the formula of a deep sea creature feature.
I just look forward to never having to see the trailer for this again in front of every movie that I see.
(01-08-2020, 04:12 PM)Judas Booth Wrote: [ -> ]I just look forward to never having to see the trailer for this again in front of every movie that I see.

Same.  Last time I saw a trailer this much it was for 'Stealth' in 2005.
I can still hear Pacino initiating the trailer for The Recruit in my head like going to the movies was something in the MK Ultra program.

That’s the king of that subgenre.

If this was rated R, I’d probably go see it.
The Rhythm Section trailer I've seen more often than my own face.
This ain’t bad at all. Certainly not terrific, but for the people here who’ve been waxing nostalgic for Deep Star Six and Leviathan, you can rest assured that you’ll get what you’re after. It’s easily better than both of those (not very good) movies.

R rating would have been nice.

Cast is good. Not Alien good, but Alien cover band good (in fact, you could easily transpose every character on to the Alien template, they’re virtually identical, minus Ash). KStew is very good, and very cute. The camera leers at her.

Took a few turns that were legit surprising. Monsters look good, so does the dark, slimy look of it (I regret to inform you that this might be worth seeing in theaters, I think it will lose some of its aesthetic and just look dark and muddy at home). Also, the movie sets a pretty good pace.
Good to hear!
Firstly, Below is so good for the 1-2 punch of Twohy and at least a pass in the script by none other than Aronofsky in full 'early 2000s I am hungry' mode.

Secondly, this was good and maddening. Usually I complain that a movie doesn't actually start until about a half hour in, but here they waste absolutely no time whatsoever and I felt like we needed just a little more time with the crew before all hell broke loose. Think the first bit of Alien and the camaraderie on display; pretty much absent from this movie, and you get bits and pieces along the way. Many of the character relationships flew way over my head because they just weren't developed.

The PG-13 hurts this in that they hide over so much with shaky cam/dark lighting. Which is another maddening thing: this is moody as hell, but when the terrors start to come out, they aren't presented great, nor does the editing do them any favors. I lost track of characters - and there were five at the time, and one of the deaths is confusing. Maybe an R rating would help?

Also, kudos to the movie for basically giving you the primer in the credits sequence. K-Stew is great, definitely forging a solid post-Twilight career.

Yeah, Alien underwater. Which is not a bad thing; it's not a great thing. It could use some more meat on its bones and a tougher rating, but worth a matinee.

Definitely see it in theaters. You need the blackest of blacks and the loudest of louds.
The opening of the movie does make you feel like you showed up 20 minutes late to the theater.

I thought the newspaper montage over the opening credits was kind of goofy. I haven't seen that since, what, "Hellboy?" I think I understand what deep sea drilling is.
I don't.

What are they drilling for? You can't get oil more easily?
This movie suffers from the exact same issue I had with A Quiet Place.  You have a creature feature, you have this EXCELLENT chance to design some incredible new ICONIC monster.  Something that really intrigues people and blows them away.


And you keep fucking designing the same boring nondescript pale flesh bald lanky slender man monsters with long spindly arms that all look like Cloverfield rejects.  People own toys of the Xenomorphs and the Predator because they look cool and interesting and they're iconic designs.  Nobody will be fascinated by the monsters in this monster movie.  That's a big problem.
So its Deep Rising all over again?
Dude I LOVE Deep Rising.  Deep Rising has a fun interesting creature, and it's loads of fun and it's everything one of these water monster movies should strive to be.  IMO Deep Rising is the pinnacle of what you can hope to achieve.

This was not that.  Way too self-serious.  It thinks it's Alien while being about half as good as that Life movie.  It's not bad and if you like these worth a matinee.  I liked Life as Alien ripoffs go a lot more than this.  Calvin was a more interesting monster, better cast of characters better situations.
Deep Rising could tie in to Skull Island. No problem at all.

Wish we got a sequel. Though i can't stand Kevin J O'Connor.
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