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Keanu and Gerard Butler or don't waste my time.
What about Gerard Butler and Scarlett Johannson??
Scarlett Johansson and Asia Kate Dillon.
What if the new actors are Nicolas Cage taking on the John Travolta role and John Travolta taking on the Nicolas Cage role.
From director Fred Durst.
Just get Cage and Travolta again. They're both still bonkers.
Bring back the stuntmen who did the speedboat climax. Those guys really earned their pay.
They should go back to the original pitch: Arnold and Sly.

ETA: Okay, I got it... Robert Downey Jr and Tom Hardy.
The only way that I want to see this is if it's a sequel to SPY with Statham finally finding the Face Off machine.
Tom Hardy and Logan Marshall Green.
Willis and Chiklis.

Edit: Never mind, they already did it.

[Image: 10-Minute-Gone-poster-600x889.jpg]
Cruise and Keanu.
Pitt and DiCaprio
Affleck and Bale.
Which Affleck?
Ben obviously. Creepy Casey gets nothing but scorn.
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Hader.
(09-09-2019, 07:17 PM)Dent6084 Wrote: [ -> ]Cruise and Keanu.

Cruise and Stiller.

[Image: 5864e4f1cf6fb409861fe7405e79392b7274d042.jpg]

If they take this in a fun, meta direction...
Ferrell and Reilly.
Buscemi and Dafoe.
Matt Damon and Jesse Plemons.
McBride / Goggins
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