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Supermen Year One has been disappointing but the art for this is cool so I’m in.

I will defend DKSA till the end of time! Probably because it was the first graphic novel I ever read, but still it’s good I tells ya, good!

No mention of All Star Batman n Robin? I would like to speak with the manager
Miller's kind of like the opposite of Alan Moore.
How dare Miller besmirch the name of Eddie Murphy's magnum opus.
Miller stated he wasn't 'thinking clearly' regarding some of his past opinions. If you read between the lines alcohol was part of problem, I wouldn't say everything is forgiven, but still.
Glancing at that art, I thought he might be teaming with Geoff Darrow again, but alas. Not really familiar with this dude, but his stuff is a bit reminiscent of that, or maybe Frank Quitely-- except for those anime-sized eyes. The effect is a little off-putting. 

Never got around to "The Master Race", although the premise sounded pretty decent. I had a hard time thinking of either that or "Strikes Again" as really being of a piece with "The Dark Knight Returns", which is near-perfect and didn't need any sequelizing. I imagine I'd feel the same about this new one.
I enjoyed Master Race, I think.

Alcohol is definitely part of my problem.
Of course the racist and misogynist Miller has another terrible DK story to tell and I'll avoid it like all the others.
300 gallons of Nope.