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Full Version: MARIANNE on Netflix
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Just finished this and was hoping enough people checked it out to discuss.

Overall I thought it was very strong horror, amazingly shot, with great acting and a good (but not great) story.

I loved that it got plenty gruesome and icky, had a high bodycount of meaningful characters, had some good demony backstory stuff, and was so beautiful to look at. Great use of cool locations. I enjoyed the humor and thought it contributed to the characters being uniformly believable as human beings. I was amazed to feel sympathy for the kind of an asshole main character... she really got the shit kicked out of her in this. I get frustrated sometimes with film/TV about 'demon' characters where nothing particularly bad happens... to me, this show really made tangling with a witch have consequences. I found it quite scary.

I loved a lot less the uncountable scenes of slowly panning across a barely-lit interior space. At least they didn't rely on jump scares but jesus christ, I almost feel this could have been one entire episode shorter if you trimmed the bulk of those. I didn't hate that it seemed to use a lot of familiar elements from previous TV/film, but I did object to cribbing the most notable scene from EXORCIST 3 but then screwing up what made that scene work. Rules/logic nerds like me will struggle with this (why did Marianne come back at this particular time? how'd she dig the hole? how did the book thing spread her influence? why did her seemingly-omnipotent powers turn on and off? etc) and some of it is sorta explained but you ultimately just have to roll with it. Characters seemed to shrug off unthinkable trauma and carry on weirdly cheerfully.

Mireille Herbstmeyer as Mrs Daugeron was the find of the century, she was born to play her character kind of like Bonnie Aarons.