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Full Version: Avenue 5: Armando Iannucci does sci-fi for HBO
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Thinking this might be worth a watch. Zach Woods working with Iannucci again should be great.
Hmm, seeing some middling reviews for this.
It'll take more than that to dim my fire for a new Iannucci show. I would say VEEP started well, but it became something way, way better than it started as once it found its sea legs, and that did take a season. And that's assuming the critics even know what they're talking about.
The constant promos for this on HBOGo do nothing for me.
The pilot was good, not great, but I am locked in for the season.  Proud of myself for recognizing the "Ken Wins" guy from BREAKING BAD and BETTER CALL SAUL as the husband in the unhappily married couple.
I've a bit of a thing for Lenora Crichlow since BBC's Being Human, happy to see her on this.
I loved his seasons of Veep, thoroughly enjoyed The Death of Stalin. I don’t think I laughed once during the pilot. Sad face.
It was light on laughs, but ripe for potential. I loved the twist with a certain character, which sealed the deal for booking passage for the rest of the season.
Josh Gad and Zach Woods both pulled some giggles from me, but hopefully this gets better as it goes.
I enjoyed it, but I'm hoping it warms up a little more as they settle into the premise. Hugh Laurie's really well cast, and I loved his winking bit about the American accent.