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Full Version: Avenue 5: Armando Iannucci does sci-fi for HBO
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Thinking this might be worth a watch. Zach Woods working with Iannucci again should be great.
Hmm, seeing some middling reviews for this.
It'll take more than that to dim my fire for a new Iannucci show. I would say VEEP started well, but it became something way, way better than it started as once it found its sea legs, and that did take a season. And that's assuming the critics even know what they're talking about.
The constant promos for this on HBOGo do nothing for me.
The pilot was good, not great, but I am locked in for the season.  Proud of myself for recognizing the "Ken Wins" guy from BREAKING BAD and BETTER CALL SAUL as the husband in the unhappily married couple.
I've a bit of a thing for Lenora Crichlow since BBC's Being Human, happy to see her on this.
I loved his seasons of Veep, thoroughly enjoyed The Death of Stalin. I don’t think I laughed once during the pilot. Sad face.
It was light on laughs, but ripe for potential. I loved the twist with a certain character, which sealed the deal for booking passage for the rest of the season.
Josh Gad and Zach Woods both pulled some giggles from me, but hopefully this gets better as it goes.
I enjoyed it, but I'm hoping it warms up a little more as they settle into the premise. Hugh Laurie's really well cast, and I loved his winking bit about the American accent.
"...Oh, YOU have the hat."
It's constantly smile-worthy but I feel like they need to shift into a higher gear soon. And please either get rid of Karen or change her character a bit, she's already starting to grate.
This is is a shockingly mediocre show considering the absurd amount of talent involved. The Thick of It took a few episodes to get into a groove as I remember, but it was obvious there was something special there even from the start. This just feels like a dud.
I keep waiting for Zach Woods to be revealed to be an AI.
I watched the first three episodes and still don't know if I like this. A lot of the humor falls flat.
Odd episode. I liked the reveal with the crew but the rest felt remarkably stilted. Also, the nonstop intecutting between the scenarios didn't really work.
It feels inchoate, but it also feels like my patience is a long ways from running out.  I like the somewhat somber tone the show is striking, like a bass backing for the farce.
This was the best episode so far. Still relatively inconsequential but it had constant laughs and some nice forward progression. I'm surprised that I'm enjoying Josh Gad's relationship with Iris as much as I am.
"Do you like to drink? I know my dad did!"

Zach Woods was born to be a liquor salesman.
Renewed for a second season.
I'm really lukewarm on this show, and I think most of that is because of Josh Gad, who I detest. He was initially positioned as a quasi-Jack Black, but he's really just Unpleasant Dan Fogler.

The humor itself is...fine, more because of the cast than the writing, but Gad...I can't take him.
I actually think Gad is one of the few things (the others are Woods and Iris) that keep me watching.
Yeah I'm not usually a fan but he's funny here. I wish Jessica St. Clair got to stretch a bit. Despite being a very talented improviser, she's saddled with a pretty annoying character.
Yeah, St. Clair is great in general (Playing House is a low key gem), but the one note she is saddled with here is not good.
I can deal with Gad because of how outlandishly buffoonish the character is. You need that balance in the cast of characters. He's better in small doses though.
This show is just so utterly odd. The White House scene in the latest one was amazing though, and it is beginning to feel like the senior staff are a hair's breadth away from yet another situation that sets everyone into full on 'murder murder murder' mode.
Next week's episode has leaked early and it's, um, certainly some pitch black dark comedy shit. You may even find you end it feeling sorry for Zach Woods' character.

Plus we may be trading Josh Gad for the stressed out mission control director, which I am all in favour of.
Mission control director has been the worst character on the show by a mile, so no thanks.

Woods, by contrast, is the MVP. His brand of chipper, barely-concealed insanity fits the cabin fever environment very well.
It was only clear to me with the latest preview that this is a nine episode season.

I don't know what is coming down the pike and do not want spoilers, but I will say that a crucial part of the identity of this show is that it constantly feels the slightest nudge away from becoming THE MIST.  I wonder if Iannuucci is going to pull off something similar to what he did with THE DEATH OF STALIN, where the line between parody and the real thing dissolved before you even noticed it.
I've only been watching this show out of the corner of my eye, but last night's episode got pretty dark....and cold.
So this was worth sticking with?
I loved the incredible darkness of the last episode, but that's partially because over the course of 8 episodes, I have yet to care about any of these folks, so watching them off themselves due to sheer stupidity made me be fair, Ianucci seems to think they're all assholes too.

This is an odd, fascinating show...I'm not sure I'd call it "good" though.
Was disappointed that Paterson Joseph's character met his end so soon on the show, but yeah, watching so many of those other Darwin Award-winners buy the farm was very gratifying indeed.
I also liked Sarah... her last words were "I think I've changed my--" OOF.
Oh man. They’re not going to go this farz

:: the show goes this far ::

God, jesus. Well, at least—

:: show continues to go that far ::

Oh man! Not—

:: farther ::

Goddammit, show!
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