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Do What Thou... Willt:

Adam West as Ty Lookwell is found dead in an occult book store run by Walter Paisley. What would be a routine homicide investigation is upended when pressure is put on the LAPD by CEO Robert Thorne, who has very high connections, to close the case. Eager to appease the powers that be, police chief Edmund Exley assigns veteran homicide detective William Kinderman and fresh faced rookie William Somerset (The Two Wills) to the case, with explicit instructions not to ruffle two many feathers and to tie it up neatly.

The Two Wills discover Lookwell, his career far below stalling, had been shooting a sexplotation with a Satantic bent directed by fledgling porno kingpin Jack Horner, someone who Kinderman has had a long history with since his days on vice squad. Horner reveals the film has been funded by a trust fund kid at UCLA with an interest in "freaky stuff" by the name of Boris Balkan. Balkan, shacked up with retired horror hostess Vampira aka Maila Nurmi, politely accommodates The Two Wills, perhaps too politely. Sure, he was an interest in the arcane and occult, but everyone has a hobby. Nurmi reveals to our heroes just how much Balkan is hiding. Together with Kenneth Anger and other disciples of Aleister Crowley, they have worked to imbue a film with an alchemical balance that will summon the lord of darkness himself, His Satanic Majesty.

The Two Wills eventually locate a private residence off the San Francisco coast owned by Anger where they believe they will begin the process of summing Satan. Our heroes burst in only to find Robert Thorne presiding over a black mass with Balkan, Nurmi and Anger in attendance. The film, dripped in the blood of Ty Lookwell, his murder revealed to be part of the ceremony, shutters and flicks as the gates of hell are opened. Nurmi performances a ritual to reserve the effects of the film, killing herself in the process. In the chaos Balkan and Thorne escape, Anger revealed to be an unwitting pawn in their game.

Kinderman demands Exley bring in Thorne and Balkan, only to be warned not to pursue this further and pin the case on some hippies. Somerset, jaded by the blatant corruption on display, but knowing he can do more good in the department than out of it, accepts his promotion with the promise of silence, Kinderman, disgusted, relocates to Georgetown, Washington DC, and Robert Thorne leaves for Rome to join his pregnant wife...
I've added these to my list, but I'll throw them here as well.


The Backdrop:
Toontown is now home to not only the Toons, but to their computer animated counterparts, nicknamed Ceegees.  At first welcomed with open arms, there's been growing resentment as the Ceegees take more and more roles away from the Toons.

Cop #1 - Officer Judy Hopps (Zootopia)
The Toontown police officer looking to clear her great-uncle Roger of the murder of multiple Ceegees.

Cop #2 - Benoit Blanc (Knives Out)
A private investigator called in as a favor to help solve the mystery and clear Roger's name yet again

The Villain - Scar (The Lion King)
Ceegee Scar appears to be the culprit, until his own Ceegee killing weapon -- a computer virus called the D.I.P. (Derez Initiation Protocol) -- is turned against him, revealing that it was a jealous Toon Scar behind it all along.

The Boss - Commissioner James Gordon (Batman: The Animated Series)
Judy's hard-nosed boss who warns her of letting her affection for Roger get in the way of solving the case.

The Crazy Relative - Roger Rabbit (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
Judy's great-uncle, once again framed for a murder he did not commit.

The Cop Who's There to Die - The Stained Glass Knight (Young Sherlock Holmes)
The symbolic first victim (as he was the first true CGI character).

The Henchman - Rattlesnake Jake (Rango)
Scar's henchman who eventually turns the D.I.P. on his boss when Scar tries to take him out to tie up loose ends, which reveals Scar's true nature.

The Cop Who's a Pain in the Ass - Whiskers (Last Action Hero)
A wise-cracking hard-nosed detective who doesn't see why they need some human to come in and help with the case.

The Snitch - Bit (Tron)
Bit was almost made part of the code that created the D.I.P., but escaped just in time to reveal to Judy and Blanc the nature of the deadly program.

The Comic Relief - Inspector Gadget
Makes his own bungling attempts to investigate the Ceegee killings, constantly getting in Judy and Blanc's way.

BONUS: The Defense Attorney - The Hyper-Chicken (Futurama)
Roger's defense lawyer, who suggests calling in Blanc after remembering a case they worked on together in the South.

BONUS: The Forensic Scientist - Velma Dinkley (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?)
She explains what's happened to the dead Ceegees, as well as being the first to suggest that maybe something was being inserted into the code that keeps a Ceegee rendered.
One Last Thing II:

I imagined the Bullitt/ Dirty Harry dynamic a more dramatic version of TANGO & CASH. Bullitt is stylish and cool. He has a lady friend. He's meticulous; stalking his case like Ruffalo in ZODIACC. Harry is a bit of a bum. He plays hunches and often crosses the line. He still peeps on hot marys. They don't like each other very much.

I can't find the exact dialogue to play around with, but I had a giggle picturing a variation on the Palance scene, where Reagan in his office is all ' Bullitt. Callahan. Callahan. Bullitt.'

It would've been a gas for 70's audiences.
My half-assed attempt at a plot:

Jack Caine transfers from Houston to LA to get a fresh start after all that "alien business." He's partnered with the no-nonsense Joe Friday, who's more sullen than usual after breaking up with The Virgin Connie Swail. Meanwhile, a new drug called Swank has hit the streets and is causing an epidemic (It's said to be ten times more addictive than crack). Popular Senator Mendoza vows to put an end to the crisis when his wife Kelly is suddenly kidnapped from their mansion estate.

Caine and Friday are put on the case to find her and are ordered by Captain Stills to remain in close liaison with the Senator's office. They quickly become fed up with the Senator, who demands results but refuses to offer up any possible motive for the crime. Suddenly there's a possible break in the case when a Three-Breasted prostitute named Mary reaches out to the detectives saying she might have info. As per their orders, they inform Mendoza's office and head to a strip club, where Mary also works. She tells them that Mendoza is a client of hers and that the last time she was at his estate, she recognized a maid there named Yvette, a former prostitute herself with ties to Joshua Foss, a disgraced CIA agent who's now suspected of being involved in criminal activities.

Yvette, who's really a mole working for Foss, gets wind of the strip club meeting and informs Foss, who sends his enforcers (Milo, Colin Morris and Grocer) and several goons to the location to kill the cops and any witnesses. A firefight ensues, leaving Mary, Grocer and several patrons dead (including Joe Bob Briggs). Milo and Colin manage to get away while Caine and Friday find that there was one other survivor: Jordan Tate, a Playboy Playmate who was headlining at the club. Since she's the only living witness to the crime, she decides to tag along with the boys for protection.

One gratuitous sex scene and several car chases later, our heroes learn the truth: Mendoza is in fact running a drug cartel that's behind the distribution of the drug Swank and is funneling the profits to a secret offshore account. Foss found out that Mendoza wasn't on the up and up and kidnapped his wife as leverage to get access to that account. The film's climax takes place at Foss's penthouse fortress, with Caine and Friday in a standoff with Foss, his goons and Mendoza. We then learn that seemingly innocent Kelly has been in league with Foss this entire time; The kidnapping was all a ruse to get Mendoza's money.

Another shootout ensues, with Caine and Friday killing Colin and several goons. Foss tries to escape in his personal helicopter only to be attacked by a vengeful Mendoza. As they fight, Foss loses control of the helicopter and it crashes down onto a gasoline truck, killing them both instantly. Meanwhile, Milo has winged Friday in the shoulder and reveals that he and Kelly were going to betray Foss once they got the money. Those plans are ruined now but at least he gets to kill a nosey cop as a consolation prize. Then as he's about to shoot him in the head, in what can only be described as poetic justice, the explosion sends a flaming piece of helicopter blade into the air, impaling Milo. Backup is called to apprehend Kelly, who's already been knocked out cold by Jordan after a fight that inexplicably led to both of them being topless. Caine, Friday and Jordan then drive off into the sunset onto the next adventure. FIN.
A few surprises:

48 HRS completely shut out. I figured B Thread folks would be fighting over Jack Cates and Remar's Ganz. To say the least, Frank McRae's Captain (someone out there grabbed the wrong McRae Cap). And of course Reggie Hammond.

I think Boone might've grabbed the oldest character with Widmark in KISS OF DEATH. There were a few classic cops that might've fit somewhere like Glenn Ford in the BIG HEAT or Mitchum, baby, Mitchum in THE RACKET.

I don't think anyone grabbed a Lee Marvin character. I know I hated not finding a spot.

No one grabbed Costner or Connery from THE UNTOUCHABLES! Or Andy Garcia for that matter.

A few other characters with no date to the dance: Woods in COP, Bridges or Neeson's Scudder. Harrison Ford's BLADE RUNNER. Guttenberg and the guy who makes funny sound effects. Jason Patric in NARC or RUSH. Jamie Lee in BLUE STEEL. Bodhi as a villain.

And Nolte again in EXTREME PREJUDICE or Q & A.


And of course, Keitel's BAD LIEUTENANT - my close second idea to run with was Nic + Harvey vs Frank White

STREET KINGS Keanu might've been neat in Bailey's draft. Also, Kurt and Mel in TEQUILA.
If the rules had allowed a non-singular pick, I had an early idea of THE SWITCHBLADE SISTERS as the villain and THE WARRIORS as the Villain Who Turned Out To Be Good. That was me just spit-balling out the gate.
Now I want to see Bad Lieutenants.
Yeah, you don't know how hard it was not to roll that way. You probably would've grabbed Frank White first, which would've put a monkey in the wrench.
I almost ended up going with two different backup henchmen: Nighthawk from the Leo Fong action film Killpoint and The Albino from the Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase vehicle Foul Play. 

[Image: Killpoint-1984-Movie_thumb2.png?imgmax=800]
[Image: MV5BNTg0YThjMzMtODYxMS00MGI5LThlYmItMWVj...@._V1_.jpg]

Anyone who's seen the Redlettermedia show Best of the Worst knows that Nighthawk is a legitimately badass character who deserved to be in a better movie. I ended up deciding that he was too obscure of a character to draft (I've already got one obscure character with Cameron Mitchell).

Grocer was a last minute replacement for The Albino. I re-watched Grosse Pointe Blank the other night and Aykroyd is such a fun villain. I can see him gunning down people with glee in the strip club shootout.

I also considered pairing Stallone's Cobra with either Aykroyd or Dolph.
Elvis: insane that so little Walter Hill was utilized.

Haden was the Frank McRae captain I was practically giving away to everyone. Him and Pantoliano are the definitive stupid captains.

No taken or lost spots. I was very specific about my aim.
So this was pretty damn fun but I have many regrets.  I was reading through some of the plot descriptions and checking out casts and some of you put together movies that I would be there on opening night to watch.  My comedic buddy cop idea seemed pretty good and I got a chuckle out of turning Hitchcock from Brooklyn Nine-Nine into an action hero but I wish I put more thought into crafting an awesome movie to go along with the cast.  Anyway, well done to everyone!
Oh, I just remembered, my politician was originally going to Senator Stern from the MCU and there was going to be a Hydra subplot. But since I was putting together a stereotypical 90's action film it made sense to go with an actual stereotype of a 90's action villain. In my mind, Mendoza isn't an actual cartoon in the movie, just cartoonishly grotesque.

Now that I think about it, DeVito's Penguin would've been a fun choice for corrupt politician.
(05-22-2020, 11:14 PM)boristhecheese Wrote: [ -> ]
So this was pretty damn fun but I have many regrets.  I was reading through some of the plot descriptions and checking out casts and some of you put together movies that I would be there on opening night to watch.  My comedic buddy cop idea seemed pretty good and I got a chuckle out of turning Hitchcock from Brooklyn Nine-Nine into an action hero but I wish I put more thought into crafting an awesome movie to go along with the cast.  Anyway, well done to everyone!

I laughed from your first few picks till the payoff.
I almost went with the MCP from Tron as the villain, but having two versions of Scar made a better fit for the story.

Undrafted characters were Bucky O'Hare as Judy's boyfriend, Randall Boggs as a second henchman, Cobra Bubbles as the government contact, and Osmosis Jones via a cameo by Bill Murray as Frank.
Forgot this was starting, so made my picks ad-hoc, a good duo that has occured to me since though. 

Vincent Hanna (Pacino) / Dave kujan (palminteri)

A blend of usual suspects and heat.
Did anyone have a draft with Brannigan and McQ teaming up?
Surprised a character from Maniac Cop went but it wasn't the Maniac Cop Matthew Cordell.
Just glancing over some of the lists now. Really fun stuff.

Best Cop: Keanu Reeves (Bailey)
Best Villain: Dick Jones (Arjen)
Best Boss: Cameron Mitchell (HP pufncraft)
Best Henchman: ABC Robot (Alt-Molt)
Best Snitch: Bit (Richard Dickson)
Best Cameo: Malcolm McDowell as HG Wells (Ratty)

Best Theme: Time Travel (Ratty)
Best Overall: The Demolition Squad (Alt-Molt)
How did Columbo never go?

Or Popeye Doyle!
I forgot to mention a couple of early ideas I had:

BULLITT + DIRTY HARRY vs THE TERMINATOR + John Rambo. Kind of the 70's vs the 80's. I rejected it as too non-Cop-y.

Around Day 2, I wanted to keep it uniquely San Francisco. I had a couple of ideas for villains that rules prevented - INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS pod people and/or THE STAR CHAMBER. It definitely worked out for the best.
(05-23-2020, 01:04 PM)atomtastic Wrote: [ -> ]Did anyone have a draft with Brannigan and McQ teaming up?

I did have MCQ on my short list
I think the oldest pick in the draft proper was Kiss of Death in '47, but in the bonus, Double Indemnity in '44 is earlier. I was ultimately pretty unsure about how much I wanted to rely on characters from older films, especially since I had a few that I knew I wanted to slip in there.
(05-23-2020, 01:58 PM)JMurdoch Wrote: [ -> ]Just glancing over some of the lists now.  Really fun stuff.

Best Cop: Keanu Reeves (Bailey)
Best Villain: Dick Jones (Arjen)
Best Boss: Cameron Mitchell (HP pufncraft)
Best Henchman: ABC Robot (Alt-Molt)
Best Snitch: Bit (Richard Dickson)
Best Cameo: Malcolm McDowell as HG Wells (Ratty)

Best Theme: Time Travel (Ratty)
Best Overall: The Demolition Squad (Alt-Molt)

So much greatness. This is a good format for honoring, too.

Best Cop: Whiskers (Richard)
Best Villain: Senator Mendoza (Pufncraft)
Best Boss: Lt. Martin Castillo (Ratty)
Best Henchman: Mr. Jigsaw (Boristhecheese)
Best Snitch: Jonathan Mardukas (Hot Sandwich)
Best Cameo: Batman (Arjen)

Best Theme: Knives Out 2 as a sociopolitical cartoon/CG allegory (Richard)
Best Overall: Molt won the second it was revealed that there was RoboCop/Running Man corporate intrigue.
Best Cop: Tequila (Judas)
Best Villain: Paul Kersey (Fat Elvis)
Best Boss: Peggy Carter (Boone)
Best Henchman: Pik van Cleef (Judas)
Best Snitch: Jack Horner (atom)
Best Cameo: Batman (Arjen). A really clever and funny re-working of that character into the story.
Best Theme: Do What Thought... Willt! (atom). I love the satanic horror angle.
Best Overall: Die Hard Boiled (Judas). All the characters just gel so well together.

Honestly I think this might be my favorite draft that I've participated in. Looking forward to Part 2: The Actor version (I've already done a T&A-laden B movie action extravaganza, next I plan on going the more serious route with a dark murder mystery).
I'm of the opinion Brackets aren't always necessary for these, but in this case I would like them badly. I think it's the best chance to really give people's creativity its due.
Finally fully updated my list w/ all my picks and a quick summary. Will still need to gussy it up a bit w/ pics, but whatever. For a draft I truly had no time to prepare for (Max was legitimately the only character I thought of in advance and then everyone else was on the fly), I'm all right with how mine turned out.

Lotta really fun drafts - Ty Lookwell is a great pull for the cameo, and Richard's concept is genius.
Thanks to Judas for setting this up. I had a blast.

I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to comment as we went along (as usual), but I've finally put my stuff up on The Lists thread. I think it mostly hangs together.

Kudos to Hunter and Pither; they're tied for my favorite Cop Combos.

Boris' Dreyfus pick was my overall favorite of the entire draft, which probably both dates me and tells you a lot about my taste in movies. I wish I had though of a pick half as clever. (I think Moon ended up being the one I'm most proud of, oddly. He basically works as the heavy in any movie you might like to imagine, unless you're dead inside.)

Anyway, I'm already looking forward to the next Draft.
So originally I wanted to pair Chow Yun-Fat and Jackie Chan, but Judas beat me to Tequila. I picked Jack Traven just as a solid pick to get my footing, and went from there.

I didn't really have a plan, but I thought pairing Keanu with Keanu would be funny. I then picked Dom from The Fast & the Furious because he sort of connects Speed with Point Break, in a sense.

After that I decided Agent Smith would be a good villain, and it became sort of a Keanuverse thing. Speed and Point Break inside The Matrix. The central idea is that these two Keanus meet up, and things start getting weirder. There are two versions of Joey Pants, one an annoying cop, and one a mobster. Then Agent Smith throws Xenia Onatopp at them, and after they defeat her the next henchman ends up being another guy who looks exactly like them, (only known as baba yaga.) Sandra Bullock and Carrie Anne-Moss are the love interests, and Larry Fishburne is their boss.

The end is them realizing they have to shoot each other, to take themselves out of the equation.
I have to admit, I'm not as versed in some of the characters and the films they're from to fully appreciate what some of you are doing. But the variety of everything is certainly impressive.
Yeah I expected just some fun mix and match lineups of great characters from favorite cop films, but most people went all high concept, which was surprising, and fun to read.
Hi everyone:

I'll be putting up brackets starting tomorrow.  It looks like most lists are done on the Lists page, but here's your chance to go back and do additional tweaking if you like.

- I'm not seeing a list from Simbob.
- Turing unfortunately never made a pick.
- Fat Elvis has opted to not participate in the brackets and I shall respect that wish.

@Simbob: I went ahead and made your list so that we'd be at a perfect 16 contestants in the brackets.  If you want to do your own list, let me know and I'll delete the one that I created for you.

Again, thank you to everyone for participating in this.  I had a fun time and am very impressed with some of your drafts.
Yeah, I just saw you did that. Thanks. I was putting a list up with some different pictures and it ended up taking a while.
(05-24-2020, 06:44 PM)simbob Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah, I just saw you did that. Thanks. I was putting a list up with some different pictures and it ended up taking a while.

Awesome.  I see that you did your own list now, so I went ahead and deleted the one that I made for you.
(05-24-2020, 02:17 AM)huntertarantino Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you!

Did you prefer Riggs/Baltimore or Porter/Baltimore, however?

Porter.  Not to overthink it, but it seems to me that one of the "buddies" in your buddy cop movie should be more of the "straight man" and one the "wild card".  Two "wild cards" don't work for me, on a conceptual level.
Did anyone draft Cobra?

You know what would've been a fun pairing?

[Image: 22a913e38a9d39cea2b8660e6faf8f95_w200.gif]

[Image: F3dXU4.gif]
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