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Full Version: So Who Wants The Blood of Who Around Here...
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I ask out of purely professional curiosity and because one can only kiss ass for so long.

And I'm not asking you to post who you hate, but rather who you know or at the very least suspect hates whom.

Like I think it's fair to say that there are five or six people who want to see me scragged. Devin, Blofeld, HAM, Eric Von Zipper, General Zod on Weekends, you get the idea.

Again I ask cause shitstorms are starting with such rapid succession that we need a checklist of hate.

Cause peace...well we'll never see it in our lifetime...
Who the hell is Eric Von Zipper?

But seriously, I could do without Devin. He causes too many debates that get too personal and thinks his view is the only view.
If thats not his intent then I will be more than happy to apologize, but I don't thats so.

All the regulars are cool...even Devin. Its the shills and the Knowby's who violate the "Don't Screw It" mandate set forth by Nick and waste of all our time with incoherent crapola.
I learned by about my 1100th post that it's pretty useless to complain about irrational behavior on the boards so I just live and let live now. There are a few here who I would like to have their heads mounted in my living room, but naming names would be counter-productive and ultimately futile.'s Tony.
You're wrong about Blofeld, Django. And this kind of thread is utterly useless and harms the community of CHUD.
That Eric Von Zipper, though. I could see him scragged.


And this kind of thread is utterly useless and harms the community of CHUD.

Y'all need to lay off Devin...It's not his fault he's a genius.
Well, as you all know, I just love everyone of you. You are all my favorite chewer. You are all just so, so, so, wonderful. Ah, life is so sweet.

Django, you are still da man with me, and that is no bullshit. You're crazy, but that is one of the things that make you bearable. Also, although I don't always agree with you, you get near the mark most of the time.

But then I love everybody and I hope they never fight with anybody, cause like it is such a wonderful world. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.............
Albert Einstein once said:

"Arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded."

Rath, that is even less funnier when not accompanied by the picture...
I want the head of Alfredo Garcia.
I just want head.
That Uncle Mitch really gets on my nerves.
I hate everyone on these boards except for Wesley Snipes and Michael Bay. And RathBandu's brother.
I feel I have reached that special moment in the relationship where I can share my true feelings.

I hate you all.

Especially when you direct the mind control rays at me on those days I forget to wear my chicken wire and tinfoil Anti-Mind-Ray helmet.

I hate every last one of you. Especially you, reading this now. You I really can't stand.
Additionally, and in the interests of completeness, I hate myself. But only on days with an S in them.
I'm not a fan of Jeff Fahey. Not on the big screen, the small screen, and damn sure not the computer screen...
I have nothing against Sean. I even root for him to one day have sex with someone he is not related to!

And I support Will's efforts to overcome his brain damage.
The Lord God needs to be cited for <a href="" target="_blank">EWI</a>.
Who'd he e-mail?

Shouldn't it be PWI?

Tony Ryan:
Who'd he e-mail?

Shouldn't it be PWI?

They haven't created that acronym yet. Once The Lord God sobers up, he should rectify that.
Voltes, now he's gonna smote you...
I have nothing to say, but I'll say it anyway...

Y'all need to lay off Devin...It's not his fault he's a genius.

*suck, suck, suck, suck... GULP... wipe...*
Yeah, Rath, don't bite.

Yeah, Rath, don't bite.

That's one of those intelligent contributions you were talking about in that George Bush thread, isn't it?

Way to go!
Quit trolling, jason. It's unbecoming.
I want the blood of heroes, or, at the very least, Rutger Hauer and Joan Chen.
I now want the blood of Blofeld!

(But first, make sure you've tested HIV-negative before the eventual bloodshed.)
They drew first blood, not me. They drew first blood.
Beaks, you sick fuck, who the hell wants to kill Rutger Hauer?

What kind of man are you, what kind of man are you?

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