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Full Version: ...and you will know us by our trail of incredible cuteness....
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in an odd coincidence, me AND another chewer will be in NYC this weekend.

I'm guessing it shall be ....Diva?
What a coincidence that would be what with her living there.
Why, I was just talking with him about it last night at the "Minority Report" screening.

It be Lowshot.
prala and Lowshot. Good thing I'm getting out of the city.
hahah. indeed.

we couldn't POSSIBLY cause THAT much trouble, could we?

Innocent Sex:
prala and Lowshot. Good thing I'm getting out of the city.

Actually, I'm saddened by the news. Two of my favorite Chewers and I'll be out of town for work this weekend!

However, both have expresses moving to NYC this fall so I will be able to play with them any time I want. Nyah!

should i so choose to move.
Alright, Kirb and Deev are wussing out, who's tough enough to hang out with me and prala in the big apple? Much drinking and tom-foolery can be expected.
I'll go!

Except I'll be working in a supermarket in Philadelphia...Care to relocate?
sadly there was no drinking OR fooling around with anyone named tom. frown