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Full Version: CHAT Last Night
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I couldn't stay up long enough to participate in the chat that was suppossed to take place last night...anything get resolved?
I tried getting in, but the chat room was full. I hope you guys didn't vote me off or anything.
Right now, HAM, WILL, and DEVIN are banned until I take care of things.

I don't have time to go into it. Don't get all defiant.
No problems dude, I wasn't getting millitant, just curious. I know you don't need any more shit right now!
No defiance sir. No way. Happy as a clam.

My own defiance is benign at best...and plans have not changed.
No defiance Kronos...this is the best thing for right now. At the very least, it will give the parties involved time to think everything through.
Gonna be there Mikey?
C'mon, Mikey. You'll like it!
The banning of Will, HAM, and Devin is the first good news I've heard all fucking week.

Maybe now we can get back to business around here and cut the needless pandering, trolling, and spiteful behavior.

HAM may be a friend, but damn if I wasn't sick of the bullshit the three of them raised.

And you can quote me on that...
Amen, brother......
I blame Verbal anyway. wink

I blame Verbal anyway. wink

In all seriousness, I really do think I created some of the anymosity.
Not at all. Your anti-drug statement may have pissed some folks off, but the animosity was there and wating for a reason to boil over.
Verbal, calm down. It ain't you. Relax. Put a towel down wherever you sit.
All this CHUDWest '02 hype was bound to stir up trouble...
CHUDWEST '02 -- "bound to stir up trouble."
I here by call for a vote to end the endless stream of CHUDWest plugs now that it's host has been removed from the boards.

All those in favor say "I"...

All those opposed, talk to the wall over yonder...
Oh, and if you're there ... it'll reveal something, won't it?
CHUDWEST '02 is larger than its host. But ... you're NOT GOING TO BE THERE, so what do you care?
Man, it seems like every time I take a couple of days off from CHUD, some sort of fecal matter hits the rotating air-moving device.

I won't bother with asking just what the hell was going on yesterday. It's like a daytime drama, even when you miss a couple of episodes you know they'll still be having the same dilemnas next week.

Seems like pretty unfortunate timing, though, with Nick's appearance on CHUD.

And Nick, if you're reading this, you were fucking cool on Headline News. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya...
I care for the same reason that you keep bashing it over our heads.

And whether or not I'm there has nothing to do with anything and everything to do with nothing.

Although I'm gonna laugh when only three people show up who aren't associated with it...
In my post above, it's supposed to read "...with Nick's appearance on CNN." For some reason I can't edit the post.

Jacob Singer:
Seems like pretty unfortunate timing, though, with Nick's appearance on CHUD...

Nick was on CHUD? Wow, and I thought the CNN gig was big wink

Already, we're seeing the pitfalls of having no edit function.
nobody can. A result of last night's fecal storm
Allow me to recap the chain of events.

- Devin hates Will.
- Will hates Devin.
- HAM hates Devin.
- HAM works for Will.
- Devin hates HAM now although at one point he apparently liked him.
- They enjoy fucking with each other on other people's time.
- Someone changed Will's signature.
- HAM says it was Devin.
- Devin says it wasn't him.
- Will says it was someone Devin hired.
- Devin called HAM a big dumb poopie head.
- HAM posted Devin's phone number.
- Everyone told HAM that wasn't cool.
- Will disappeared from the boards.
- HAM posted Devin's address.
- Everyone told HAM that really wasn't cool.
- Nick shut down CHUD.
- Nick reopened CHUD after cleaning up HAM's shit.
- Nick banned Will, HAM, and Devin.
- The little people of Stonehendge danced.

Look for shills of all parties involved to continue the fight.

Punch and PIE on the way out.

Thank you and have a wonder day here at the happiest place on Earth...
You forgot:

- Django is one of the biggest "doesn't play well with others" offenders.
And it couldn't have happened at a better time...
Man, sorry I missed all of that...
No you're not. It was sad.
Talk about your Kodak moments...

No you're not. It was sad.

I also forgot the whole Blofeld is a shill for Will but hey, I figured I'd save it for the sequel.

And by the way, I think I've figured out exactly what happened. Anyone wants to know, you know where to find me...
Sure we can find you...but where's grendel?

Wheeeere's greeeennndellll....?
CHUDWEST is just a hobby...finding grendel is an occupation.
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