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Full Version: KrakenHeads: Day of the Devil
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Now this one I like. The black and white look is particularly effective.
This is great. Evocative art... it looks maddening, in a good way.
Oh... wow.
I'm really taken with this, I must admit.
Fucking awesome. About the only negative thing I could say is that some of the panel flow didn't make sense. In a way, it helps with the madness/confusion of the story (what little I've seen), but all-in-all I can't wait to read it!

Sorry, but I never noticed the link for Night Falls on Destiny before. Big fan and thanks much for the lengthy taste. Seriously, I'd buy all three of these books you're working on.
Love the artwork throughout, but that final panel in particular is fantastic!
Steve, show them your version of the piano lady! I'm thinking that's a perfect pin-up for the back of the comic.
Another comic sample goes up today. Hope you folks saw this one.
This one will now be in color.
Gotta share, because I love this page so much:

Holy hell that's impressive.
That is pretty fucking awesome looking.
That's what happened to my family...

Good stuff!
Looking awesome!
We're going with an E.C. Comics color style to counteract the mean and edgy tone of the thing. Example:

alex riviello

Looks great.