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Full Version: Federer vs. Nadal on 1/2 grass, 1/2 clay court
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Originally Posted by Mangy View Post

Federer plays later tonight. It'll be interesting to see how he performs after a longer-than-usual layoff.

Whoa. Shocking. I thought Fed might struggle against Murray, didn't even consider Berdych. I was checking the match out during NFL commercial breaks, and it seemed Fed was making horrible errors each time I watched.

I'm rooting for Murray, so I wasn't upset to see Roger get ousted.  He turned back the clock a bit recently, but I still think he's the third or fourth best player in the world right, rather than #1.

Good for Berdych.  If for no other reason than I get to see more of his fine girlfriend.

My goodness. Well done, Thomas! (Note his "seriously, check this lady out!" face)

Djokovic-Murray play this afternoon. Rooting for Murray, but the US Open's constant rain delays have pretty much sapped my enthusiasm. So, in the meantime, here's another photo of Berdych's unbelievably hot girlfriend:


Murray better put on his big boy pants.  Ofer five in grand slam finals and blowing a two sets to zip lead would make him the ultimate choker in men's tennis.  Gold medal or not.

A game away! Two breaks up! I hope you are able to watch Mangy.

Four different major champions this year.  That's just weird, and kind of awesome, for men's tennis.

Watched from the 2nd set on ... was convinced that Murray would choke, but he settled down and willed it to happen. Good for him. I'm glad he won't be the Scottish embodiment of the Buffalo Bills.

The next few years in tennis could be interesting, especially with Federer verging on retirement and Nadal's health problems. Djokovic is no slouch, but each big final gives Murray stronger will.

I laughed when Mary Carillo tut-tutted Murray when the camera caught him screaming "FUUUCK!" ... Dude is Scottish and trying to win his first slam, give him a break. You're in a booth with John McEnroe, you'll live.

And with that, let's post one more pic of Ester Satorova:


EDIT: Just realized I said "Federer verging on retirement." I said that 4 years ago. Since he's still #1 (and how awesome is that?!?), I rescind my statement.

I just came back to this thread and realized I was reading your post for the first time.  I thought I had already, but I guess I was just staring at that picture of Berdych's girlfriend. Guh.

The Australian Open is starting up, and the tennis season is underway once again. With all of the forum hub-bub about the sex threads, is this the wrong time to post more pics of Thomas Berdych's girlfriend?

Um, I mean GO TENNIS!

Nadal is a heavier favorite going into this final than Serena was over Sharapova.  Last time Ferrer beat him on clay was 2004.  Against anyone else I'd love to see Ferrer break through and win one.  If anybody deserves it, he does.  But Nadal's dominance of this tournament is too impressive to want to see it end.  Plus I'd love Rafa to be firing on all cylinders going into the grass court season.  Wimbledon would be the tournament where all 4 of the big 4 have the most even shot to win it, which is the closest thing we get to parity in tennis right now.

Well I guess not playing a grass court warm up slightly hurt Nadal.  Hopefully he's been working on his hardcourt game...

Oh well, maybe, Tomas Berdych's girlfriend will cheer me up.

I was going to watch the last set of Federer's match before going to work, but it was over by the time I got out of the shower. What a slaughter.

I'm stunned by Nadal. I was hoping for a Fed-Nadal quarterfinal. I think this could be the year that Andy Murray finally wins it. Am I right, Thomas Berdych's Girlfriend?

Berdych wins in straight sets! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AAt this point anything less than Djoker-Murray will be a disappointment. Happy for the Stakhovsky guy. Pure class in his post-match interview.

BTW- his wife is named Anfissa Bulgakova, and she might be even more stunning than Berdych's girlfriend. If only I'd kept up with those tennis lessons...

What a crazy day. Before today Fed had made 36 Grand Slam quarterfinals, which is ludicrous. It seems like the finals almost have to be Djokovic-Murray and Serena-Whoever Serena Is Going To Slaughter.

BTW- his wife is named Anfissa Bulgakova, and she might be even more stunning than Berdych's girlfriend. If only I'd kept up with those tennis lessons...

Goooooo tennis!


I'm running out of pics of his girlfriend, so...scroll up!

Holy crap, Serena lost! I'm too shocked to post more photos of Thomas Berdych's girlfriend.

Oh, good.  Maybe the women's final will actually be a competition this year instead of a steamroll.

So Murray actually has an easier path at this point than Djokovic.  Here's to hoping.

You stay classy, Daily Mail:

<br />

ETA-- aaaand it looks like Murray might have reverted back to his choking dog ways.  So much for this being the most compelling Wimbledon.

Murray's in a war right now!

Berdych lost to Djoker in straight sets Sad Console me, Ester Satarova:

Gutty turn from Murray.  Hopefully this will do him some good after not having dropped a set all tournament.

And, just in the interest of fair play, Fernando Verdasco, you get to go home to this:

ETA- Also, Jesus that Agassi commercial ESPN keeps replaying.  Nobody gives a shit that you were tortured playing tennis professionally, Andre.  Please shut the fuck up.

I was pulling for Del Potro, but Djoker deserves all the credit he gets.  It's hard to think this guy used to be someone who had his heart questioned.  Who knew eliminating gluten could do so much. *Looks at muffin, keeps eating it.*

I hate that I missed this match.

Djokovic is pretty amazing. I don't know if any player has ever been as dangerous as Djokovic when his back's to the wall.

I'm hoping for Djokovic-Murray, just so I can see one match that I anticipated before this tournament began.

I didn't really get to see that much of it... just glimpses every now and then.  Hopefully they'll replay it.

Apparently, I missed one of the best Wimbledon games so far.  Djokovic and Delpotro had quite a game. I am sure they will replay this game many times on the Tennis Channel. I do not like Djokovic at all because he had unkind words about Andy R. several years ago and Andy R. will always be one of my favorite players. Delpotro always looks like he is unable to continue the match and then he really brings his game. Sorry he lost.

Don't choke, Andy.

ETA- Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper?  Give me Sean Connery or fuck off.

Originally Posted by Bailey View Post

Don't choke, Andy.

I nearly threw up in my lap during that final game, waiting for Murray to blow it. Good for him for pulling it off.

Originally Posted by Mangy View Post

I nearly threw up in my lap

So did he.

I'm mostly kidding, Djokovic just dug deep that final game.

Johnny Mac says "easily" between 5-10 slams for Murray.  Easy there Johnny.  Five should be within reach.  Ten?  If nobody else emerges for the next 3-4 years, maybe.

I caught a good chunk of the final. From what I saw, Nadal was on fire. Congrats to Rafa on winning the U.S. Open.

Now here are more photos of Tomas Berdych's girlfriend:

Unbelievable stretch for Nadal.  He hadn't won much outside of clay for a couple years and now he's winning everything on hardcourts as well.  13 slams down, and I honestly think he's one more French and one more non-French from being considered better than Federer, given their head to head.  I don't know if he will get it, because you never know with those knees, but even tying Sampras would put him no worse than the second best player of all-time.

As for Djokovic, I still think he's got 3-4 more slams in him.  Same with Murray.  But when will someone else emerge?  Golf is kinda boring because the winners in major tournaments are now so spread out amongst the field.  I think there's been a different winner in every major for the last few years. But in tennis it would be nice to see someone else break through once in awhile.

It seems like Ferrer will forever be the 4th best player in the world. It's been painful watching Federer over the last year, but his amazing run had to end sometime. If I can get a few more years of Djokovic vs. Nadal, I'd be a very happy man.

This semi is going to be huge.  I only wish these guys were meeting in the final.  Fed is playing with renewed confidence after his recent changes.  Rafa is slightly ailing.  It's either player's to take.  And there's a lot more on the line than just this one slam in the grand scheme of things.


Originally Posted by Bailey View Post

This semi is going to be huge.

Been looking at the pics upthread?

Glad to see Fed on the uptick. Hopefully he'll get at least one more Slam before things are said and done.

I wish I could stay up and watch these matches live.

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