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Full Version: Federer vs. Nadal on 1/2 grass, 1/2 clay court
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Federer should be the favorite, but I'm gonna go with Djokovic ending his slump. It can't last forever.

Well this will be a boring final two rounds.  MAYBE Cilic can muster something if he gets to the final.  Maybe.  But it's looking like a cakewalk for Fed right now.  And if so, he deserves it.  He got himself prepared specifically for this season, and like Nadal in the clay season, he is dominating.

Friggin' elbow.

Also laughing at ESPN tennis people, who assured us there was like a 95% chance all the big four would make it through to the semis.  They're such prisoners of the moment on ESPN, it's ridiculous.

ETA- By also laughing, I don't mean to make light of Djoker's injury.  That really sucks.  Just laughing because this could've been an epic Wimbledon, but it's not.

I haven't kept up with Wimbledon like I have in years past, but I see that Tomas Berdych made the semis, which gives me an excuse to post a pic of his wife Ester Satorova:


So it'll be hard to feel too badly for him when he gets trounced Friday.


Originally Posted by Bailey View Post

So that leaves Federer, who apparently has a tough draw in his quarter, but if he gets through I doubt he'll get much challenge in the semis and finals.

You called it, Bailey. Total dominance from Federer.

Still, going into this it seemed like there was a chance, because of his age, that someone could just rise up and beat him on any given day.   But during the tournament it never felt like that.  It just felt like he was back to his old dominant self... even better in some respects.

He hasn't won the US Open in almost a decade, and 20 is a nice round number.  But to think someone could win three slams in one year at 35 is nuts.

Down goes Federer! We're living in the age of Millman! MILLMAAAAAAAAAAN...
Gotta wonder if he just didn't want to push through on a tough night only to face Djokovic. I know that sounds crazy, but I think after the Cincinnati final, he knows if he's not feeling right he really has no shot against him at this point.

I don't know how much more selective the guy can get with his schedule. He seems to be breaking down even only playing 12-13 events a year. Not that he has any room to complain. Only Connors had more longevity, and he played a ton of scrubs in smaller tournaments later on in his career. But Federer's back seems to start bothering him after a couple tournaments.

Unfortunately for the U.S. Open, I think Nadal's knee is acting up, so unless del Potro can find some magic, I don't see anyone beating Djokovic, who now all of a sudden has gone from people saying he was done in June to having a shot at the number one ranking for the year. Particularly if Nadal is forced to sit out until the tour finals, where he has never won.
I'm going with Cilic to win it all.
I would not be mad at the Croatian sensation winning it all.
Thiem and Nadal locked up in a true donnybrook.
[Image: bxk1fajxzkfctithoh3x.gif]
(09-04-2018, 02:14 AM)Alt-molt Wrote: [ -> ]I'm going with Cilic to win it all.

Or Nishikori, I can see him winning it all as well.
Mmhmm. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, it's going to be fucking Djokovic.
Probably, but I hope Millman can put on another good show. Keep the crowd in it at least.
Osaka played amazing, but that ref was ATROCIOUS. It was so sad seeing her look devastated during what should be the greatest moment of her life. Awful.
Osaka definitely earned this. The kind of composure she showed before all the controversy started was enough to make me feel like she's not going to be a flash in the pan.

As for Serena, I feel like the game penalty was too harsh. The guys rage at the refs all the time. There is on court coaching all the time. (And really shouldn't be that big of a deal, imo.) People abuse rackets all the time. And yes, perhaps it was all cumulative, but it's the ref's job to not let this get out of hand. He didn't do that.

When compared with the on-court pep talk Kyrgios got earlier in the tournament for him not even trying, and the way guys are changing their shirts on court but Aliz Cornet got a penalty for doing the same (though they later apologized to her) all in the wake of the "catsuit" controversy (seriously, the French banning catsuits is like Wimbledon banning fucking sweater vests), it has been a terrible look for the sport with the different way they treat men and women.
I kinda hate Djokovic, for some odd reason. But he's probably the best hard court player of all time. Really hope he's not about to win 5 of 6 slams, or some shit like that. At least Federer and Nadal had the decency to go back and forth.

NOW is calling for Ramos to be fired in the Serena incident. Feels like a mistake to me. This isn't about him, it's about the larger issue. He applied the rules inconsistently, not incorrectly. He doesn't deserve to be fired just to put a band-aid on this. Serena was screwed, but it didn't cost her the match. It's not some travesty of justice. It's merely a high profile example of the double standard that needs to change.
They really need to figure out another time to do the men's final. Maybe move the whole tournament up a week and end it Labor Day weekend? Ending during Week 1 of football just seems senseless.
Yeah, I think it being the U.S. Open is the issue. Any other slam and it might not really be as big a deal, being a global sport. But this is the U.S. Championship, and we're a football nation.

But the calendar is full. Each slam is basically a month, because you need a week before and after it without any huge tournaments. So from end of May to beginning of September is basically 15-16 weeks, and most of those will be taken up by the three slams in that timeframe. And there are at least two weeks for grass tournaments like Halle/Queen's Club before Wimbledon, and two weeks of Masters 1000 tournaments (Canada and Cincinnati), as part of the U.S. Open series which aren't going anywhere. So that's basically the whole time. There's not really any way of moving it up. In my opinion it's already too tight to play Canada and Cinci back to back weeks. Eventually it could happen, but it would at the very least take shifting everything from the start of clay season to the U.S. Open back a week, if not an entire overhaul of the tennis calendar (which I think it needs, anyway.)
Looks like Andy Murray's comeback is dead right when it was supposed to be ramping up into high gear.  He says he will probably retire sometime this year.  Hopes he can make it to Wimbledon, but his hip is still causing him all kinds of pain, and this Australian Open might be it for him.  A real bummer considering Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic all made it back to a high level when their careers were in doubt.
Big one-two punch of Federer news: losing in the 4th round and then announcing he will play clay this year. Feel like that means this will be his last "full" season. I think he'll play into the Summer of 2020, but only select events next year... possibly to end at the Olympics. Either that or play the Olympics and then wait and retire in Basel.
Crazy stat for the 2 1/2 tennis fans here. Since he began his resurgence in 2017, Nadal is 0-7 against Federer and Djokovic on hard courts and grass. In all other matches across the three surfaces, he's 118-9.
Serena gets whomped in less than an hour. Whoa!
A real doozy going on now!

8-8! Insanity!
It's funny how even in these super close epic matches the guy who you expect to in still usually ends up winning. That's what made Nadal-Federer in '08 so unique.

Happy for Halep.
Credit where due: I was rooting for Fed, but Djokovic is GREAT. The Fed/Nadal/Djokovic era is amazing.
Honestly wasn't rooting for either guy, though I suppose I would have preferred Federer win, since I have no particular love for Djokovic. But it's crazy to me that he might go down as the best ever, considering the sheer volume of wins Federer has, both in the slams, and in tournaments overall.

Djokovic has such balance. He can get in front of everything and hit good returns from weird angles. Great backhand. A better returner than Agassi even. He's a perfect player for this era- the hard courts, especially. He's also streaky. Right now he is on a run of 4 of 5 slams. His first two great runs lasted 4 of 5, and 6 of 8 slams, respectively. The question is, when will this run end? And will there be another after it, or will the younger players finally step up when Djokovic starts to show a little vulnerability?

Another big question is how long Nadal will go for. He's got a lockdown on clay, but the more sudden stops of the hard court always flare up his tendinitis nowadays. He can't seem to play more than a couple tournaments in a row on it before hurting and needing to take a couple months off. Personally hope he can win one more U.S. Open before it's all said and done. (He could win Wimbledon too, conceivably. But last year was his real opportunity. He was so close against Djokovic- just like Federer was yesterday. If only Djokovic's return to form had taken two weeks longer to materialize, Nadal would have had his third Wimbledon trophy.)

Anyway, Federer has to be gutted. GUTTED. Two match points. On his serve. In his favorite tournament. Then again- he's got 20 slams and 100 tournament wins. That's crazy. It's why I always hate how so often tennis discussions come down to the goat debate. How could Federer fans feel anything but satisfied with that amount of success?
To hell with the NFL.

[Image: 08open-men-nadalwins6-jumbo.jpg]
Andy Murray wins a title over Stan the Man just a few months after coming back from getting a partial metal hip earlier in the year. That's pretty crazy...
I admit, I am a simple man. Today, all it took to amuse me was this ESPN headline:

"Serena Williams Shocked by Wang"

If only they'd mentioned that this event took place Down Under, I could've giggled until I passed out.
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