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Full Version: Joe Bob Briggs' 24-Hour Marathon (Shudder, 7/13/18 @ 9PM EST)
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Friday the 13th. 24 hours. 13 films. The return of Joe Bob Briggs.

I couldn't tell you the last time I'd seen a Joe Bob Brigg's broadcast and, admittedly, didn't like his schtick much back in the day. But I was young with limited access to horror and didn't appreciate what he was doing at the time. By the time I got around to horror, and it obsessively became my favorite genre, it was too late.

I figured I'd start a thread for this that could pose as a watch-along that people could dip in-and-out of (there's no way I can watch most of it on solo kid duty).

The only movies known thus far are the following (none of which that I've seen!):
  • Tourist Trap (July 13) – Five friends are hunted by a creepy killer after stopping to visit a roadside museum in this slasher that counts Stephen King as one of its biggest fans. After car trouble, the doomed group goes to visit an odd attraction filled with eerie mannequins that seem to be alive. Tourist Trap is an off-kilter thriller that will have you rethinking any stops on your next road trip.
  • Sleepaway Camp (July 13) – Angela Baker, a traumatized and very shy young girl, is sent to summer camp with her cousin. Shortly after her arrival, campers and counselors meet their ends in a series of grisly murders. This bloody “who done it” features a shock ending that stands the test of time.
  • Basket Case (July 14) – In a tale of revenge with a demented twist, a young man, and his basket-bound, hideously deformed twin brother seek vengeance on the doctors who separated them against their will.
If you don't have Shudder, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial here.
I can't recall if I saw Tourist Trap or not.  

Sleepaway Camp isn't a particular favorite, but Basket Case is lots of fun.
I was gonna go for it, but then I saw my work schedule. So now I’m not.
Given the free trial, I don't think I have any excuse not to try to catch at least some of this. I could use a little of the old MonsterVision magic.
Basket Case is essential viewing.
They had some big issues, so most people didn't see any of the first film (Tourist Trap).  That was a bummer since I never saw it before - I think.  Sleepaway Camp is on now, and everything seems to be working smoothly.
They said they'll put it on On Demand next week, for those that got hosed. Still debating getting it just to peek a little before I have to go to sleep, then do it all in pieces next week.
Still not working for me. When I can actually get the app to fire up, it won't accept my login for some damn reason.

When they say they're putting it on demand, does that mean it will be available through the Shudder Amazon Channel, I wonder? Going through the Shudder TV portal is proving to be a real pain in the ass.
(07-14-2018, 12:38 AM)slim Wrote: [ -> ]Still not working for me. When I can actually get the app to fire up, it won't accept my login for some damn reason.

When they say they're putting it on demand, does that mean it will be available through the Shudder Amazon Channel, I wonder? Going through the Shudder TV portal is proving to be a real pain in the ass.
Sweet. Thanks.
Tourist Trap can already be streamed, FYI.

Rabid followed Sleepaway Camp, and I dozed off for most of it.  I need to work in a few hours, so it is what it is.  At least, I've seen it before.  The Prowler is on now, and I forgot just how good the kills look in this.

JBB wants to find the band, Nowherefast, a local New Jersey group that played four original tracks in the film.  Pretty good songs; it was cool to hear them again.

EDIT: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama is up next!
They must have straightened things out overnight, because I could finally get on this morning for Blood Feast. Sorry I wasn't in time for Daughters of Darkness, though-- that's legit one of my favorites.
"Basket Case" is trending on Twitter.
Watching Re-Animator with Joe Bob was a goddamn delight. I actually learned some new stuff.

Demons is on now-- I have somehow seen this way too many times over the years, considering it's not very good.
Happy with what I’m hearing about the line-up, as I thus far haven’t seen any of them. I only wish I could’ve partaken in real time with everyone else.
I'm not a huge fan of Sleepaway Camp, but damn if Joe Bob and Felissa Rose didn't make it majorly entertaining during their interludes. Lots of problems trying to see it through the Roku channel as each time a new movie is supposed to start up I just get a loading screen. Saw the last half of Demons just now, and I've always dug that movie. Even more so with Joe Bob's colorful commentary. I hope with this being such a rousing success that they can get him back for more Drive-In marathons. Seeing this marathon has definitely brought me back to the Monstervision days of my childhood back in the 90's.
Sleepaway Camp is one of those movies, like The Burning, that I've seen three or four times, but still don't leave much of an impression on me beyond whatever gimmick they're famous for.
The Legend of Boggy Creek-- even Joe Bob can't make cryptozoology not totally fucking boring and stupid.
The Travis Crabtree song is fire.
I still hope that one day someone will find a legit clean, clear, and widescreen print of The Legend Of Boggy Creek.
I just got home from a long day of work, so I missed most of the marathon.

But, HEY!  Pieces!
Pieces has such a great WTF ending.
Hellraiser, then videostore mainstay Pieces is a strong finish. And Joe Bob's introductions for both were epic. It's been a really good line up overall and a lot of fun. I hope they make this a semi-regular thing.
Now that it’s on the Amazon widget, I’m having a terrific time with this. Tourist Trap sure is creepy good, every bit the effective sleaze I’d always heard it was. This whole lineup, in fact, is movies I’ve been meaning to see but never got around to. Heard of them all, but only ever seen the big dogs, ReAnimator and Hellraiser.

I’m a bit left to my own devices today, so I’ll try to knock out a few more of them.
I saw that. Great news! He kept insisting throughout the marathon that this was it. Shudder must have ponied up.
Nice! Making time for that one.
From his Facebook:

Joe Bob returns to Shudder with not one, but TWO holiday specials! On November 22, Joe Bob will turn Black Friday into Red Thursday with “The Dinners of Death,” the best deadly-dinner movies in history. Then on December 21, tune in for “A Very Joe Bob Christmas!” (And as an extra gift, Shudder has announced plans to launch a regular series featuring Joe Bob in 2019)
If I were Shudder, I'd be throwing money at Joe Bob to make him the face of their brand.
They pretty much are, it seems. Great for everyone!