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Full Version: TV Ghost, soundtrack?
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I don't mean to be cheap, hehe, but just curious to know if you (Bill) have any plans for a soundtrack for the film? Will there be any music, and possibly would you, maybe perhaps look into somebody making a short score for the film, I don't know who... maybe cough hack *Me* hack cough. if I am correct your first film had music from the film Changeling, or I could be wrong. Anyway just want to know, cause I'd be willing to try my hand at mixing something up for you if you wanted, you know for a tester or what have you. wink
I haven't gotten that far yet. Nick's band did most of the music for "DWIOYI" and I did use a few songs by the Changelings. I would be up for hearing some of your stuff, it will just be a while before I am ready to make decisions on the soundtrack. Thanks for the offer.
Sounds awesome Bill. I'll try to mess around this weekend and see if I can come up with anything. I'll keep in touch with you and throw (not literally) some of my tunes your way. Talk to you later.
How would I got about sending you some music Bill? Should I private message you first?
That will work.