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Full Version: Moviemaker's Master Class
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This is a book by Laurent Tirard I picked up yesterday at Barnes and Noble. It is a series of columns from the frnech magazine Studio.

Tirard interviewed 20 different directors on their method of filmmaking.

This has been a damn good read and very informative. Before this I read Pintoff's Directing 101 which I just didn't think was that good. I picked thisup at B&N and read thru Wong Kar Wai and Takeshi Kitano while there. I am already thru half of the book. You get the practical, such as how David Lynch makes certain dolly moves to the theoretical with Jean-Luc Godard.

Now, there are some things I don't agree with. Its not all perfect. I disagree with some points directors make, but it still gives an interesting insight into the films they made and how they made them.

I just had to reccomend it to yall.

I find it funny/interesting that I usually learn more about filmmaking from books by directors or screenwriters or producers than I do from the more textbook or manual type books. Has anyone else found this to be true for them?

Well, go pick up Moviemaker's Master Class. That is my recommendation for those who want to direct.