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DREDD Pre Release Discussion - wadew1 - 11-23-2010

This started filming last week. I think the plan is to shoot from November to February and release the film in the first quarter of 2012. A lot of sites ran smaller, darker versions of the first picture from the film so here's the official version:

I had a chance to read the script and I liked it. As some sites have reported, most of the movie takes place in PEACH TREE block, a 200 story high-rise that has been locked down by a gang that's after Judge Dredd and his Rookie Judge Anderson. The movie throws you right into the action and there's no time wasted on boring origin stories. Fans of the comic should be happy to hear that Dredd acts just like the comic book Dredd. Anderson's a different story. She's basically a Rookie who's trying to pass her evaluation. I don't think Anderson's rookie days were ever explored in the comic.

I like the writer/producers and Urban seems to get the character, so my main concern is with the director. I never checked out VANTAGE POINT because I heard mostly bad things. Since most of the film takes place in a high-rise, things could potentially get stale if there isn't a talented guy behind the camera.

- thecatfishcommander - 11-23-2010

Sounds like it's going to have a sort of Assault on Precinct 13 feel to it. I'm in.

- disciple_72 - 11-23-2010

The most exciting thing about Vantage Point was Matthew Fox jamóning it up. And Urban could go either way. But I like Alex Garland and I love the 2000AD stuff from way back, so I'll definitely give this a chance. That premise sounds like it has some coolness potential too.

- duke fleed - 11-23-2010

wadew1, Cool! Early 2012, could be a battle between...Dredd, and Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance in 3D! It will be interesting to see the overconfident, cocky, Judge Anderson as a rookie, judge. I suppose that means that she will be the audieces eyes so to speak. I cannot wait to see this...Dredd on the big screen!

- wadew1 - 11-23-2010

duke fleed, the Judge Anderson in the script isn't....over confident and cocky at all.

- forsakennomore - 11-23-2010


Originally Posted by wadew1
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I never checked out VANTAGE POINT because I heard mostly bad things. Since most of the film takes place in a high-rise, things could potentially get stale if there isn't a talented guy behind the camera.

It's quite an effective lil' thriller. I enjoyed it. I think you might like it as well. It moves at a good pace. I wasn't bored. The director has great potential. Forget what you heard.

I'm looking forward to the new Dredd w/ Garland's script and Pete Travis at the helm.

- duke fleed - 11-24-2010

wadew1, That is too bad. I enjoy the concept that a hero can be too cocky for his or her own good, like in...Judge Anderson comics. I will not mind a new approach for Anderson.

- wadew1 - 11-26-2010

Some minor bits of set dressing from South Africa:

- wadew1 - 12-05-2010

First footage will be shown at something called the KAPOW CON in London:

Also, THE WIRE's Wood Harris has been cast in the movie:

- stelios - 12-06-2010


This 3D animated version of the 1995 cult classic ‘JUDGE DREDD‘ that featured Sylvester Stallone in the title role is being directed by Pete Travis (Endgame, Vantage Point) for DNA Films.

Jesus godamn fucking Christ.

- bluelouboyle - 12-06-2010

Haha. Someone's got their facts wrong. At least I hope they have.

- wadew1 - 12-12-2010

Some shots of the Helmet sculpt and a shot of the finished product:

- randolph carter - 12-12-2010

I hope they get Anthrax on the soundtrack.

- wadew1 - 12-25-2010

Another look at the lawgiver:

- stelios - 12-25-2010


- duke fleed - 12-26-2010

wadew1, Those are...Awesome! the, His/Hers Guns as well.

- wadew1 - 01-12-2011

Dredd will be going toe to toe with....Lena Headey (300, Sarah Connor Chronicles)?

She'll be playing the main villain "Ma-Ma"

- duke fleed - 01-12-2011

wadew1, Lena Headey is a...solid choice as the villain.  I do not know anything about the character she plays though.  Once again, it is too bad that the villain is not...Judge Death, and pals.

- wadew1 - 01-12-2011

duke fleed....Ma-Ma isn't from the comics. She's a drug dealing/gang leading ex-hooker.

Also, you can rest easy knowing that Anderson has blondish hair.

- gabe t - 01-12-2011

Originally Posted by wadew1 View Post

fabfunk....Ma-Ma isn't from the comics. She's a drug dealing/gang leading ex-hooker.

Also, you can rest easy knowing that Anderson has blondish hair.

Wade, duke was not fabfunk.

- wadew1 - 01-14-2011

Yeah I know it was a typo.

Sorry if I offended you, duke fleed!

- duke fleed - 01-14-2011

wadew1, No Offense all!

- love machine - 01-19-2011

John Wagner, JD's creator, chims in about his recent visit to the set:

- stelios - 01-19-2011

John Wagner approves? That's cause for optimism, especially regarding the script.

- disciple_72 - 01-19-2011

Wagner's approval is great, but I need an okay from Alan Grant too, before I can proceed with full enjoyment of this movie.

- wadew1 - 01-19-2011

Well Wagner has been a "consultant" on the movie since the beginning.

I never heard about any of the other DREDD GODFATHERS being involved, though. It would be cool if they ran things by guys like Alan Grant and Carlos Ezquerra as well.

- wadew1 - 05-28-2011

From an interview with the cinematographer:


Q: What can you tell us about Dredd?

ADM: Kevin’s brother, producer Andrew MacDonald, approached me a while ago. It’s written by Alex Garland, a very astute, creative writer, who I’ve known since 28 Days Later. It was shot in South Africa on 3D – around 13 weeks principal, and seven weeks 2nd unit photography. It’s a dangerous film, in the sense that the story places itself precariously on the floorboards of an action sci-fi genre film whilst underneath there’s a no less entertaining allegorical comment about this kind of cinema and the violence that tends to come with this kind of product. Visually we have gone at it hammer and tongues. We shot entirely digitally, in scope, using RED MX cameras and SI2Ks, Phantom Flex highspeed, and multiple rigs shooting at the same time on first and second unit. I built some new cameras rigs that can take you very close to the action. It’s won’t look so much like the action films we’re accustomed to, and the audience won’t have things thrust in their faces every five minutes. I hope it will be more painterly. If we get it right, it will be a cross between Blade Runner and Clockwork Orange.

- nardo - 05-28-2011


Nothing to be said on this til we see some footage. The choice of bike and car designs are bizarre and worrying.

- seance - 02-21-2012

Friend of my sent me this earlier today. Not a great deal of footage in it, but there is some. And is that Karl Urban's voice?

- duke fleed - 02-21-2012

SeanCE, I cannot wait for the...Trailer!  It does sound like Karl Urban.

- seance - 02-21-2012

I'm really not sure that footage looks in anyway good, but it's also rough as hell. It does look oddly misframed though, so maybe it's not supposed to be in 2:85.

- MrSaxon - 02-21-2012

I'm kind of nervous about this one. Wasn't really a huge fan of Dredd growing up but I did read the comic a few times, know the character and understand the potential which exists for this. Oddly, I knew about Judge Death before I knew about anything else Dredd-related. I guess I saw a picture of him somewhere and thought "Hey! He looks cool!"

I like Alex Garland and am a Karl Urban fan too. If they get this right, it could be something fantastic. If they get it wrong, it could be the next Jonah Hex.

Looking forward to the trailer so I can get a hint of which way this is leaning.

- the prankster - 02-21-2012

If they get it wrong, it could be the next Judge Dredd.

- brickburgundy - 09-01-2012

Three weeks and counting till I get to see this one.  I could not be more excited.  Every early review that I have read has been positive.  Plus, Karl Urban gets a lifetime supply of goodwill from me for LOTR (as does everyone else in those movies).  Hell, I even saw Priest in the theater, and have seen Doom a couple of times.  Why is nobody talking about this one?

- art decade - 09-01-2012

100% on RT with 10 reviews. Could DREDD be this year's RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES??