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"Black Holler" - Mangy - 10-16-2014

I've been cast as a dorky professor in a horror-comedy film set in 1989 called "Black Holler." Our Kickstarter ends this weekend, and we're less than 700 bucks from our goal, so I thought I would panhandle here.

And here's the Kickstarter link:

Any link forwarding (or even better, donating) would be appreciated. Thanks!

UPDATE: We hit our goal!

- Mangy - 10-16-2014

Here's the poster:

- Mangy - 08-20-2015

So, this thing is still in the middle of production. It's been quite an experience. Today we released a new trailer, and it's pretty ridiculous. Donate, share and enjoy!

- Bucho - 08-22-2015

AIf quality of title is a good indicator of quality of film - and it always is - this film is guaranteed to be amazing.

- Mangy - 08-26-2016

Incredibly, this thing still exists! Editing is underway, and we're hoping to get it done before January for the Nashville Film Festival. We filmed straight on through last November, and we might be shooting even more in a month or so, depending on how the first cut looks. Thankfully, I've remained fat.

We're going to be looking at a rough cut very soon, and I'm pretty excited. Here's a cast photo. I like this cast!

- bradito - 08-26-2016

ACongratulations, Mangy!

- MrSaxon - 08-26-2016

Congrats, Mangy!

- bradito - 08-26-2016

AHey, Mangy, can I still donate to your Kickstarter?

- Mangy - 10-05-2016

Looks like the rough cut is complete, and we need to pick up a couple of scenes then hopefully it'll be edited down and completed. Here's an update, along with some shots from the movie. Keen!

- bradito - 10-05-2016

AWill this be available on Shudder?

- Mangy - 01-05-2017

Just received word that the final cut was submitted to a festival. Pretty cool!

I saw a rough cut, and decided to cancel my reservation for a tux to the Oscars, but it's still pretty great seeing this feature-length project near completion after a couple of years. It was an awesome, occasionally arduous process, but I learned so much and had a blast. I'll post more info as long as this site's up.

EDIT: Another still!

- bradito - 01-05-2017

AGreat news, Mangy. Good luck getting into the fest.

Tell us what you learned! I must have insights.

- Mangy - 01-05-2017

I'm working on a long thing about this, Bradito, but will post asap.

- Mangy - 01-06-2017

Here are a few thoughts, I'm sure I'll think of other stuff later:

I learned many things, for starters: Making a movie is HARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRD. I think my view of film changed a lot just because I got a better idea of how difficult filmmaking is, especially a feature-length film with a five-figure budget. While I was making the film, I had a short gig reviewing movies for a website, and I probably gave a lot of reviews which were way too complimentary, in part because I knew it took a lot of work and effort to make that crap.

- Getting to see footage really boosted our morale. I think about halfway through we were all fairly burnt out, then we looked at the footage and realized "Hey, we're actually making a movie!"

- The crew should arrive 2 hours before the cast and get stuff set up. Get that stuff straightened out before the cast shows up. DON'T MAKE THE TALENT WAIT. It will make for a much happier set.

- One big lesson: Don't make your low-budget script 90 percent exterior scenes. That was the biggest reason for delays on this shoot.

- We had no money to pay for crew, which led to different crews nearly every day we shot. There were times where the director had to run camera and set up lights himself. We had a lot of people donate their time, which was awesome, but in the future, I would definitely set aside money in the budget to pay for a dependable regular crew. It would have prevented dozens of headaches.

- Despite the difficulties, making a movie is one hell of a bonding experience, especially when that movie takes a couple of years to get made. I really, really hope I get the chance to be part of another feature production.

- bradito - 01-06-2017

AGood insights!

- Mangy - 01-08-2017

So, here's a funny thing the producer pointed out to me. Is it me, or did Glade steal this? #BuyAirwick

Displaying 1216

- Mangy - 03-10-2017

Two and a half years after the start of this thread, this sucker's gonna premiere!


- bradito - 03-10-2017


I'll probably see it sometime later.

- Mangy - 03-11-2017


Originally Posted by Bradito View Post


I'll probably see it sometime later.


- Bucho - 03-13-2017

A[quote name="Mangy" url="/community/t/151964/black-holler#post_4247658"]Two and a half years after the start of this thread, this sucker's gonna premiere!



Let me know when your premiere tour hits Auckland.

- Mangy - 03-22-2017

So, here's the official page up on the Belcourt site. I guess we're really doing this! 

- bradito - 03-22-2017

AI want a t-shirt!

- Mangy - 03-22-2017

Here's the one that was made (we're too broke to afford full color)

I'll see what I can do!

- bradito - 03-22-2017

AAre you on any of the shirts, Mangy?

- Mangy - 03-22-2017

There's a photo of me on the back.

- bradito - 03-22-2017

AGood enough!

- Mangy - 03-31-2017

Hey look, a trailer!

- bradito - 03-31-2017

ALooks fun!

- Mangy - 04-24-2017

The good people of a local website have posted a long, fairly comprehensive article about the making of the movie. Pretty cool.

The big premiere is tonight at the Belcourt Theatre. It should be fun!

- bradito - 04-24-2017

ABreak a leg, Mangy!

- Mangy - 04-26-2017

Well, the big premiere happened, and people seemed to like it!

There was a technical issue, so the first screening started nearly an hour late. That suuuuuucked. I felt terrible for the producers and director. A few people had to leave early because of the delay, so that stunk. However, once the film played there were lots of applause and laughter, and not in the "we need to be nice to our friends" kind of way. There was one recurring gag which got applause at both screenings each time it appeared, so that was pretty great. People were genuinely entertained, and several people even stuck around for the second screening to watch it again. Hopefully, Chewers will get to see it someday!

- Mangy - 06-02-2017

So, a question for the experienced filmmakers...

Apparently the movie won 3rd place at a festival .... which starts in 2 weeks? Is this common? Also, they aren't showing the movie . . . but they're inviting us to speak?

The festival's just outside Cleveland; as a Browns fan, I'm tempted to go for the hell of it, since they're offering me a 4-day VIP pass, but they're not even showing the movie. Have any of the filmatists here ever experienced something like this?

- bradito - 06-02-2017

AI didn't even enter the festival and I won 2nd place.

- Bucho - 06-02-2017

A[quote name="Mangy" url="/community/t/151964/black-holler#post_4261629"]Hey look, a trailer!


The hell is wrong with me that I missed this?!?

The expedition leader is my favourite.

- bradito - 06-02-2017

AWhat are they showing at the festival anyway?