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WATCHMEN Draft: Round One - SimBOB vs. Atomtastic - Pither - 01-03-2020

(12-27-2019, 06:56 PM)simbob Wrote: Director by Sam Raimi

Peter MacNicol as Rorschach/Walter Kovacs

[Image: 10827-7176-0.jpg]

Kevin Costner as Dan Dreiberg/Nite Owl 2

[Image: costnerfield.jpg]

Brooke Shields as Laurie Juspeczyk/Silk Spectre 2

[Image: MV5BMzI2MTlmZTktN2E4MC00OGYyLWFmZTEtYjBm...00_AL_.jpg]

Harold Ramis as Doctor Manhattan/Jon Osterman (although Manhattan will be a rotoscoped cartoon like in Take On Me and the Supreme Being in Time Bandits, with Manhattan being as if a comic book character has actually come to life in the movie)

[Image: 4e0e0d2c8dad58687cd5bf13dc9094cf.jpg]

Oliver Reed as Edward Blake/Comedian

[Image: MV5BZTk2OTFiZDEtYmIyNi00ZTA5LTgwZmUtYTVk...00_AL_.jpg]

Clancy Brown as Adrain Veidt/Ozymandias

[Image: clancy_brown_highlander.jpg]

Volker Prechtel as Edgar Jacobi/Moloch

[Image: image-original.jpg?1528786073]

Charlton Heston as Hollis Mason/Nite Owl 1

[Image: MV5BNGY0MDM0ZDgtOTE5Zi00ZGM4LThkNTUtNWE1...@._V1_.jpg]

Angie Dickinson as Sally Jupiter/Silk Spectre

[Image: angie1.jpg]

James Woods as Detective Steven Fine

[Image: cop_613x463.jpg]

[quote pid='4664269' dateline='1577487379']
Bruce Campbell as Marooned Sailor in Tales of the Black Freighter

[Image: 9e11db6b6f8b23afb4fe6a24dded6d62.jpg]


(12-16-2019, 12:24 PM)atomtastic Wrote:
New World Pictures presents 
a Larco Production
a film by Larry Cohen

W A T C H M E N (1988)

Michael Moriarty as Rorschach
[Image: G61dYYW.jpg]

Eric Bogosian as Nite Owl II
[Image: 12tyTQ9.png]

Barbara Carrera as Silk Spectre II
[Image: 5pfUiKr.jpg]

David Carradine as Dr. Manhattan
[Image: YZcxGCY.png]

Eric Roberts as Ozymandias
[Image: bNqzkjf.jpg]

Paul Sorvino as The Comedian
[Image: ONu3SFn.jpg]

Samuel Fuller as Hollis Mason
[Image: EveKJpN.jpg]

Bette Davis as Sally Jupiter
[Image: w4O1yzN.jpg]

Joe Spinell as Moloch
[Image: DneNaVm.png]

Lionel Stander as Bernard the Newsman
[Image: zHr1uIQ.jpg]

RE: WATCHMEN Draft: Round One - SimBOB vs. Atomtastic - arjen rudd - 01-04-2020

Knowing that its a Larry Cohen movie really makes Atom's draft work a lot better. There's a cohesion to it that really suggests a specific kind of movie, and I want to say I find it really quite impressive. I'll head to head this, but the specific size of these really fist well together.

Rorschach - MacNicol V Moriarty: Moriarty for sure. Great pick, lots of fun. MacNicol looks a bit like Kovacs, and goes nuts plenty, but I can't imagine him kicking anyone's ass. ATOM

Dan - Costner V Bogosian: I don't think either are perfect, both seem a little Alpha for Dan. But Bogosian's Alpha-ness is more easily subverted and again, he fits the milieu. ATOM

Laurie: Shields V Carrera: I have only minimal opinion of Carrera, but Shields I think is a not very good actress and also exactly the person who would have been cast as Laurie in 1989. I don't know what kind of chemistry she'd have with Costner or Ramis, though. DRAW

Manhattan - Ramis V Carradine: Carradine works for this film, but I admit, I want to see how Ramis works as a naked blue rotoscoped God with an affinity for fucking. SIMBOB

Comedian Reed V Sorvino: Reed, all the way. Have I missed the old movies where Paul Sorvino believably kicked people's ass all the time? SIMBOB

Veidt: Brown V Roberts: Both pretty inspired. I think Roberts would likely be the more nuanced take, at this specific time in his career, at least. ATOM

Moloch - Prechtel V Spinell: I only know Spinell slightly, and Prechtel not at all. Both seem like good picks DRAW

Hollis - Heston V Fuller: Heston is one of the best Hollis picks. He'd actually be just about perfect at playing the character as presented in the book. SIMBOB

Sally - Dickinson V Davis: Unless Bette Davis is doing some very weird camp thing, I think this is an easy win for Dickinson. Seems a natural fit. SIMBOB

Simbob has one more in his favor, but I think in the end I'm still going with Atom's Larry Cohen list. It fits together quite well, and seems to have been planned quite well. I can see what this movie looks like in my head.