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HELP ME! - carl cunningham - 02-12-2002

Okay, I'm falling off the wagon and I need some people to talk SENSE into me (not encourage me in any attempt to dive once more into madness)!

What do I speak of?

This "Star Wars" stuff, of course.

You see... I'm an addict. I can't say I "was", because you're always an addict for life. Some simply kick the habbit and stay away from the drug.

THIS ("Star Wars" collecting) is/was/is my drug. No joke... this is like crack to me. Same cause and effect, only slightless less harmful physically.

You see, in late 1999 I wandered into my basement... three rooms completely and utter FULL of "Star Wars" junk, floor to ceiling (and that's with 2/3 of the collection already in storage!!!). I saw the heaping accumulation of product before me and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I nearly vomited... literally. It was simply FAR too much.

So, I cut back initially... and then quit collecting altogether, cold turkey, by Christmas of 1999.

I've hardly purchased a "Star Wars" item since (unless you count Star Wars Insider, the EP2 one-sheet, and the ocassional novel).

I was approaching "Attack of The Clones" (and even Star Wars Celebration II itself) with EVERY intention of continuing to steer clear of this stuff.

And all was going well. I perused all previous photos and reports of upcoming toys and collectibles and was not fazed. Nothing was dazzling or appealing enough to make me fall off and return to my addiction.

That was until this Toy Fair coverage. When viewing this stuff all at once... all this cool BRAND NEW product from a brand NEW "Star Wars" movie... it's overwhelming. I look at photos like the one below and feel myself reaching for my wallet already:

This is not good. I can't go back on the crack, no matter HOW enticing and appetizing it may now seem. Someone PLEASE come and talk me down now before this even begins to snowball.

In all seriousness, I have worked hard the past several months to get myself and the family in healthy financial shape. We're paying off and saving up funds. Our plan is to sell our current home and buy a new (and MUCH bigger/nicer) one within the year. Falling off the wagon and back into SW collecting would surely offset the balance.

I MUST keep my wits about me...

- carl cunningham - 02-12-2002

Well, I literally STOPPED back in '99. I mean, with the exception of the 12" Biker Scout with Speederbike and the Skiff (both of which I received as gifts) I haven't aquired a new "Star Wars" toy in nearly 3 years.

So, if I tumble off the wagon... it's gonna be a long fall.

At least I can get comfort in knowing that I have 2 close friends (John Klinger and Adam Parr) who I have shared this sickness with and we're all here for each other to make sure one or more of us doesn't fall to the temptation again. There are times when John and I discuss our past in regards to SW collecting and we literally get ill thinking about all the madness. I was serious when I said that this stuff is like crack to some people.

We should be allright. I'm a little worried about Adam, though. He's already talking up "The Geonisis Playset" as if his life depends on aquring it.

- carl cunningham - 02-12-2002

I collected just about EVERYTHING I could get my hands on and afford... and then some.

Trust me, it was TOO much. Other than a few "Super Collectors" I honestly can't believe there are many people out there that accumulated as much "Star Wars" junk as I did from 1978-1999. Sick.

I now have a 20' x 10' storage room literally crammed from floor to 18' ceiling with SW stuff.

Micah and a few others around here visited my home during the madness and can attest.

Oh, and I do agree with you on reference books. Those I still love. The "Art of Star Wars" books are top-notch, and I'll surely be picking up the one for AOTC. And, yes... I concur that the EU is shit as well.

- django - 02-18-2002

I've been debating this for a while now myself, Carl. Especially this week with all the new Toy Fair pictures floating around.

But I'm afraid that my conclusion is that now it's time for me to grow up.

I used to collect a lot of stuff. Star Wars. Simpsons. McFarlane Movie Maniacs. D.C. and Marvel toys. You name it, I probably bought it.

And this was back while I was in college mind you.

Then I woke up one day and it just didn't do anything for me anymore.

Part of the problem is finding the shit.

If I can't get Kang and Kodos from the Toys R Us exclusive set, then I don't want any of them.

If I can't open a McFarlane toy without breaking the damn thing, why should I lay down the bread for it?

As for Star Wars, it was at the point that the only way I could find anything - oddball luck not withstanding - was to order it jacked up to nearly $10 bucks a figure.

I'm willing to pay that for Anakin/Vader and maybe Luke, but not some obsure Cantina Muppet or Jedi.

So I've been slipping, letting things go.

Picked up both the 12 inch Luke on Speeder Bike and the B-Wing. Now I wonder why as they just sit collecting dust from not moving them since I put them there.

Either that or I do perverted shit with them. The movie Spider-man now hangs next to my Ep 2 teaser with the grappling hook coming out of his crotch.

Time to stop meesa thinks.

When I saw the Episode 2 stuff, I was stoaked. Then the fire started to die down.

As someone who loathes the Jedi order, why should I get excited about figures based on them?

Room to store them is also an issue. But the biggest are the more adult things I collect now. I can't go to film school because I'm unwilling to put myself or others in debt.

DVD is the closest thing I have now. And I'd rather pay $10 or more for a movie than some figure of a character I don't even like.

I'll probably get the Anakin's. Maybe a Jango or two, and a Chris Lee. Zam because she is the coolest looking character in SW history. And I'll get the lightsabers because I have always wanted Anakin/Luke's.

But that is all.

And after Episode 3, the book with close and this chapter will come to it's conclusion...

- carl cunningham - 02-18-2002

Great post, Django.

I feel much the same way you do. I decided to "grow up" and quit collecting the stuff about 2 1/2 years ago.

But, I gotta admit... seeing all those pics (and especially that wall of new toys) stirred up some old feelings... and that scared me.

I don't believe I'll crack this time, though. zod is correct... it's best just to pick up a couple of items that REALLY pique your interest and move on. As far as toys, I'll probably just get 6 or 7 figures based on the CORE characters. But what I REALLY want is one of the new "functional" lightsaber props... and the Interactive R2 Unit. Gotta have those... and that'll run me about $300 in total and that's MORE than enough this time!

No telling what will happen with EPISODE III. But, you're right again... it marks the conclusion of STAR WARS from a Countdown perspective. It's also the one film from the prequels that really matters to me.

But by the time it rolls around, I'll be 33 years old. And if I am still making similar posts, something's wrong. Should be interesting...

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- django - 02-18-2002

I too am so getting not only Anakin/Luke's FX lightsaber, but Vader's in the fall.

Already registered with Master Replicas so I can get dibsies on 'em before the masses...

- django - 02-19-2002

Forget everything I wrote.

I just ordered the set of Wave 1 of the Playskool toys from Entertainment Earth for $36.99.

For once you start down the downward path, forever will it dominate your destiny...

- carl cunningham - 02-19-2002


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Django:
Already registered with Master Replicas so I can get dibsies on 'em before the masses...

Where can one do this? I must know. Please share!

- carl cunningham - 02-19-2002

Nevermind. I found it. For those also interested:

- hellblazer - 02-19-2002

Is there anywhere we can see pics of these new replicas and not just register to buy them? Please?

And Carl, I hate to say this, but I'm fairly damn amused at the way your cry for help to keep you from buying Star Wars toys has turned into us geeking out over YET MORE of the toys you're trying not to buy.

By the way, a belated Happy Birthday to your manbits.

Edited mainly because I felt like doing it.

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- carl cunningham - 02-20-2002


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Hellblazer:
Is there anywhere we can see pics of these new replicas and not just register to buy them? Please?

Ask, receive... yadda, yadda...

Here are the details in words:


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">
When Master Replicas made the announcement that Lucasfilm granted them the Star Wars props license, prop collectors and enthusiasts rejoiced with the good news not only because of officially licensed props now being available, but also because Master Replicas and its proprietary, Steve Dymszo, have an outstanding reputation in the Star Wars Custom Props and Replica community. Master Replicas previewed their initial offerings at Toy Fair. Shown were the new Luke Skywalker lightsaber from Return of the Jedi, Han Solo's Blaster from A New Hope, and Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber from Attack of the Clones. Also displayed was Yoda's lightsaber from Attack of the Clones. Unfortunately, Master Replicas requested that we not show this item in respect of Lucasfilm's guidelines. They also exhibited their new electro luminescent FX lightsaber with very cool sound effects. From viewing these up close, the quality and attention to detail are quite amazing. Even the weight and feel of Han's blaster is impressive.Here's Master Replicas' initial Product and Release List for 2002:

Han Solo Blaster (SW-101, April 2)
Luke Lightsaber (SW-102, April 2)
Obi-Wan Kenobi Lightsaber (SW-103, April 23)
Yoda Lightsaber (SW-104, April 23)
Count Dooku Lightaber (SW-105, June)
Anakin FX Edition (SW-201, May)
Darth Vader FX Edition (SW-202, Fall)
Display Case (SW-501, April 2)

The replica lightsabers average $299 each with the Han Solo blaster at $449. The FX sabers costs $129 and the walnut and acrylic display case for $49.


<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">And Carl, I hate to say this, but I'm fairly damn amused at the way your cry for help to keep you from buying Star Wars toys has turned into us geeking out over YET MORE of the toys you're trying not to buy.

Well, those are the breaks I suppose.

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- django - 02-20-2002

Zoddy, pre-order your Star Wars stuff at either of these...

Note that Wave 17 - AKA the preview wave - cannot be pre-ordered...