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KrakenHeads: This Hollow World - Nick Nunziata - 03-13-2007

Five Page Preview coming...

- Nick Nunziata - 03-13-2007

- van read - 03-13-2007

Looks a lot like the Olivetti work on BSvsAVP. I like it quite a bit. Nice nod to THUD, BTW.

- hundred - 03-13-2007

I really like the coloring.

- nekkerbee - 03-13-2007

I've often wondered why more idle screenplays don't get turned into comics, and I'm glad you're doing something productive with your hard work rather than hoping for the film offers to come rolling in. It looks great, Nick.

- the prankster - 03-13-2007

Is this going to be available in "Previews"?

- sebastian ob - 03-13-2007

DIY is the way to go, man. Kudos.

- Nick Nunziata - 03-13-2007


Originally Posted by The Prankster

Is this going to be available in "Previews"?

Most definitely, but not for some time. It's four 50-page books.

- chris olson - 03-13-2007

Looks good, but I'm gonna wait for the trade.

- iandonnell - 03-13-2007

I've got enough gibbering enthusiasm for two people. The art looks fantastic.

- xagarath ankor - 03-13-2007

Art is excellent, and the premise is... intriguing.

- jeremy jochman - 03-13-2007

holy shit! sign me up!

- joe lefors - 03-13-2007

I'm not (and never have been) a comics reader, but I wanted to wish you good luck with this project!

- wayden - 03-13-2007

The art looks really nice - what program is the artist using?

- horrid - 03-13-2007

Llooks really good so far, I'm curious to see what tone the overall story takes. From what we've seen it could go horror, or be more of the King Kong style adventure movie.

- chris miller - 03-14-2007

Nick, you have an great talent for finding interesting and exciting illustrators. That , coupled with your alternate voice of writing, might keep you away from other projects, if it gets the attention it deserves. Looking forward to this one.

- Richard Dickson - 03-14-2007

I like the premise and the writing, but the art is leaving me a little cold.

- marc wrz - 03-14-2007

Very cool, and four 50 page books sounds like a good way to go. You may not know, but any idea on price...mostly cause I'd hate to spend like 5-6 bucks an issue (not bad for a 50 pager, mind you) if a trade comes out for like 15 bucks later on.

Basically, either way, I'll be picking it up.

- subotai - 03-14-2007

Looks fucking great.

- patrick ripoll - 03-14-2007

I don't buy comic books, but I'll buy these.

- Nick Nunziata - 03-14-2007

Thanks fellas.

- rene a. moncivais - 03-14-2007

Looks good Nick, can't wait t pick it up. I just wish it was sooner than later.

- horrid - 03-14-2007

Will we get an eternally drowning DiCaprio floating by in the background, mashing out "I fucking enjoyed it" on his wrist keypad?

- agent back smith - 03-14-2007


Originally Posted by Antoine Doinel

I really like the coloring.

Seconded. The moods are also really solid. My only problem is the flow of the writing seems a little jumbled at times.

- john rauch - 03-16-2007

I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments on the preview pages. So, uh...thanks!

- fazer - 03-16-2007

hey the art is fantastic.

nick now i know what you were referring to in the "meg thread" when someone was mentioning the now defunct NBC show "surface" and you commented with something like "wait till you see what we have in store".

The premise is intriguing...i know its just 4 pages, but the dialogue feels a little flat right now. Thats the only thing I sort of didn't like.

- Nick Nunziata - 03-16-2007

It's the 40's. We're in present day from here on. That's intentionally flat.

- fazer - 03-17-2007

ah. ok well that does make more sense then.

fuckin 40s...

- poprob - 03-17-2007

I am very interested in reading the rest of this.

- horrid - 03-17-2007

perhaps timely Big Cave

- Nick Nunziata - 08-13-2007

We're about halfway through the first 50 page issue as of today.

- subotai - 08-14-2007

I saw some more of the art on John's myspace...really good. Glad no corners are being cut. Also like the wide variety of environments depicted in the story and the vague aspect of the threat.

The pics so far raise a whole bunch of questions I can't wait to have answered when I read the final product.

- Nick Nunziata - 09-06-2007

Here's our leading lady and leading man. She's dreamy.

- horrid - 09-06-2007

Absolute Biel of the ball.

- john rauch - 09-07-2007