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Norm Macdonald
Norm, Kevin Nealon and everyone's favorite, Dennis Miller, were on Spade's show the other night. Here's a clip where they reminisce about their days doing Update (worth seeing the whole way for Norm's stuff toward the end):

Okay, that was pretty damned funny.
If you're happy, you're not paying attention.

Originally Posted by JacknifeJohnny: 
Glad that you guys worked that out amongst yourselves.

He looks terrible, like he’s aged 20 years.  Not sure what the cause is but sure hope he’s OK.


He's the only guy up there who isn't dying his hair.
While I think we all appreciate the efforts of 'I'm Not Norm', his latest endeavour, to sell t-shirts with the name and face of the original 'real jerk', is probably ill-advised.


Still waiting on those "NormCasts" to materialize.

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