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(05-20-2019, 01:36 AM)schwartz Wrote: King Bran is some bullshit.

That's five words that could have been devoted to Schwartzblog™.   I don't want to see you posting in here until you've finished the S08E06 entry. 

So much to unpack, random thoughts:

--Bran the Broken?  Come the fuck on.  I still generally enjoyed this ridiculously rushed/truncated season, but sheesh.  Nobody is going to follow him.  Forget the fact he's a cripple in a world that values physical strength, he's creepy and strange as fuck. Suddenly primogeniture won't be the rule of the land?  Huh? And the North (meaning Sansa) won't follow a Stark king?

--Even if they were inclined to go with Bran, the moment they let the North secede everyone else will want to 1.)Secede themselves or 2.)Declare war on the north.  Bran seemed insanely prone to favoritism.

--They set up four spin-offs, didn't they?  Aegon's journey to the north, Arya's journey to the west, Drogon's journey to the east with the soon-to-be resurrected Dany, and Greyworm's cock-less journey to the south.  

--Just how many Unsullied/Dothraki survived the battle at Winterfell?  They seem to be multiplying with every episode.

--The fact that Aegon pets Ghost and reunites with him and Drogon survives made the entire episode worthwhile all by itself.

--What the fuck is Arya doing?  Seriously?

--Seemed like Gendry was going to be crowned in the pretty-terrible-but-will-probably-be-praised-anyway-council scene.  If not Gendry, maybe they'd surprise us with Aegon.  Nope.  Bran. 

--How many seasons has it been since we saw Commander Fitzjames?  Pretty hysterical for Sansa to just get him to shut up, but man, that was two minutes too long.

--The Tyrion searching for Jaime/Cersei and proceeding to cry scene went on for at least 20 minutes.  At least.

--Dany's speech was pitch-perfect.  Her speech to Aegon was pitch-perfect.  Amazing acting from Emilia.  Goddamn Aegon.  Why'd you have to do it?  Hell, you were making sense when you were telling Tyrion why he was jumping to conclusions. 

--Really thought Drogon was going to either roast Aegon or let him jump on his back and assume the throne.  Nope.  sUBvErtEd!!!. 

--Such a journey.  An amazing series in so many respects.  In some ways, while I desperately pray for book six, maybe if it's going to be this bittersweet and poignantly sad I'd prefer the ASOIAF novels not end and we never see book seven.  This hurt the heart to watch. 

--Nice ham-fisted ASOIAF reference in the episode, by the way.  Very nice.

--Please tell me there is a deleted scene where Daenerys starts singing "Be Prepared" during the Triumph of the Will sequence. 

--Drogon coming out of the snow?  Goddamn impressive. Even more impressive? That amazingly incredible sequence of Daenerys stepping towards us, away from Drogon, with his wings spreading in the background. Awe-inspiring.


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