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Let Me Tell You A Story

Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
- "The world is changed.", Narrator: Cate Blanchett

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
- "This is bat country!", Narrator: Johnny Depp

Idiocracy (2007)
- "Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence.", Narrator: Earl Mann

The Big Lewbowski (1998)
- "Wal, I lost m'train of thought here. But--aw hell, I done innerduced him enough.", Narrator: Sam Elliott

Beauty and the Beast (1991)
- "For who could ever learn to love a beast?", Narrator: David Ogden Stiers

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
- "Sand is overrated. It's just tiny little rocks.", Narrator: Jim Carrey

300 (2006)
- "The boy was taken from his mother, and plunged into a world of violence.", Narrator: David Wenham

The Departed (2006)
- "No one gives it to you, you have to take it.", Narrator: Jack Nicholson

Zombieland (2009)
- "The first ones to go were the fatties.", Narrator: Jesse Eisenberg

A Christmas Story (1983)
- "There is is, the holy grail of Christmas gifts!", Narrator: Jean Shepherd

(Hunter, please add a post below this one to complete your list)

HunterTarantino's Cool Beginnings

1. Boogie Nights (1997, dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
[Image: boogienights2_copy.jpg?itok=zrH_tLhk]
One of the best tracking shots of all time. A cut and dry lesson in establishing an ensemble cast. From the second Emotions' "Best of My Love" kicks in and Maurice goes inside the club, you're lived into Paul Thomas Anderson's vision of a bygone era of Los Angeles.

2. The Dark Knight (2008, dir. Christopher Nolan)
[Image: main-qimg-cb13f295a95759cf74d222808b5e8422]
A master class. Gaping IMAX photography by Wally Pfister. Gone are the dystopian Gotham from Batman Begins, instead utilizing the streets of Chicago for a steely, nasty bank heist. The setup of the robbers offing each other is riveting, but the payoff of seeing Heath Ledger's Joker unmasked doesn't even scratch the surface of how hard to predict his villainy will be.

3. Midnight Run (1988, dir. Martin Brest)
[Image: big_1538873987_image.jpg]
Flawless character setup. You get the gist of the self-interested, infighting bounty hunters in this universe. Danny Elfman's score is straight up joyous. It's like the beginning of Raiders and seeing who Indy really is, except Alfred Molina got out of the temple and kept trying to screw him over.

4. Streets of Fire (1984, dir. Walter Hill)
[Image: streets-of-fire-three.jpg?resize=728%2C393]
All hail Walter Hill. I mean, look at this picture. It's gorgeous, and I'm not just referring to Diane Lane! From the second Ry Cooder's shit-kicking score blasts on the soundtrack, through the first musical number and evil young Willem Dafoe snatching Lane off the stage, into the opening credits where Michael Paré basically destroys his sister's diner at the expense of some thugs, you could end the movie right there and it would still be awesome.

5. Wild at Heart (1990, dir. David Lynch)
[Image: giphy.gif]
Not only Nicolas Cage's best performance, but one of the best moments of Cage Rage in history. I rented this as a fledgling David Lynch fan my junior year of high school. It took me about a week to finish this movie because I couldn't stop rewinding this moment, and I'd attribute at least half of that to the Beavis and Butt-head approved power metal that plays in this opening bit.

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