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The Democratic Party Going Forward
I don't have faith in the voters of Kentucky (by dint of the two people they keep fucking electing to the Senate) but it's hard to understand how ole Fuckface McTurtle keeps his seat this November.
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Whether Kentucky wises up is irrelevant if we take the Senate. If we do, I think I'd prefer McTurtle to keep his seat, so he can sit and cry for 6 years while laws get passed right in front of him. It would have to be hell on Earth for him.

It makes me giddy just to think of it!
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And because you just know he'd become an omnipresent contributor to Fox News if he's defeated.
"Nooj's true feelings on any given subject are unknown and unknowable. He is the butterfly flapping its wings in Peking. He is chaos and destruction and you shall never see his true form." - Merriweather

My Steam ID: yizashigreyspear
They’re not gonna put that face on TV willingly.
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Nah, he needs to go. He was too effective as minority leader.

In other news...Tulsi just dropped out and endorsed Biden.
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Maxine Waters covid19 proposal is pretty good. It includes:

- 2k/month per person every month of the crisis
- suspension of all mortgages, student loans, credit card and loan payments
- prohibit debt collection and repossession
- $5b in homeless assistance

I'm sure Mitch will take a dump on it, but at least its more creative than the Pelosi/Mnuchin thing.
the suspension of all mortgages/loans/cc payments is key.
If they don’t do something like that, there’s going to be millions out of work unable to stay in their homes, so I guess we’ll see how that plays out.
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Second governor to do this:

Quote:BREAKING: I just enacted a moratorium on removing people from their homes due to evictions or foreclosures. No renter or homeowner can be evicted until further notice.
Keeping people in their homes protects all of us against increased risk of contracting and spreading

New Jersey, for the record.
Homeless families in Los Angeles have taken to squatting in whole neighborhoods of unoccupied houses there, pointing out that an order to stay indoors doesn't do anything for people who have nowhere to go.
Where's Biden while all this is going on? He should be blasting plans on every social media outlet possible. He should be doing daily video interviews.
Someday, you’re going to fuck up so magnificently, so ambitiously, so overwhelmingly that the sky will light up and the moons will spin and the gods themselves will shit comets with glee.

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He's been posting videos and more on social media every day. i don't love the guy, but there's no need to make shit up -
I was in a horror-comedy called BLACK HOLLER. It's now on Prime Video. Check it out!
Biden also wrote an op-ed piece back in January about the dangers of Trump being in charge during a major coronavirus outbreak, and laid out what he would do to be more prepared, way before Sanders was interested in any of this.
Not so much tooth!
It’s a fine line to walk. You don’t want to be seen going over the top to politicize something that is killing people and causing the nation to shut down.
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
I just want Biden to hurry up and name a VP pick, so when he gets corona and dies we aren't left with trying to a) completely rerun the primaries thus far, with people unable to vote in person, b) default to a second place finisher that the bulk of the party rejected rather emphatically, or c) basically throwing out everything and letting superdelegates decide. All of which seem to guarantee an extended inter-party civil war right when Trump is at his most vulnerable.
Matt Taibi goes fairly hard on Biden's loose relationship with the truth.
Maybe it's good as he'll unironically adopt Sanders/Warren policies and pretend he was for them all along.  But does that mean he'll try to implement them?
(being this critical of the putative nominee will no doubt raise accusations that the title of the show is no longer ironic)

ed.  timestamps never seem to work.  The relevant segment starts at 20m 11s

Andrew Yang's new nonprofit organization has announced it will be distributing at least $1 million in $1,000 cash payments to 1,000 working poor households in the Bronx as part of a coronavirus relief fund in partnership with other organizations:

Quote:As Congress and the White House work to pass an emergency economic stimulus bill in response to the coronavirus pandemic, former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is taking matters into his own hands.

Yang’s new nonprofit organization, Humanity Forward, announced Friday it will be distributing at least $1 million in $1,000 cash payments to 1,000 working poor households in the Bronx as part of a coronavirus relief fund in partnership with other organizations. 

“Given the nature of this crisis, we thought it was imperative to act now and get money into people's hands, and also demonstrate that this is exactly what our government should be doing,” Yang told NBC News. 

The one-time payments will be provided within the next two weeks to clients of Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners, a financial empowerment nonprofit. Additionally, Humanity Forward is also partnering with One Fair Wage, a nonprofit advocacy group, to support service workers across New York City who have been impacted by COVID-19-related closures — through cash relief payments of $213 to symbolize the $2.13 an hour tipped minimum wage.

“The coronavirus has seized up our economy and sent it into a tailspin and the people that are suffering most are service workers,” Yang told NBC News. “New York City is also the most densely populated part of the country, and if there’s any place you would want people to have the ability to stay home and look after themselves and their families, it would be in New York.”
I imagine there's quite a bit of back-and-forth at Biden's campaign HQ right now, over the advantages of letting Trump continue to bury himself without distraction versus the cost of letting Trump continue to enjoy sole ownership of the press' attention.

We're not getting an official announcement of the VP nomination until the third or fourth night of the party convention in July. There are all sorts of calculations to make, favors to call, and pledges of fealty to the CEO class to renew before a decision is made.
Michael Bloomberg: definitely not as a great as Andrew Yang.

I mean, thanks for the money toward the DNC and all, but keep your fucking promises to your campaign workers, especially during a pandemic:

Quote:Staffers of former presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg are staring down the possibility of losing their jobs and health care in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic.

When he joined the race last year, the billionaire said he would employ his campaign staff through the November election, even if he weren’t the nominee. But Bloomberg dropped out after a poor showing on Super Tuesday, and he has since fired staffers in multiple waves. His campaign had announced earlier in March that it would launch an independent expenditure group to take on Trump that would employ former campaign staffers in swing states.

Instead of creating his own organization in swing states, Bloomberg’s campaign said on Friday, he will donate $18 million to the Democratic National Committee — allowing the party to potentially hire organizers themselves.

That means many Bloomberg organizers are out of a job. Organizers in six swing states were informed this morning that they were being let go and given instructions for applying to the DNC.

“He’s chopping his employees in a pandemic,” said one staffer in Florida, who asked to remain anonymous because they had signed a nondisclosure agreement. “My life is now uprooted and I’m effectively homeless.”

Another staffer in North Carolina said he and many other former campaign employees were "completely blindsided" by the news on Friday that they were losing their jobs.
Bloomberg acts as if he has no idea that we're all quietly making plans to hunt, kill, and eat the rich if we can't afford or can't access groceries before this is over. The NDA's are a nice bit of poison frosting on the cake.
Bloomberg's whole campaign was premised on the notion that what the country really wanted was a Democrat version of Trump, so that's entirely on-brand.
The Bloomberg/staffers story gets worse:

Quote:Mike Bloomberg’s shuttered presidential campaign alerted staffers on Thursday night that two floors of its New York headquarters were exposed to the novel coronavirus.

On Friday morning, the campaign then laid off hundreds of staffers across the country, including at least several dozen in the New York office who are potentially at risk and are now being asked to finish their employment working from home. While staffers in battleground states have health coverage until the end of April, the dismissed Bloomberg employees in the New York City headquarters will lose health insurance after March 31.

In an email sent at 11:03 pm Thursday, with the mundane subject line “Building Update - 229 West 43rd Street,” the campaign’s human resources department wrote: “We’ve just become aware of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the office at 229 West 43rd Street impacting the 5th and 8th floor.” The campaign wrote that the individual was last in the office on Monday, March 16.

The campaign recommended employees work from home for the next two weeks, spurring panic among some staffers given their health insurance will end in just 11 days.

“Think about the potential of someone getting hospitalized on April 1, without coverage, fighting for their life and now being strapped with massive medical debt,” said a staffer in headquarters who fears they were exposed and shared the email with POLITICO. “The campaign's refusal to extend health care benefits is unconscionable and putting people at grave risk. This is not how you treat people who sacrificed a lot to work for you.”

The Bloomberg campaign declined to say whether the individual who tested positive was a campaign employee or someone outside the campaign who had access to the building.
JFC.  It's shameful he was ever in the primaries in any capacity.
Tell me again why Ed Markey has a primary opponent from the middle?

Quote:The Republican plan for a one-time check of $1200 won’t cut it.

We're proposing at least $4600 for each family, along with critical support programs like paid sick time, expanded unemployment insurance, and rental assistance.

We cannot leave anyone behind in this crisis.

Under the GOP plan, only 39% would get the full amount.

Quote:Some key points: Only 39% of people would get the full rebate. Low-income people get no or partial rebate because 2018 income and tax liability are too low. High-income people excluded because of phaseout.

A little disconcerting:

Quote:House Dems say they’re still working on their own “phase 3” bill. 

But they know the reality of the situation — House members don’t even want to come back to DC so fighting the Senate next week would be a tough sell. 

This way they get their priorities in the bill on front end.
Meme culture is not my thing, but Gov. Beshear is a meme star apparently:

Quote:In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, there's a new — and unlikely — social media star: Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear.

Bloggers and other creative folks monitoring the rookie governor's performance have taken note of Beshear's mannerisms, word choices and the genteel advice offered to Kentuckians during daily news conferences about the coronavirus, which had infected at least 63 people in Kentucky as of Friday evening.

Need proof? Well, there's an entire Facebook group called, "Andy Beshear memes for social distancing teens." 

References to Star Trek, Mister Rogers, Toy Story, Kermit the Frog and other pop culture elements have all featured in the Beshear memes.

In addition, other state officials who have stood alongside Beshear and spoken during daily COVID-19 briefings are also becoming meme icons.

Those officials include Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack and a guy named "Kenneth" who helps present slides and graphics for Beshear during his briefings (OK, it's not just a random guy but likely Kenneth Mansfield, a member of Beshear's communications team).
Rep. Mark DeSaulnier of California is in critical condition due to pneumonia.  This particular case is not related to the coronavirus:

Quote:Rep. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Calif.) is in critical condition due to complications of a non-COVID-19 related pneumonia after fracturing a rib Friday.

He was admitted to a Washington, D.C., hospital where he appeared to be in stable condition. Physicians determined he was negative for the coronavirus.

However, a statement later tweeted from the congressman's Twitter account to his followers revealed that his health had taken a turn for the worse.

"Unfortunately, congressman DeSaulinier's condition has deteriorated and he is in critical condition," a statement posted on the congressman's Twitter account Saturday read.
Sen. Klobuchar's husband has coronavirus:

Quote:My husband has coronavirus. I love him & not being able to be by his side is one of the hardest things about this disease. So many are going through this & much worse. I pray for him & you & meanwhile I will do all I can to get help to the American people.
A former field organizer for Michael Bloomberg filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against his campaign Monday, arguing that she and thousands of others laid off this month had been tricked into taking jobs they were told would last until November:
Who says you can't get other stuff during a pandemic?

Quote:Colorado hit two milestones this month. It abolished the death penalty, a long-sought win for criminal justice advocates.

“The state of Colorado is out of the killing business,” Denise Maes, the policy director at the ACLU of Colorado, told the Political Report.

Colorado also ended prison gerrymandering, which is the practice of counting incarcerated people at their prison’s location rather than at their last address during redistricting. This practice shifts power from cities and more diverse communities, which suffer the brunt of mass incarceration, to the more white and rural areas where prisons are often located.

Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, signed these two bills into law in recent days; the legislature had adopted them in February.

On Monday, Polis also commuted the death sentences of all three people on Colorado’s death row. They will now each serve life sentences.

Efforts against the death penalty and against prison gerrymandering have each gained considerable momentum just over the past two years.

Colorado is the 22nd state to repeal the death penalty, and the third since the fall of 2018 (alongside New Hampshire and Washington). It’s also the eight state to end or restrict prison gerrymandering, and the fourth just over the past year (alongside Nevada, New Jersey, and Washington).
Polis has been pretty great so far as Colorado governor.

Mark my words, he will eventually run for President and be a very viable candidate.
"Every romantic comedy should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck" - Patton Oswalt
Hey, remember the primaries? Seems like so long ago. Maybe that's just me. Anyway, if you've got a bit of spare time to think about non virus related things, this podcast is really, really good.

Ezra Klein interviews bona fide labour organiser Jane McAlevey about political campaigns and building consensus

It's two solid hours, but if you've got any interest in even vaguely progressive politcs right, whether you hate or love Sanders or Warren or Yang, - if you've had any desire to alter policyfor whatever reason even a little bit you've really got to listen to at least an hour. And after that you'll probably stay for the second.

She doesn't know exactly what methods the Sanders campaign in particular was using, but she thinks she's seen the patterns before, at various levels from small union organising to federal politics. The analysis and anecdotes she brings to all of this is quite full on and worthwhile. (hopefully to talk about afterwards too)
Again, I think Cuomo has been a leader in this crisis.  But, again, I'm not a huge fan.  

Good video here:

Quote:Sean Petty of @nynurses says NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is the "single most important person in terms of the drive to close down hospital beds in this state over the last 20 years. … We are now 20,000 beds behind where we need to be in terms of trying to scale up our capacity."
I think a lot of workers could've gotten a better deal, but there are people who like what Democrats were able to do in the Senate.  The president of the Association of Flight Attendants:

Quote:1. HUGE fight but we WON on this - We got the deal structured around maintaining payroll, no invol furloughs. 
2. We backed off Rs - but Treas. Sec. keeps option to leverage our pay against airlines. If he does it, likely bankruptcy to follow.
We will take win, and keep fighting!
Bernie Sanders is not happy at his Republican colleagues upset over giving poorer people money:

Quote:Bernie Sanders just about spitting fire here on the Senate floor: Says some Rs upset some unemployed people might make more money than they made in their minimum wage jobs with $600 a week boost to their benefit for four months.

Says minimum wage hasn't been raised in 10 years.

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