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The Semi-Official Heavy Metal Thread
Warms my icy heart to see these young fellas showing respect to their elders. Fantastic cover.
I've been keeping productive during shelter in place by exploring old metal albums I never had the time to sit down and really listen to. Black Sabbath's Heaven & Hell and The Mob Rules, Megadeth's Killing Is My Business... and Slayer's Hell Awaits are ones I heard recently. 

Watching the 2010 documentary, Lemmy got me intrigued to check out Motorhead's entire discography. I own Ace of Spades, but never explored the rest of their work. Glad to hear so many of their other great albums. 

My favorites so far (in no specific order and I'll be checking out 2004's Inferno next): 

Ace of Spades
Rock & Roll
March Or Die 
Overnight Sensation 

Hope to explore Judas Priest and Iron Maiden down the line.
Inferno is a great album, but my favourite of the later Motorhead albums is Kiss of Death.

I worked my way through all the Motorhead albums a couple of years back. Overnight Sensation was the most surprising. I feel that album gets overlooked despite how much ass it kicks.
Metal Blade records reissued Mercyful Fate's Melissa and Don’t Break the Oath about a week ago. Unlike a lot of "reissues", this is not a highly compressed stealth remaster. The original CDs are somewhat difficult to track down, so I was pretty excited to find them at a local record store.
I think it was mentioned before but just in case: the new Sorcerer album is pretty great. Right up my alley.

I do wish the cover art was a bit less cheesy but then's kind of perfect.
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