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11CA! Teaser Poster 4 of 5
Is Bearded Passenger arguing with Frozen Delicacy? I am intrigued by this high drama.
I think the passenger is surprised his date/driver is a tasty treat.
Yoy may be right. It appears he's going to High five the cone.
The guy has clearly been carjacked by a waffle cone and is pleading with it to stop evading the authorities. The frozen treat is coldly silent.
That man is clearly not ready for third base on a second date. Still that cone's driving what looks like a vintage 550, which is pretty cool.

Originally Posted by billylove

I think the passenger is surprised his date/driver is a tasty treat.

You'd think he'd never seen a road cone before. It maybe the colour choices, but despite the terror implied by the imagery I find this one quite calming.
I think he looks really excited-- like he was ridiing down the street in his friend the ice cream cone's car, and he saw his pal Lawrence on the sidewalk, and he's all, "HEY, LAWRENCE! Check this out!"

He's waving to him, you see.
Even though there isn't a pinball machine present, my theory is the car is parked and the cone is going to rape the man. He's got his arm up like, "No, I don't want you touching my special place", but the ice cream cone does, he always does.
Revamp killed these Nick. Can you repost?
So what's happening to this movie?
Will we ever get to see the fifth?
That poster's gorgeous.

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