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Chewer Anthology Prompt #2: Fringe Noir
Choose from one of the following prompts:

1. Write a story revolving around this subject: "geek noir." Your interpretation of the first word is up to you, the second is best described by Lawrence Block, who said that noir is a mood where "even if a crime does not occur, the spectre of it -- and of violence -- always hangs in the air."

2. Pick a real-life crime that occurred during some point in history. This could be anything from a heist to a serial killer to a political assassination. Write about a character who has a connection to that crime, but only on the fringes. Do not make the character a major player. Example: Write about the other people in the theatre where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested.


1. You should proof-read and spell-check your stories as best as possible before sending them to me, double spaced, in a Word or text document.

2. E-mail all stories to

3. Deadline for the stories is January 15th, 2008.
Awesome idea. Look forward to digging into it.
Oh man, I have the perfect story for the geek noir anthology. Am I allowed to contibute despite the fact that I didn't sign up and/or probably won't contribute to future anthologies?
I'll play. And maybe my dumbass will finish a story this time.
I've gotten one of these so far. I'll wait until Friday, but if there are no other responses by then, I'll post the one I got and the other two from the last prompt here on the boards and fold the project.
I started one, got about a 3rd of the way through and then got bogged down by a million things. Sorry.
Come on people, send em in! Let us be dazzled by our own greatness!
Ditto what horrid said, also mine has ballooned into a much larger story than I'd planned. There's no way I'll have something by tomorrow.
Mine's garnered some hearty laughs from a friend - and it's not a comedy. If I can do something with it, I'll send it in. I put it on the backburner this week with college coming back in full force.

I'm such a bastard. I start talking up CHUDStories, now I can't even finish one. Brendan, my apologies.

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