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The New Asian Films Thread

Originally Posted by wadew1
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Legend of the Fist, Reign of Assassins and Detective Dee are all coming out around the same time in Asia. And they all got pretty good reviews at TIFF.

I think I'm interested in Detective Dee the most. It's supposed to be the return of "fun Tsui Hark" and Andy Lau fights a talking deer.

I caught "Dectective Dee and the Mystery of Phantom Flame" at the Venice International Film Festival last month. This is a very fun and action packed movie, heres hope that someone like Magnolia Pictures can pick this up Stateside. This movie is Tsui Hark at his best (and I've seen a lot of Hark's stuff).
Also managed to catch Takashi Miike's new samurai movie "Thirteen Assassins" as well. The movie is loaded with frantic action and some surprises, but you must wait almost an hour before the assault on the villians fortress. A major highlight of the screening was that Miike was in the audience. I uttered that immortal line from "Audition", "Kiri, kiri, kiri, kiri" before and after the screening. Someone in the audience got the reference and smiled at me.
Ryu Seung-Wan (City of Violence) has a new film coming out and it's a crime film starring his brother Ryu Seung-Beom. Ryu can be hit and miss but when he hit's, he's really good. I'm hoping this'll be good.
Per Variety's review, the Weinstein Company is "tinkering" with John Woo and Su Chao-Bin's REIGN OF ASSASSINS prior to its eventual, unscheduled-as-of-yet North American/South African release. In other words, if you're unlucky enough to live in a Weinstein-contaminated zone, it's probably best to import the eventual Blu-ray/DVD from a country where a less shitty company is handling it. It'll surely be out on disc everywhere else on Earth before the Weinsteins even schedule a release date to quietly miss.
Here comes the remixed score.

I watched Dororo the other night, it mixes up different genres like Spaghetti Western and Fantasy to nice effect. It's a really weird film but it was fun to watch, although the lead actress was really fucking annoying.
So... Tsui Hark secretly shot a movie in-between DETECTIVE DEE and his currently-in-production 3D wuxia FLYING SWORDS OF DRAGON GATE, starring Jet Li. It was supposed to be a 3D equipment test for the Jet Li movie, but it seems Tsui decided "fuck it, I've got a camera and a crew, let's just make a 3D movie." That movie's called CATCHING MONKEY and it's in post production currently; not bad for a movie that was apparently thrown together VERY quickly. Tsui was spotted checking out 3D gear in March and was at work on the 3 month "camera test" in July.

EDIT - here's more from the "camera test" shoot.

via Twitch.
Christ he works fast, that reminds me, I caught the trailer for Sex and Zen Extreme Ecstasy 3D, this is clearly why the camera was invented.

So I'm resurrecting this thread largely because I've found that individual threads for Asian cinema just don't seem to get much attention and because I'm about to watch five Miike films in a row, after 13 Assassin's restored my faith in him.


Really enjoyed 13 Assassins aside from the shoddy CG flaming buffalo's. Recently watched Ip Man 2 (not as good as the first one but still solid), Legend of the Fist: Return of Chen Zen (very comic-booky but definitely enjoyable), and Man from Nowhere (also a lot of fun if a bit thick on the melodrama). Still have Fire of Conscience, 14 Blades, and Yatterman to check out as well as a ton of shaw brothers flicks.


I'm hoping to see 13 Assassins next week. I really liked The Man From Nowhere, if you'd told me the film had Won Bin as a total badass, I would've laughed in your face but goddamn if he sold it.


Yatterman is SO good. So much goofy fun. It's like Miike take on the Speed Racer film from a couple of years ago, but with more song and dance numbers and sex-jokes. 13 Assassin' is amazing though, I'd call it Miike's masterpiece but it feels very anonymous. It's just really goddamn good.


Saw Reign Of Assassins at the Prince Charles the other day (free entry, since I'm a member, AND they gave me a free blu-ray of a Donnie Yen movie as well - fucking love that place). It's produced and co-directed by John Woo, but I figure that's mostly a marketing hook, because even though the film tackles some of the classic Woo themes (clandestine existences, honour, betrayal), it's not really of a piece with his work. What it is, though, is a pretty godamned entertaining wuxia flick, with none of the pompousness that we've come to expect from the genre in recent years. Michelle Yeoh is amazing - and still beautiful! - in the role of a woman seeking to escape her past, and Woo-sung Jung has a very interesting, progressive role as her new husband who - for most of the movie - seems entirely outclassed by her and totally comfortable with this state of affairs. It all looks gorgeous, there's plenty of highly entertaining choreography, some insane silly plot twists that remind one of 80's Hong Kong cinema at its finest, and the whole thing just has a very good spirit about it. Highly reccomended.


Anyone seen The Thieves? I've heard its a sort of Oceans's 11 type flick.


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