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Going to the Gym
(01-15-2019, 11:19 AM)fraid uh noman Wrote: Working out AFTER work sucks ass. It's always preferable to do it before work but Christ it's hard to get up and do that sometimes. And advancing age isn't making things easier, ugh..

I’m about to have to deal with this. I run six miles every single day, and due to deeply-rooted OCD as well as an obsessive fear of gaining weight back I haven’t missed a single day in seven years. For the last four years I have for the most part enjoyed the relative luxury of working either mid or closing shifts in the Biergarten at the brewery  I work at. 

Next month, though, I’m finally moving into production working in the cellar. They’re willing to work with me on my school schedule which means for the most part I will be working the morning shift from 4AM-noon. Which means I’ll have to squeeze in my workout between 1 and 4, at which point I’ll be in class until 8.

It’s gonna be a bit of a grind, and I know from experience that these post-work runs are gonna be pretty rough comparatively.......but I know I can tough it out until school’s done and they can finally put me in the full rotation.

And besides that my body could probably stand to have a bit of a shake-up from my usual routine.
Going to Day 2 this afternoon--my legs hurt SO much but going to try and push through it. Can't wait to do 3 minutes straight of squats again.

Getting into the schedule is the hardest part--glad to hear you're going to be able to fit it in. If I can get this routine down for 3 days a week, and the major soreness starts turning into regular soreness, I'll try to do some mornings here and there. We are about to move into "summer hours" meaning that I get to leave at lunchtime on Fridays.
I did it! The 2nd workout was sort of like bouncing squats. Holy shit I wanted to scream. But I burned another 600+ calories. Back again tomorrow.
10 visits in! I even got an email congratulating me on 10 visits. Is it any easier? A little bit. It hits different parts of my body every time I go so something different is sore, but a good sore. So far not bored and still looking forward to the visits (some days more than others). I have a physical at my doctor on Thursday, so we'll see if this has made a difference.

After two months, I'm going to 4 days a week. I haven't really lost any substantial weight, but I am fitting differently in my clothes. I realized that I had gained a lot of weight when I noticed that just sitting was making me uncomfortable around my waist. That feeling has pretty much gone away now.

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