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Winter War (Talvisota, 1989)
I became interested in seeing this one after scrolling through the IMDB's top war films, and seeing this on there. I love foreign films, and the fact that it was a war film certainly didn't deter me from pursuing my interest. It's based on the war between Finland and the Soviet Union that started in 1939, something that I was familiar with, but not to any real kind of extent. After seeing this, and reading up on it on wikipedia, I've come to realize what a phenomenal story it really is. Superbly directed and expertly shot, and probably more gory than Saving Private Ryan (if that's something you go for). Great film.
It's a shame nobody's seen this.
Honestly, I hadn't even heard of it until this thread. I do plan on tracking it down, though. Sounds interesting.
Good to hear. It's a long though, about three hours ten minutes, just so you know.
Which version did you see? Apparently the US region 1 DVD is only 125 minutes long.
I'm assuming the international or uncut version, then. Three hours and eight minutes was the exact run time.
I've seen it, and honestly didn't know a thing about this conflict until I watched the movie. Its amazing to know underequipped, undermanned, and outgunned the Finnish were compared to the Russians.

After the first 20 minutes or so, its just one brutal battle after another. Very simple, but overall a good flick and one of the better foreign war movies I've seen.

Bumping this because more people should watch it.


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