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Gabriel Garza's Blog
In this case, ignorance is bliss. However, if you want to punish yourself, there's a made-for-tv Psycho IV & a spin-off of sorts titled Bates Motel.
This is where I recall a nugget of my tortured past...and talk about Michael Ironside! If exploding heads get you hard, then read this shit!

Follow me or I'll pee on your shoes!
Nice! I loved that movie back in the days. It was the only thing that made me think having horrible migraines was cool. And I'll watch anything with Michael Ironside.
Michael Ironside rules! I have seen him in quite a few crappy films, but he's always compelling, even when he's overacting or dealing with a lame script.
This is where I get in touch with my feelings and talk about my feminine side. Cheers!

Twitter bullshit:
Nice one! It made me laugh and cry (Hee!).

I'm one of those rare females not very prone to crying (unless I'm laughing like a hyena), but age has damaged me, and now I tear up with the most unlikely things, like the UNKLE video for their song Heaven. I never knew shit exploding could be so emotional. And District 9. When the credits rolled, I nearly drowned in a pool of tear.

Thankfully it only happens when I'm alone. I think I pride myself on being an ice queen as much as you pride yourself on being a hardcore manly man. But sometimes a good cry ain't bad.

Good post.
Thanks Natalia! I have to admit, the ending of District 9 was kind of sad (he made her a flower!), but I looked at it in a positive way, since the ending was sort of open-ended and slightly ambiguous. I took it as he sacrificed himself for the aliens and almost deserved what he got, on account that he was initially such a prick. Anyway, I'm going to have to check out this UNKLE video. I'll try not to cry too much!
Nice. I especially like the tourrette's/laughing technique.

Lately The Fountain has been raping my tear ducts. I'm not bawling like a baby during the whole film or anything, but that's one of those movies that just has me misty for much of the running time(good drinking game too, take a shot every time Hugh cries). Like that film is one dead kitten or puppy away from the edge. Luckily, no dead kittens or puppies, so I'm all good.

Top Gun fucked me up when I was younger. I haven't seen it in a while so I might laugh at it now for all I know, but Goose man, Goose! Why Goose?!
Oh man, that Goose one was good. When I first saw Top Gun I remember his death shocking my preteen system.

I haven't seen The Fountain yet (oddly enough, I have two copies of it on DVD...where the hell did those come from?), but I'll take any excuse to play a drinking game. When I check it out, I'll let you know if I get misty-eyed (or drunk).
This is where I express my love for booze, contortionists, and missing balloons!
This is where I get all serious and shit and geek-out about the season endings of Survivor and Lost. Enjoy!

Listen to my Lost finale podcast, won't you?

After much rumination, I have concluded that the finale was emotionally satisfying, yet intellectually vacant.

That's exactly how I felt about Lost's finale. As I watched it, I cried. And about 2 hours later I was all "what the fuck man??" But I was emotionally satisfied.

I'll be listening to the podcast soon. I think podcasting should include alcohol as a rule. Can you imagine a drunken christian podcast? Gold.
Yes! I'm sure something like this exists. After all, christians drink wine, right?
I'm sure most will deny it!
This is where I give my yearly briefing regarding the San Diego Comic Con. Take my advice!

And visit me at Planet Tobor, won't you?
This is where I realize I need an intervention after my 2010 San Diego Comic-Con experience.

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