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The Neurotic Monologues
Post No. 15:

The Neurotic Monologues – Cowboy Bebop
Post No. 16 is up. Fire at will:

The Neurotic Monologues – Cowboy Bebop Part 2: Bring on the backlash
Post No. 17 is here, and this is a good one (not the post, but what it is about):

The Neurotic Monologues: The gift that keeps on giving…from NIN
Post No. 18:

The Neurotic Monologues: Jekyll
Post No. 19:

The Neurotic Monologues: Murphy's Law
Post No. 20:

The Neurotic Monologues: I am Nat’s massive “What? When?”
Post No. 21. A special one for me, because I just love TV:

The Neurotic Monologues: The end of Battlestar Galactica
Post No. 22. Good stuff:

The Neurotic Monologues: Beauty comes when things explode.
Post No. 23:

The Illustrated Post # 1
Mechanical bunnies terrorize me in my nightmares. Thanks for giving me another restless night of sleep. Other than that; cool stuff!
Post No. 24:

The Neurotic Monologues: Gabriel
Post No. 25:

The Illustrated Post # 2

Nice flying cat. I like the goggles and headgear on it. I really like cats. My favorite pet.

Great design!
Thanks Rene!

And a long overdue thanks to Gabriel Garza for the mechanical bunny comments!
Just caught up with your posts.

I'm glad you started showing off your great art. Good work! I really like the Terminator bunny.
Hey Erix!

Thanks! Glad you liked The Rabbinator. Yes, that was its original name.

Totally lame.
Post No. 26:

The Neurotic Monologues: Recycling old posts

Interesting read. Kinda neat how you did it in screenplay format. Kudos.
A very eventful Post No. 27:

The Neurotic Monologues: Explosions = Not so pretty.
Post No. 28. Go!

The Neurotic Monologues: So you think you can what?

Post No. 29:

The Neurotic Monologues: Audiovisual Summer of DOOM, Part 1
I like this.

Just pour it all out there.

Judging from the general feedback, I wouldn't get too excited about T4. I'll be seeing it in the next couple of days too... Expectations have been lowered to the point that I'll probably love it.

Erix, I'm not that excited about T4 either. I'll have to force myself to go only because I crave a bit of destruction. And because I'm bored
Post No. 30. Sooner than I had planned:

The Neurotic Monologues: Audiovisual Summer of DOOM, Part 2

Interesting blog about The Colombian tv industry, Natalia. It should be pretty much written that if they're going to be making a tv show there, they should employ local actors.

I too liked Terminator: Salvation. It wasn't a spectacular film, but I was entertained, and that's all that counts.
Thanks Rene!

Post No. 31 is here. Have a look!

The Neurotic Monologues: Audiovisual Summer of DOOM, Part 3

and that supposedly werewolves are female friendly because they are capable of sympathizing with women’s monthly curse.

Now that is some really fucked up thinking on their part.


and seriously, when is The Expendables coming out?

It's apparently coming out in April of next year. We're hotly anticipating it over in the B-Action Thread.

Great write up, Natalia. Geek girls like you are a rare breed, but it's true. These people shouldn't automatically assume that girls are only interested in shit like twilight and other "girly" stuff rather than treating them as equals with the male geeks. They're just turning off rather than interesting girls into their product. That's just bad publicity. Whoever greenlit that article is a moron.
Post No. 32 is finally here, a bit late because I have the cold from hell. Speaking of hell:

The Neurotic Monologues: Audiovisual Summer of DOOM, Part 4
A nice hearty serving as usual...

I too would like to see more installments in The Adventures of Action Padre McKenna. It would undoubtedly be thrilling to watch him bounce around more rooftops in other picturesque cities around the globe.
I had never really seen any of Michael Jackson's videos before last friday when MTV was playing them. Scream was really original and interesting. I liked it a lot.

Hope you feel better from your cold, Natalia. Summer colds are the worst.
Rene - I’m feeling much better. Thanks! Colds love me but for this one, I decided to deal with it without any medication. It’s like consciously deciding to become a green goo factory. Nasty!

Erix - Wouldn’t The Adventures of Action Padre McKenna make an excellent writing exercise, or at least a half decent fanfic? By the way, and I’m quoting myself here: Just saw Watchmen. OMG!!!!
I would say get on it Natalia, I'd be curious to read about his adventures.

Glad you enjoyed Watchmen. I'm on pins and needles for the director's cut. I'm renting a screening room at the Cinemateca so I can have a "theatrical release" of my own.
Post No. 33. Go!

The Neurotic Monologues: Audiovisual Summer of DOOM, Part 5
Nice! So you got to see the Director's Cut? Great! Now you've got one up on me. I have to wait a couple of weeks... My Blu Ray doesn't get here for 10 days.

Advantage? To see it projected on a big screen.

Also... Thanks for the heads-up. I was seriously thinking of investing in an LG 32" ... I actually like its colors BETTER than Sony and the overall design of the chassis is cooler. But your problem is giving me second thoughts. In any case, I'll ask the dealer (he deals in both brands) for straight-shooter info and mention your problem to him.
My friend has an LG HDTV and he likes it. I went with a Samsung HDTV myself.

My HP monitor went dead a few weeks ago, and I upgraded to a 16:9 HP monitor and it's made my desk top even more awesome.

The Director's Cut just keeps on sounding great, and making me want to break down and purchase the Blu-ray.

Larry Miller is a genius comedian.

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